Here’s Where To Find The Absolute Best Tiramisu In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
27th Jan 2023

Tiramisu covered with custard and cacao

Italy’s best-loved dessert, Tiramisu (literally meaning ‘pick me up’) was named for its energising layers of marsala-soaked sponge, creamy mascarpone and coffee—interesting, considering we’d argue that most of us know it today as the last nail in the food-coma coffin brought on by an Italian feast. Either way, we'd never say no to a good one.

And luckily, we’ve no shortage of spots to sink our teeth into its mushy layers here in Perth, either—from the most traditional of recipes to the most contemporary, plates of tiramisu dot our city north to south.

Comfort eating at its finest, here are the top spots to indulge in Perth’s best tiramisu.

Spritz Spizzicheria

Mount Hawthorn

There’s banging drinks, pasta and pizza here at Spritz. But what about dessert? If you don’t feel like gelato, or panna cotta, or chocolate mousse, or creme caramel… you get it. If you don’t vibe with any of those things, we’d seriously recommend getting the tiramisu—it’s only $5 a piece! 


Mount Hawthorn

When one dessert is on the menu, you know you’re in for the best, mascarpone-iest ride of your life. The tiramisu at Casa is nothing short of the pick-me-up the name promises and we can guarantee it’ll test your “don’t lick the plate” beliefs like nothing else in this cruel world.



Mummucc is right next to Monsterella, and it’s the literal definition of the cool girl next door. Dreamy wines and mouth-watering food are the norm, but just make sure you feast your eyes (and taste buds) on their gorgeous, fluffy, coffee-soaked tiramisu. It's deliciously light and made with whole lotta love.



Garum's mouth-watering tiramisu is to die for. On top of their incredibly unique and delicious Roman dishes, have a taste of their light and airy tiramisu, served with coffee, mascarpone, and savoiardi (crispy, buttery and sugary lady fingers).  



We know you might have stuffed your face on the amazing food at Pappagallo, but trust us—you’ll want to save room for the sweeties. In particular, their dreamy tiramisu, whipped up with mascarpone cheese and coffee.   



If you like your tiramisu with a good kick of marsala, Post's tiramisu is for you. Layers of coffee-soaked savoiardi biscuits and creamy mascarpone are drowned in a custardy masala zabaione that will knock your socks off. It's the perfect way to finish off date night at one of Perth's most romantic restaurants.

Ciao Italia

South Perth

This place is little Italy to a tee—complete with red and white checked tablecloths, Italian waiters shouting across the room, melodious tarantella music and of course, the all-important tiramisu lauded by many as ‘the best ever’. We don’t know about that, but Ciao Italia's tiramisu definitely has the thickest layers of mascarpone ever, plus a generous drizzling of chocolate sauce and cream on top… too much? Never.



It's hard to save room for much more than pizza at Monsterella, but practice some self-control next time you're there, trust us. These guys use a sponge base instead of ladyfingers and the result is light, fluffy and completely moreish. It's topped with a dark chocolate mousse that you won't want to share, so order one all for yourself.

Il Lido


So big it can comfortably feed a table of six (no mean feat when we’re talking dessert), the cold drip tiramisu over at Il Lido is a force of richness to be reckoned with. If a brick is what sits at one end of the spectrum when it comes to the consistency of rectangular shaped objects, this tiramisu sits at the other—perfectly light, spongey, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth. The coffee powder dusted over the top alone will have you dotting up the remnants with a wet fingertip.

Lulu La Delizia


Widely considered to be among the best restaurants in Australia, it’s no surprise that Lulu La Delizia is serving up one of Perth’s most delicious tiramisus—corretto, of course. Perfectly constructed (and very generous) portions of tiramisu are dusted with cocoa powder to order for the kind of superb freshness you get used to when dining at this homely little Osteria. It’s a table thumper!

North Street Store


If you've been blindsided by the cinnamon scrolls every time you visit North Street Store, you're not the only one. But North Street Store also does a damn good tiramisu thanks to their Italian pastry chef who hails from Veneto, the land of tiramisu. Espresso-soaked sponge cake makes this one irresistibly fluffy.

Santini Bar & Grill


Santini Bar & Grill at QT Perth isn’t all pizzas and seafood. In fact, the tiramisu at Santini is essential eating—even if you’re full after downing that 45-day-aged steak . If you’re smart, you’ll have a room booked upstairs to roll back to once your plate’s licked clean.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar


Francoforte might be known for the pasta and BYO option, but the tiramisu is not to be scoffed at. The generous serve of Nutella tiramisu comes with hazelnut ganache plus a dollop of cream, and it's worth saving room for.



With a penchant for good, share-style fine Italian food comes an obvious spot for tiramisu corretto on the menu, as is so at the family-owned and operated Cecchi's of Inglewood. If you like your tiramisu in large amounts, with a side of serious neighbourhood-joint charm, this is the spot for you.


West Perth

Another stalwart in the world of Italian dining in Perth (it’s been around since 1986), Perugino's desserts come just how we like them: seemingly bottomless and from a trolley. Choose your tiramisu from among the other equally mouth-watering options, and the black-vested waiters will serve it right up—along with, perhaps, a suggestion for the perfect digestivo pairing which you should definitely indulge.


South Fremantle

Standing strong on South Terrace since 1978, Ruocco's might not be pushing any culinary boundaries but when it comes to tiramisu, but that’s kind of a compliment. No deconstructed tiramisu in sight, no maraschino cherries, no shaved white chocolate—just good old tiramisu proper, served stacked in a glass kind of like you’d expect at one of those so-tacky-they’re-cool dessert bars in little Italy’s the world-over. Except delicious.

La Sosta


At the other end of the tiramisu spectrum falls La Sosta, who are proudly serving up a deconstructed tiramisu that might turn up Nonna’s nose but still tastes pretty damn good. The flavour is traditional—coffee and Kahlua reign supreme—but the mascarpone is whipped into a mousse and the chocolate element is a crisp, wafer-thin tuile.



Housed in a California-style bungalow that makes for the perfect long and lingering dinners, the menu at Kappy’s doesn’t stray too far from the timeless favourites. Their tiramisu is no exception—layers of mascarpone cream, sponge, coffee and chocolate for the win.

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Image credit: Post | Elle Borgward

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