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Meet Lynott’s Lounge, Your New Go-To For Late Nights And Live Music

By Madison Lowe
12th Mar 2021

Follow the sounds down the side entrance of 100 Melbourne Street in Northbridge and you’ll find yourself at Lynott’s Lounge, a brand new band room which will become your go-to for late nights filled with live music, thirst-quenching brews and magnificent midnight snacks.

Not only is this Northbridge newbie decked out with impressive sound and lighting, they've also teamed up with WAM (West Australian Music) for their opening, which just happens to coincide with the start of WA Music Week on Friday 19 March.

They’ll be playing host to a mixture of local alt-rock, pop-punk and rock bands and you’ll want to be in the front row on Friday 19 March when Vacant Home, Idle Eyes, End It All and Upheld take to the stage to kick things off. 

Once you’ve had your dose of head-banging and moshing, you can head to the open-aired balcony to cool off, or quench your thirst with a brew from one of the rotating taps—whether you’re a lager-loving lad or a craft beer buff, there’s plenty to choose from. And because no night out is complete without a feed, there’s a delicious all-night menu full of what these guys like to call one-handed food—you’ll see what they mean.

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Image credit: Jay Wennington

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