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All Of Our Favourite Spots At The Fremantle Markets

By Jemma Buti
11th May 2017

A long time weekend must, the Fremantle markets are the perfect way to spend a relaxing day strolling from stall to stall. Whether you’re a market native or a first-timer, there is always something new to buy or eat. So lace up your walking shoes, grab your wallet and prepare your stomach because this little piggy is off to the markets!

Here are all of our favourite things to eat and drink at the Fremantle markets.

Muffle And Co 

How do you make ice cream even more indulgent and irresistible you ask? By stacking it high in a waffle cone (but not your average waffle cone, this bad boy is a real, warm waffle come made into an ice cream cone!) and topping it with all sorts of deliciousness! Muffle and Co is offering up 12 sweet and savoury combos, so leave any thoughts of guilt at the door and embrace this amazing concoction with two hands and one empty stomach. Try the bacon and cheese if savoury is your thing, or for a sweeter option hit up the peanut butter!

What The Bao 

Move over burger buns, we want our fillings in a sweet pillowy bao bun, and thanks to the clever guys at What The Bao, we can have them that way. Keeping Fremantle locals full since 2015 this market stall always has a queue as it dishes out amazing Asian street food fusions. Try the duck or panko fried chicken bao.

Belle K

Ice cream served in a regular ol’ cup or cone? That is so 20 mins ago, according to Belle K anyways. These ice cream rolling legends are keeping everyone at the Fremantle markets satisfied with their amazing rolled ice cream, not to mention their epic cronut creations.

Coffee Connection 

Crazy coffee lovers rejoice! You can now stock up on amazing blends like chocolate marshmallow coffee and crème brulee coffee at Coffee Connection, so you never have to drink boring regular coffee again.

Freo Gozleme 

A Fremantle market crowd favourite, you’ve probably caught a whiff of the melty cheese and toasty flatbread and wondered what on earth that heavenly smell is. Well, now you know. Available in different flavours like spinach and feta, potato, spiced beef and our favourite spiced chicken, Freo Gozleme will fill your tum with something yum!

Lenu Lu 

All of that Freo market strolling works up an appetite. So best to avoid hangry incidents by filling your hands and tums with a Lenu Lu doughnut. More than just doughnuts, these tasty little treats are works of art. Any flavour is worthy, but you’ll definitely want to try the Nutella Tim Tam and Italian custard with caramel.

The Honeycake 

Honey. Cake. Enough said really. This little stall is always packed and for very good reason. For those of you who haven’t tried this melt in your mouth cake, change that this weekend and grab a slice of Honeycake at the markets.

Levi's Doughnuts 

Offering delicious handmade European style doughnuts served up warm and fresh, Levi’s is a must! These doughnuts will make you feel like a kid again and are the perfect fuel for a busy day exploring Freo. The delicious treats are available in traditional style or filled with either blackberry jam or real dark chocolate and coated in cinnamon sugar. They're just begging to be devoured.


Ramen fans know to head to Perth Japanese eatery Dosukoi at the Fremantle markets for bowls of liquid gold. Good ramen is like a warm hug—relaxing, enjoyable and good for the soul—and the stuff at Dosukoi is even better. 


Grab a napkin cause this could get messy! Chimek serves up food that's best eaten with your hands! Their fried chicken is out of this world, but they also do a killer burger and green matcha cheesecake that'll knock your socks off.

The Moustrap Gourmet Cheese Shop 

Put your hands up if you love cheese! The Mousetrap has been calling the Freo markets home for some years now and there’s a reason they're a fave among the locals. Providing darn good artisan cheese from Europe and Australia, their products will take any platter (or just a toastie) to a whole new level.

Chic Pea 

Don’t worry vegans the Freo markets have you covered too! The adorable Chic Pea cafe serves up everything from raw desserts to soy lattes and delish lunches. Whether you're vegan or just after some good nosh, check these guys out.


It’s a salad bar situation here—meaning you get to build your own poke bowl starting with all the usual raw fish options or tofu, and then add whatever you please. We’re not here to judge, but if you don’t get edamame and pickled ginger then you’re doing it wrong. iPoke may be the new kid on the market block but we think they’ll be hanging around for some time.

Want more Freo goodness? Search Fremantle in the directory.

Belle K | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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