Enter Via The Fridge Door At This Secret Bar Within A Convenience Store

By Claire Logan – who grew up in an ingredient household and swears by the healing powers of a good martini

shelves filled with snacks at Convenients

Clearly Perth is having a little bit of a secret bar moment. Toots opened “somewhere in Chinatown” and then there's Convenients—a secret bar pumping with live music—which popped up in the heart of Northbridge this year too. 

This new music venue is hidden in plain sight within a fully functioning convenience store (pretty handy, if you ask us) across from Northbridge Piazza. But don’t let the bright facade fool you; once you step through the fridge door you’ll fall into a dark den dedicated to all things rock. 

A testament to the rollicking local gigs on offer, it’s fitting to hear this place is Perth’s only live music venue constructed, for the most part, by musicians. Venue owner Matt Hatton—passionate local music promoter and director of Mad Hatter Productions—said he had no idea how many local musicians were also daylighting as skilled tradespeople until he put the call out on social media. 

“It was surreal to see them work in such a different context because I only know these guys to be tearing up the stage. It’s amazing to think that this place is literally built and powered by musicians,” said Hatton.

From electrical fittings to rendering and tiling, members from Childlike Empress, Murderbirds and Gyroscope, are just a few of the many musos who helped breathe new life into the once derelict fast food joint.

Yes, Convenients clearly has music pumping through its veins and there are loads more upcoming gigs to get amped up for, but this sneaky speakeasy has a few more tricks up its sleeve. 

There's also a chilled outdoor beer garden, not to mention dirty late-night burgers and plenty of local beers on tap. Even better, they’ve got some great deals happening during the week including two-for-one burgers on Tuesdays and $20 burgers and pints on Wednesdays. And honestly, what more could you ask for?

Convenients is open at 35 Lake Street in Northbridge. Scope out the upcoming gigs over on Facebook and make tracks before everyone else figures it out.

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