8 Of Perth’s Best Korean BBQ Spots

By Chloe Sputore
21st Aug 2018

Best Korean BBQ Perth

I don't know about you, but I'm quite partial to DIY dining—probably because it's the fun part of cooking and there are no dishes to contend with at the end—and for me, the most fun way to DIY dine is at Korean BBQ.

You don't have to prepare the meat, there are loads of tasty sides to fill up on (kimchi pancake, anyone?) and you get to cook the goods just the way you like them.

Here are 8 of Perth's best Korean BBQ spots for you to check out.

Palsaik Namoo

Perth CBD

If you're in the mood to pig out on pork, look no further than Palsaik Namoo's 8 Colourful Flavours of Pork set. What's that you say? Well, dear friends, it's a Korean BBQ pork belly feast; pork belly marinated eight different ways and served with steamed rice, veggies and a seafood and soybean paste stew. Marinades include wine, ginseng, curry and miso.

K Town


Follow the smoke down to K Town, grab a seat in the cosy gravel courtyard and prepare for a full-on Korean feast. K Town dishes up an all-you-can-eat barbecue set menu so you can keep the meat coming and grill going until you can't possibly fit any more in. Just make sure you're eyes don't get too big for your stomach, or you might get hit with a wastage fee. If you get stuck, perhaps an extra round of soju will help you find that second appetite.

SSAM Korean Cuisine & BBQ Restaurant

Victoria Park

One of the more modern Korean BBQ restaurants, SSAM's menu offers up the goods, with loads of varieties of chicken, pork and beef ready for sizzling. They're also one of the few Korean BBQ places in Perth offering a good variety of veggies, great for any of your vego friends (just remember to stick to your side of the hot plate).

Tong 86


You've probably walked past Tong 86 a million times and never noticed it or been tempted to go inside, but let me tell you, this is one of Perth's best Korean BBQ joints. Yes, you sit on plastic outdoor chairs and yes, the interiors are nothing to write home about, but the food is delicious. Especially the kimchi stew and the kimchi pancake. Make sure you dip your BBQ meats in the peppery peanut oil dressing and wrap them up in a lettuce leaf, it's so good.

Restaurant Gangnam

Karawara And Carousel

There's loads to love at Restaurant Gangnam, especially their Korean BBQ. If you're new to the K-BBQ scene this is the perfect, entry-level place to check out as the menu is full of quality meats that you already know and love. We love the squid and pork bulgogi and the spicy marinated scotch fillet. Be sure to order the beef japchae (juicy sweet potato noodles) while you're there, it's to die for.

Seoul Buffet Korean BBQ & Steamboat

Northbridge, Victoria Park And Subiaco

All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ sounds too good to be true, but it's a thing and you can get it from Seoul Buffet Korean BBQ & Steamboat in Northbridge, Vic Park and Subi. Each table is equipped with a Korean-style barbecue and steamboat burner and you can make as many trips to the buffet as you like, but don't be a greedy guts, there is a surcharge for excessive food waste.

Arirang Korean BBQ


Arirang is probably the most well-known Korean BBQ spot in Perth, and for good reason, the food is delicious. In the meat department, the beef bulgogi is a real winner, but they've also got wagyu, three-layered pork belly and marinated beef ribs. While you're there, definitely order a serving of the kimcheese fried rice.

Took Bae Kee II


Little sister to Took Bae Kee I, this place serves up a winning Korean BBQ feast. If we were you we'd opt for the spicy kimchi and thinly sliced pork casserole which is cooked in a hot pot on your table. There are loads of sides and sizzle plates to fill up on, so be sure to go with an empty stomach.

Looking for more Korean eats to chow down on? Click here.

Image credit: Elle Borgward 

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