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All The Best Markets In Perth This June

By Emma Pegrum - 01 Jun 2018

Best Markets Perth

We Perthlings love a good market! Whether it’s to eat, shop, or hunt through other people’s trash for treasures, you can find a good portion of the Perth population at some kind of market most weekends—even in winter, and that’s really saying something.

Perth is home to a bunch of monthly markets, most of which are farmers’ markets sporting fresh, local produce at great prices. The winter months start to bring a whole new haul of produce to be picked up at these amazing markets! There’s also some mouth-watering hawkers’ markets holding out through winter around the city—think tantalising international food, delicious treats and entertainment! June also sees a few artisan and vintage pop-ups: get ready for hunting through retro fashion, a surge in your sustainable goods collection, and a browse through homemade wares.

Forget the mainstream shops—here are all the markets you need to visit in Perth in June!

Fremantle Markets | Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday In June


The O.G. of Perth food and artisan markets, walking around the Fremantle Markets is a true test in self-control that we hope you all fail. Get the crepes! No, get the curry! Eat all the things, then buy some leather goods and friendship bracelets. P.S. Remember they now have BYO every Friday night and it’s freaking awesome! There’s nothing like selecting your mouth watering eats and then enjoying the whole lot with your favourite drop, bought for a reasonable price at the local bottlo’. Get through this list of our favourite eats at the Fremantle Markets!

Maylands Hawkers Market At The Rise | 30 June


A classic neighbourhood night market, the Maylands Hawkers Market is bursting at the seams with delicious food, and home to some great live and local entertainment. Plus, there’s a bloody pop-up bar! The Lyric Lane Pop-Up Bar is open during the night for those wanting to crack a beer with their food (aka everyone).

Perth Markets at Market City | Every Sunday Morning In June

Canning Vale

If you’re looking for out and out incredible, head to the Perth Markets early on a Sunday morning to nab yourself way more than just brekky. Browse new and second hand goods (there’s seriously almost everything imaginable) while picking your way through the food stalls. Of course, Market City is a dedicated wholesale fruit and veg market, so you can do your shopping here too!

Kalamunda Artisan Market at Central Mall | 2 June


A monthly affair, the Kalamunda Artisan Market is your best chance to meet over 170 of the makers and growers from the Perth Hills region and beyond. Shop your way around a bunch of eclectic goods, and taste your way around the food stalls! Think handmade leather bags, vegan, gluten free and lactose free eats, hand crafted jewellery and artists at work as you watch!

Mega Indoor Market At HBF Arena | 3 June


If the idea of 178 stall holders spanning artisan wares, handcrafted goods and handmade clothing tickles your fancy, you need to get along to this Mega Indoor Market! Grab anything from candles and homewares, to handmade jewellery and gifts, to soaps, succulents, socks and skin care products.

Roleystone Winter Market At Cross Park | 10 June


Held quarterly, the Roleystone Markets offer unique and delicious food, artisanal wares and activities according to season. With over 100 stalls offering everything from steel artwork to handcrafted wooden objects to delicious chutneys, jams and marmalades, you could be here all day. Or, just chow down on some mouth-watering eats from one of their 12 food vendors!

Stirling Square Market At Stirling Square | 17 June


Spend a morning in the quaint surrounds of Guildford, rummaging through locally handcrafted goods, vintage items, collectibles and upcycled wares at the Stirling Square Markets. There’s live entertainment, stacks of things for kids to do, and to top it all off the place is pooch-friendly.

Perth Upmarket At Winthrop Hall | 24 June


Lovers of everything handmade need to head to Perth’s premier market for WA designed handmade wares: Perth Upmarket. Offering everything from artwork and clothing, to ceramics and candles, to gourmet preserves and home-made chutneys, this place is Pinterest brought to life.

Markets in the Valley at Ugly Duckling Wines | 24 June

Swan Valley

Want your market browsing with a side of premium wine tasting? We hear a resounding yes! Head to Markets in the Valley, and taste wines, cheese platters or delicious locally made pies, before making your way around to all the market stalls and picking up some bargains!

Old Perth Road Markets | 24 June


These cruisy markets are what Sunday mornings are made of. With a bunch of dedicated stallholders who come year round, others who are seasonal, and some who pop up every now and then to surprise you, the Old Perth Road Markets are the place to grab all those things you didn’t know you needed. Think beeswax wraps, pet treats, and eco cleaning products, plus a bunch of food and treats, produce and artisanal goods.

The Dressing Room Markets at The Rosemount | 3 June

North Perth

Part of The Rosie’s new face, the Dressing Room Markets are a monthly affair bringing you an incredible selection of vintage and designer clothing, accessories, homewares and furniture! Browse for free before grabbing a beer and a seat in the courtyard.

Subiaco Farmers Market at Subiaco Primary | Every Saturday Morning In June


Though we still lament the closure of the original Subi markets (RIP), the Subiaco Farmers Markets always was and continues to be a darn good place to spend your Saturday mornings. Grab your breakfast (shak shuka, Mr Drummond’s crumpets, a crepe, a bratwurst or the corn fritters?! We can’t decide!) and a coffee, then do the weekly shop, choosing not only from an array of fresh, fruit and veg, but also from a bunch of delicious and inventive creations - we recommend the smoked tomatoes. Also, if you get on the right fortnightly rotation, you can eat all the Portuguese Tarts from Tapasman. Did we mention it’s dog friendly? Though keep your pooch on a lead of course!

Kyilla Community Farmers’ Market at Kyilla Park | Every Saturday Morning In June

North Perth

You can practically feel the community spirit seeping into your bones at this beautiful neighbourhood farmers market! The Kyilla Community Farmers Market packs a whole host of fresh produce, direct from the farm to the local community—so you can be sure you’re eating healthy for the week ahead! Plus, enjoy fresh made coffee from a local barista and a delicious breakfast—perhaps from the community run bacon and egg wrap stall! Oh, and all the proceeds go to the local primary school. Love!

Kalamunda Farmers Market at Central Mall | Every Saturday Morning In June


If you are pretty serious about your fresh produce and like to stock up for the week, there is seriously no better place to do it than at the Kalamunda Farmers Market. If you’re not local, it does take a bit of getting to—but bet your bottom dollar that it’s worth it. There’s brekky eats, coffee, juice and smoothie aplenty, plus a whole host of fresh and local produce for sale at unbelievably good prices. Don’t forget about all the artisanal chutneys, preserves and jams—that’s what life is made of. 

Perth City Farm Markets | Every Saturday Morning In June

East Perth

Dedicated to providing you with the best quality organic, biodyanmic, ethical and sustainable produce from around town, the Perth City Farm Markets are a delightful way to spend your Saturday mornings. Do your shop for the week and then indulge in a lovingly prepared breakfast from the City Farm Cafe—where the food is made with fresh produce from their very own garden!

Growers’ Green Farmers’ Market | Every Sunday Morning In June

South Fremantle

Held at what used to be South Fremantle High School, Growers’ Green is refreshingly spacious as far as farmers’ markets usually go. Get all your goods for the week and chow down on some seriously delicious brekky (we recommend Shak Shuka or The Crepe Cart!) before sprawling out on the mats in the sun and enjoying live, local tunes. You can get basically all your groceries for the week here, too!

If that's not enough, check out all our favourite farmers markets in Perth.

Image credit: Maylands Hawkers Markets

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