Wing It | Perth’s Best Chicken Wings

By Kirsty Petrides
24th May 2017

Two words that will undoubtedly make everyone happy are CHICKEN WINGS. Everybody likes chicken wings. So flavoursome, so comforting, so satisfying. Luckily for us, there is a bevy of spots in Perth dishing up some tasty chicken wings.

Get your napkins ready and have a wet wipe handy, because here are our picks of Perth's best chicken wings.

Side Door BBQ


The team at Side Door believe you don’t need a plane ticket to get a taste of real American BBQ. They dish up the real deal right here in Perth, and chicken wings are most definitely on the menu. Simple, scrumptious and true American-style BBQ chicken wings—not to mention some pretty hearty sides to pile on top as well.

The Cabin

Mount Hawthorn

Take some mates to The Cabin and order a plate of their fried chicken wings. Cooked with kimchi (so that means they’re healthy) and topped with crispy shallots and spring onion. And here is the real kicker—on Sundays, wings are FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. When you buy four drinks on a Sunday, the kind people at the Cabin will give you a free kilo of chicken wings.

Piggy Food Co

North Fremantle

The hot wings are cooked in either chipotle or BBQ sauce, and are served with your choice of blue cheese sauce or ranch sauce. Wings and blue cheese?! Yes that, is a match made in heaven. Well played Piggy Food Co.

Varsity Bar


These guys mean business when it comes to wings, with a variety of fried chicken wings on offer. You can go the BBQ wings, with Varsity’s BBQ smokey sauce. You could do the hot wings, served with their spicy sauce. Or if you’re really game, you can get the devil wings with their signature devils BBQ sauce and chilli flakes.

Gami Chicken And Beer


If you’re in the mood for chicken then you’ll want to go to a chicken specialist, and luckily the people at Gami Chicken have spread their wings (pun intended) to Perth.  Masters of all things chicken, their wings come served with cabbage salad and radish pickles, and you can choose what tasty sauce you’d like on top as well—from honey mustard, sweet chilli, soy garlic or spicy sauce.

Bill’s Bar And Bites


Another legendary institution to get on the wings and blue cheese combo is Bill’s Bar. They do a share plate of chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce and celery. Take your pals, or just go on your own.

Low Key Chow House


For a bit of an exotic take on chicken wings, head to Low Key Chow House. Their ‘pok pok’ wings are sticky buffalo wings cooked in a spicy Asian-inspired sauce. Yum.

Old Faithful Bar


You could say the team at Old Faithful are meat masters. They use a combination of traditional American BBQ flavours and Australian native spices to complement their expertly prepared meats which they cook on coal, AND they create their very own sauces in-house. So you’re going to want to get stuck in to their chicken wings.



If you’re a wing-fiend, then the Pollo Frito at Andaluz is not to be missed. Fried buttermilk chicken wings, served with honey, butter and smoked paprika.

Varnish On King


Whiskey and chicken wings are probably one of the best combos ever. So its convenient that the people at Varnish are not just whiskery experts but wing experts as well. Their tasty chicken wings come dished up with spicy honey sauce and apple.


Mount Lawley

You’ll have a tough decision to make if you choose Clarences as the spot to get your wing-fix. Do you want the sriracha chicken wings with lemon? Do you want the BBQ chicken wings with blue cheese? Or do you want both? This will be tough, guys. But it will be delicious.

Kitsch Bar Asia


The clever people at Kitsch give the humble chicken wing a little Asian-inspired twist. They coat their wings in a Korean sweet and spicy sauce and then give them a good ol’ fry. Definitely some of Perth's best chicken wings!

The Merrywell


The Merrywell is known for dishing out some of the best dude food in Perth, and their chicken wings are right up there. The lollipop buffalo wings are served with blue cheese fondue and hot sauce and they are worth every single calore.

Once you're done with Perth's best chicken wings, check out Perth's best fried chicken.

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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