14 Of Perth’s Best Toasties

By Anna Franklyn
26th Jul 2019

perth's best toasties

To people who say they could give up bread, we say toasties. We say pulled pork toasties, mac 'n' cheese toasties and even plain old (but equally as delicious) ham and cheese toasties. There is no one who can truthfully say they don’t get excited by all that melty cheese and crispy bread. These bad boys are basically happiness in food form.

So we’ve done the tough research for you and rounded up Perth’s best toasties.

Toastface Grillah


If you want a fancy pants toastie, look no further than Toastface Grillah’s Danny Zuccho—brie cheese, prosciutto and zucchini—or their Pear Grillz—blue cheese, pear and lime chutney. If you’re not into the fancy stuff you can get a good old ham and cheese toastie or, for the true blue Aussies, a vegemite and cheese one.

Lady Latte


Lady Latte is whipping up gourmet jaffles on white or rye bread and if you dine in they'll be pimped up with extra toppings. Go The Matador with chorizo, roasted peppers, chipotle aioli, onion jam and cheese, or the El Diablo filled with cola baked ham, avocado, tomato, red onion, salsa, jalapenos and cheese. There are vegetarian and vegan options too.

City Farm Cafe

East Perth

It would be remiss of us not to include City Farm Cafe's delectable croque monsieur. This baby is stuffed with loads of ham and cheese and topped with an egg. 



Mac 'n' cheese. Inside a toastie. Yeah they did. The Daddy Mac comes together with the perfect amount of cheddar and burnt butter. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then you couldn’t possibly say no to the pulled pork Porkstar toastie which will seriously knock your socks off. These guys shake things up with new flavours all the time, stay tuned on their social feeds. 

Flo Espresso


Plenty of Flo’s toasties have kimchi in them and so are basically healthy, right? They are also full of delicious cheese and all the other best things like pulled pork so maybe they aren’t that healthy. But it doesn’t matter because they are THAT good.

Handy Coffee Co


Along with deliciously pink coated croissants and butterfly pea lattes, Handy Coffee Co does toasties. And they're pretty remarkable. There's the chilli cheese served on thick, crusty bread and the pulled BBQ brisket with Swiss cheese and slaw. Pair yours with a cold-pressed juice for a perfectly balanced meal. 

The Jaffle Shack

West Perth (And Geraldton)

You no longer have to head to Geraldton to taste The Jaffle Shack's delicious, cheesy creations, thanks to their West Perth cafe. Their Eggs Benedict Jaffle is perfection for breakfast, and for lunch, we’re all about the Nutty Chicken loaded with chicken, chorizo, almonds, spinach, aioli and plenty of stretchy mozzarella.

Grilled To The Mac

Food Truck

With a name like Grilled To The Mac you already know they have mastered the mac 'n' cheese toasties. But these clever kids also do delish ruebens and cubanos that will make you feel like you’re in North America, the land of comfort food.

Toast My Curry

Yagan Square

Did you know Perth is home to the world's first (and only) curry toasties? You can go for the traditional curry toastie, or up the ante with a naastie—a naan bread toastie. It's just as good as it sounds. Plus, for every toastie you buy, Toast My Curry donates a meal through their curry4curry program to help motivate kids in Mumbai to continue their education. 


North Perth

BOOespresso does toasties to perfection and you’d do well to get down there and check out their latest creation featuring pizza bread. The Jumping Jack is melted together with American cheese and New Zealand Cheddar, herbed chicken, pineapple and smokey BBQ sauce.

Livingstone’s Urban Jungle


How do you say no to a toastie named the Slam ‘n’ Cheese? Or the Mac Daddy—homemade mac 'n' cheese with a parmesan crust? The correct answer is you don’t. If you’re feeling really indulgent try the Stanley which is filled with Nutella and banana. These are definitely some of Perth's best toasties.

Old Boy Cafe


There’s something about a good jaffle that you just can’t beat. Old Boy Cafe is dishing up lasagne toasties, vegemite toasties, brekky toasties and more, and they are all dang delicious.

Bread In Common


You all know how good the bread is at Bread In Common, so it’s only fitting that these guys whip up some of Perth's best toasties—so good they'll make you feel genuinely sad for people who can’t eat bread. Or cheese. Life just isn’t fair. More for us I guess?

Lil' Toastface


Younger sibling to Perth toastie masters Toastface Grillah, Lil' Toastface is dishing out the same amazing toasties from the teeniest space on William Street in Northbridge. They also do a killer coffee and some epic sweet treats.

Want more carby goodness? Here's what to order at Perth's best bakeries.

Image credit: Louise Coghill and Nancy Hanna

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