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Have You Found Toots? The Secret New Disco Bar Hidden In Northbridge

By Claire Logan
7th May 2021

a vintage appletini from Toots

We love a little bit of mystery and intrigue, and this new opening has it in spades. Introducing Toots, a sassy new disco bar hidden in a secret bar WITHIN a secret bar. 

All we know is it’s somewhere in Northbridge’s Chinatown so hopefully that helps you narrow it down. Once you think you have it, chuck on your brightest and best 70s fit, stomp right up to the bar and ask “Is Toots in?”. If you’re in the right spot, you’ll be handed a golden ticket which will get you in via the secret door. 

As for what’s behind that secret door, expect the ultimate 70s time capsule overflowing with disco-worthy groove and bucketloads of glam. Yep, Toots does not hold back and her cocktails are just as playful as the vintage vibes—we’re talking epic throwbacks like the Fruit Tingle (vodka, raspberry, lillet rosé with a dash of blue, lemon, lime, tingle), Midori Illusion Shaker (midori, cointreau, vodka, pineapple, lemon), Blue Hawaiian (white rum, blue, coconut, pineapple, chartreuse green, rhubarb) and the White Russian (vodka, kahlua, amaro montenegro, salted caramel, soft serve). Not to mention plenty of other classic tipples and some super sized cocktails perfect for sharing. 

But our fave thing on this drinks list has to be all the retro shot pours or maybe the fact you can turn any of the vintage cocktails into a shot. I mean, we came to party, after all. Why not try the classic Buttery Nipple, made with butterscotch, baileys, and grenadine, or the ultimate B52 featuring kahlua, baileys and cointreau. Remind me, why did these ever go out of fashion?

If you're feeling a little peckish, you can tuck into a retro Italian menu with snazzy and delish numbers like the Chorizo Bocadillo or Tuna Crudo. Trust us, you’ll want to get something in your stomach while you can because before too long the tables and chairs will be pushed aside to make room for the ultimate disco dance floor playing all the groove-making hits you know and love—we’re talking legends like Gloria Gaynor, Diana Ross and Grace Jones along with sprinklings of newer floor-fillers from Madonna, Kylie and Cher. Safe to say, you'll be knee deep in a boogie wonderland before you know it.

Toots is now open for all the devilish disco fun. We’ll see you there this weekend, if you can find it.

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Image credit: Supplied

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