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Hop Online And Get These Easter Treats Delivered To Your Door

By Madison Lowe
7th Apr 2020

While the four-day long weekend isn’t going to look like it usually does, Perth’s small businesses have stepped up to the plate and will be delivering treats that are almost good enough to make you forget you’re stuck inside. If chocolate is your go-to comfort food, this weekend is the perfect excuse to load up, pig out and take a break from everything that’s going on, but there’s also plenty more on offer. 

Here are all of the Easter goodies in Perth that you can get delivered right to your door.

Roho Bure

Roho Bure and Crunchbox have teamed up to deliver the ultimate vegan Easter egg, with Crunchbox on the dairy-free chocolate shell and mini eggs and Roho Bure filling them with their drool-worthy ice cream and caramel and chocolate ‘yolks’. You even get to choose your own ice cream flavour—we can’t go past the cashew cream honeycomb or pandan and cookie chunks, but they’re all good. You can get yours delivered by clicking here.


There’s more to Crunchbox than their legendary Easter collab with Roho Bure. They’ve created gooey caramel-filled Easter eggs topped with chocolate icing that, like all of their products, are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar and taste way too good to be true. You can also order their mini Easter eggs by the 140g jar (but be realistic, you’ll need more than just one jar). Place your order before 10am this Thursday for delivery on Friday.

Billy Van Creamy

We all know that the Easter long weekend calls for mass consumption of hot cross buns, so Billy Van Creamy has gone and turned the toasty Easter treat into a specialty gelato flavour. You can order it by the 500ml or 1L takeaway tub for home delivery via their website, just check out their delivery zones here


Hot cross buns but make it a pretzel. The clever team over at Pretzel has created a sultana stuffed pretzel topped with cinnamon sugar and cream cheese glaze. Order one for yourself or get one delivered to a friend. You can also add a pair of cute socks to make a nice gift.

Koko Black

While Koko Black's pre-Easter delivery has closed on their website, they are still delivering to addresses within 5km of each of their Perth stores thanks to Deliveroo. Koko favourites like the dark zesty orange and almond block and their espresso martini marbles are available to add to cart, but it’s this year’s signature Easter range that you definitely can’t miss. Treat yourself to the Hot Cross Bites or a dozen praline eggs and definitely don’t forget their range of milk bunnies. Be sure to order on Deliveroo before 5pm on Thursday to secure your Easter treats from these guys. 

Pietro Gelateria

They’ve recently become masters at this whole home-delivered gelato thing, so it’s no surprise that Pietro Gelato has come up with an Easter special to be enjoyed by all of Perth. Your long weekend wouldn’t be complete without a 500ml tub of their chunky hot cross bun gelato drizzled with chocolate ganache. They cover different delivery areas on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so be sure to head to their website for more info.

Margaret River Chocolate Company

Let Margaret River Chocolate Company supply your Easter egg hunt this weekend. They’re hand-delivering all orders within a 25km radius of Perth’s CBD right up until Thursday, so you’ve got no reason to go without. Choose from a huge range of fine chocolate treats–they’ve got everything from milk chocolate quokkas to honeycomb or cookies and cream Easter eggs, but it doesn’t stop there. Their chocolate Laughing Bunnies and plenty of their standard eggs are available in sugar-free dark chocolate and ruby chocolate as well as the standard milk and dark chocolate offerings. 

Spirals Cinnamon

If light and fluffy cinnamon scrolls are something you want in your belly this Easter, you better move fast—orders for Spirals Cinnamon's Easter mini scrolls close at 3pm on Wednesday for free delivery on Thursday. Treat yourself (and maybe your roomies) to a freshly baked box of 15 delicious buns. They’re all topped with different flavoured frosting and the cutest Easter decorations. If you miss the cut-off for delivery, don’t you worry—Spirals Cinnamon will also be open every day over the weekend for pickup orders.

Gabriel Chocolate

Thanks to the team at Gabriel Chocolate, an Easter in isolation doesn’t sound too bad at all. They’ve put together a range of egg baskets and chocolate survival packs that will satisfy your sweet tooth and then some. Available in either creamy milk chocolate or decadent dark chocolate (both lovingly handmade), order the family isolation survival basket—packed to the max with two large eggs, four small eggs and four rabbits—or opt for a smaller offering of just eggs or bunnies. Whatever you do, make sure you place your order before 2pm on Friday for delivery on the weekend.

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Image credit: Spirals Cinnamon

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