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Where To Find The Best Hot Cross Buns In Perth

By Mikaela Knight
3rd Apr 2019

Best Hot Cross Buns Perth Joe's Bakery

Hot cross bun season is well and truly here. As the cooler weather sets in, nothing brings us more joy than biting into a warm, toasted bun smothered to the max with butter. Whether you prefer juicy fruit or decadent chocolate, we've done the hard work for you and found the best buns in the West.

Here’s where you can find some of the best hot cross buns in Perth.

Joe's Bakery 

West Perth

Trust the family behind Joe's Bakery with your hot cross bun cravings because these are something else. Enjoy their traditional fluffy hot cross buns (also vegan) or their delightful chocolate flavour. They're also doing no-peel and plain mixed-spice buns if you're not into the fruity flavours. They're available in packs of six or a dozen, but you can also sit down and enjoy your bun with a side of hot, hot coffee in store if you can't wait to get home to your toaster. 


South Fremantle

South Freo gem Abhi’s wins the all-rounder award for their big, beautiful buns. A good balance of crust, fluff, sweetness and spice you can enjoy their hot cross buns toasty and buttery in store teamed with a coffee. Don't fret gluten-free friends, they'll make spelt flour buns on request. Good luck trying to resist dipping it in your creamy flat white, yes we went there.

La Belle Patisserie

Lathlain and Belmont

La Belle Patisserie is baking some of the best croissants in Perth all year round, but come Easter time, you absolutely can't go past the hot cross buns. The classic ones are phenomenal and are going for $2 each or 5 for $5. They've got another Easter special called 'The Nest'—think dark chocolate mousse with a passionfruit curd centre and an easter macaron to top it off. Now you've got two reasons to pop into La Belle.

Chez Jean Claude


Chez Jean Claude in Subiaco is back at the hot cross bun game and thank goodness for that. Filled with raisins, currants and a good dose of cinnamon, these little buns of deliciousness are the perfect vessel for a good slathering of butter. Plus, if you buy five you get one for free. 

Wild Bakery

South Fremantle

A hot cross bun for the health conscious, Wild Bakery’s buns are naturally delicious with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours or emulsifiers. With a crusty outer layer and rustic hard cross on top, you'll find these buns loaded with 100% Australian apricots, sultanas and currants. They aren’t as sweet as your typical hot cross bun, but that's definitely not a bad thing, especially when you add a thick layer of butter into the mix. This year they've added a chocolate flavour for all the sweet tooths out there.

Mary Street Bakery


Serving up some monster sized hot cross buns, it’s really no surprise that we can't get enough of Mary Street Bakery's fresh, fluffy buns. They don’t hold back when it comes to the spices either, packing these babies with cinnamon, nutmeg and oodles of dried fruit. If you're up for something different, try their new choc-orange hot cross buns that are sure to make your mouth water. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these sweet pillows of goodness this year.

Lawley’s Bakery Cafe

Mount Lawley

If fruit and nut just ain’t your thing, Lawley’s is your go-to for the most decadent choc chip treats in town. Jammed with what seems like more chocolate than dough, chocoholics will rejoice the moment they sink their teeth into this bun. We think Willy Wonka would be proud.

Raisin' Bakery

Shenton Park

This Japanese-French inspired bakery has brought the perfect amount of twist to the classic hot cross bun. Keeping it ultra fruity and spicey, this year's buns are packed with organic raisins, cranberries and house-made candied orange peel. With a name like Raisin' Bakery, you know the hot cross buns must be good. 

Guildford Town Bakery


Guildford Town Bakery is in a few of our favourite lists, including Perth pies, but now they've made it with their hot cross buns. These buns are super fluffy and seriously meal-sized, with a crusty shell. But most importantly they soak up a thick layer of butter like a star. 

Dunn and Walton


Calling all vegans. Thanks to Dunn and Walton, we don't have to feel too bad when we indulge in our guilty Easter pleasures because they've got certified organic vegan hot cross buns. They've used premium bakers flour, fruit, spices, coconut sugar and sunflower oil to make these beauties. 

Bread In Common


Just like Bread In Common itself, these hot cross buns are as beautiful as they come. With a shiny glaze, juicy currents and a perfectly rustic cross, these classic hot cross buns are definitely Insta-worthy.

Headed down south over the Easter break? We're sure a handful of these country bakeries will be slinging hot cross buns, check them out. 

Image Credit: Jessica Wyld

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