Slice It Up At 15 Of Perth’s Best Pizza Places

By Anna Franklyn
18th Mar 2020

Perth's Best Pizza

While the origins of pizza actually go all the way back to Greece, the red-sauced, tomato-topped version we know and love today has got to have one of the most undisputed histories of any widely-eaten food there is. Cheap to make, tasty and filling, pizza—basically flat bread at the time—quickly became the food of the masses across Naples. Its popularity is said to have spread after what we know as the Margherita pizza was made in honour of a beloved queen in the late 1800s who, understandably, couldn’t resist the peasant fare.

Today there are of course many incarnations of pizza across the world, Perth included. We are lucky to be able to get a taste of Italy or New York, and even have our very own modern Australian spin on pizza too. But out of all the pizza places in Perth, there are a few standouts that make for essential eating. Here are the 15 best pizza places in Perth.

Canteen Pizza


When the team behind long-time Cottesloe resident Il Lido announced they were opening a beachfront pizza joint and flying over talented pizzaiolo Ettore Bertonati to oversee the pie-tossing, you could almost hear Perth carb-lovers’ collective cheer of excitement. Between an expert wine list, fresh cuts of porchetta and the all-important and utterly delicious Napoli-style pizza, Canteen is absolutely essential Perth-summer eating.

Perth's Best Pizza



One visit to this family-owned and run neighbourhood joint and you’ll be wishing Monsterella was your local. Casual, BYO and serving up saucy pizzas, Monsterella is your absolute go-to for an effortless night out once the COVID restrictions lift—that is, if they’ve got room for you. The place is usually packed out every night of the week with avid locals and loyalists alike. Far from a bad thing, Monsterella’s busyness is testament not only to the quality of the food served, but the warmth of the family-style service too. The Bufalina and Frankie combo is the go.

Rossonero Pizza


If you like your pizza with a side of rollicking good times, Rossonero is about to become your new favourite spot in town. Here, it’s out with the blistered wood-fired pizzas and in with lightly-baked, golden ones of equal deliciousness, topped with rich ingredient combos like brussel sprouts and pancetta.

Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar


Servicing the late-night crowd with appropriately greasy and cheesy pizza, Alfred’s Pizzeria. Small Bar sure knows how to lure you down into their dungeon. If it’s not the neon-lit ‘Pizza Liquor Cheese’ sign that looms above their descending staircase off Barrack, it could be the smell of pepperoni and BBQ sauce that emanates from within. Either way, late-night pizza, booze and good tunes are what you’ll find when the Coronavirus restrictions lift, but for now, they're delivering.

Santini Bar & Grill


Unfortunately, Santini isn't set up for takeaway so it's not open right now, but we couldn't possibly take them off a list of Perth's best pizzas. With bases akin to that of Canteen thanks to aforementioned dough-expert Bertonati having a hand in this one too (we owe this guy!), Santini Bar & Grill might just be dishing out the best pizzas in the city. We suspect once you taste the ‘Cacio e Pepe’ Clam pizza you might be doubling down.



Importing their ingredients direct from Italy, Pappagallo spares no expense when it comes to serving up pizza that tastes like home. From Italian Flour Mill certified flour to San Marzano tomato and the freshest parma ham going around, you can get a taste of Italy here without forking out for the airfare.

Dough Pizza


Stepping into this retro-style pizzeria feels a little bit like stepping into Italy itself because everything from the pizza bases to the lingo spoken behind the counter is authentic at Dough. Choose from 23 Naples-style pizzas—each one as delicious as the next—and top things off with a dessert pizza too.

Perth's Best Pizza

Il Ciao


An Applecross icon that pizza lovers south of the river have been trying to keep secret since 1998, Il Ciao is the kind of local joint you have to get there early to enjoy—there’s a line out the door by 7.30 most nights. Once you taste their pizza, you’ll understand. Classic flavours, wood-fired bases—nothing short of what you’d expect from a family-run institution like this one.

The Dough Room


Another spot importing their ingredients direct from Italy (this seems to be a trend among anywhere doing noteworthy pizza—funny that), The Dough Room has the prayers of Attadale locals answered. Delicious pizza aside, this place also has a pretty special fit-out—it makes for a great casual night out in the ‘burbs when restaurants are actually open.

Marco’s Organic Pizza


It’s no surprise that Marco’s Organic Pizza has become somewhat of an institution for those north of the river, doing business since 1976 and offering up a pretty insane number of pizza options. You’d be hard-pressed not to find something you like on the menu here—but just to cover bases (pun intended), they have an MYO option too. In fact, it’s all about the bases here. Marco’s philosophy is that starting with a more sustainable, healthier, organic sourdough base results in better tasting and more wholesome pizza. 

Amici Miei


Dishing up that charred, blistering wood-fired pizza we’ve come to be pretty spoilt for here in Perth, Amici Miei is your best option that side of the city. In fact, it’s a pretty darn good option no matter where you’re coming from—classic, no-fuss pizza where the emphasis is on the ingredients.

Neighbourhood Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

Hidden away in a refurbished warehouse in a carpark behind a supermarket, it doesn’t get much more ‘Perth’ than Neighbourhood Pizza. New York, Canadian and Modern Australian influences make the pizzas here more eclectic than traditional, but nonetheless delicious. While a pizza topped with sweet potato, potato, maple syrup and rosemary might turn up Nonna’s nose, we reckon it’s a goer.

Perth's Best Pizza

Old Lira


They’re doing things a bit different at Basso-local Old Lira. Don’t go here wanting a blistering base and a chewy crust—their hand-stretched sourdoughs are on the more minimalistic side, though nonetheless delicious. Keep it super simple and soak up the fresh flavours, or even try one of their ‘fresca’ pizzas which come served at room temperature.

King Somm 


If you're looking for a killer wine list to go with your simple but delicious Italian style pizza, King Somm is the place to go. It's a small but mighty pizza menu and you can't go past the porchetta with kale, roast chilli, onions. There's also a weekly special which is always worth checking out. 

Mack Daddy’s New York Slice

Mount Lawley

Speaking of NYC-style pizza, there’s only one place in Perth to head for your fix and that’s Mack Daddy’s New York Slice. Proudly serving up supersized pies practically dripping with oil and cheese, Mack Daddy’s is not for the health-conscious. The flavour-conscious, on the other hand...

Once you're done with those, check out Perth's best Italian restaurants.

Image credit: Elle Borgward and Nancy Hanna

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