Embrace The Flakes With 12 Of Perth’s Tastiest Croissants

By Sarah Joanna Pope
28th Jul 2021

Best Croissants Perth

A smattering of crumbs down a work shirt, a greasy corner-of-the-lips smile, a delicate flake of pastry hanging from a loose strand of hair…

If you know what to look for, you can spot bona fide croissant lovers everywhere.

And to induct you into this happy-go-lucky tribe, we’ve tracked down the best croissants in Perth and the neighbourhoods that love them.

Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie


Patisserie is French for dang-that’s-a-good-croissant. Ham and cheese, pain au chocolat or just good ol’ fashioned plain—the options at Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie are endless. The delicious Humblebee Coffee doesn’t hurt either.

Chu Bakery


It is more difficult than ever to complete a run at Hyde Park with the baked delights of Chu Bakery enticing you at every turn. Sweet-tooths will go gaga for their almond, raspberry, hazelnut and kaya coconut varieties. These are definitely some of the best croissants in Perth.

Croff Bakery


For quirky pastries that will knock your socks off, you need to check out Croff Bakery in Perth. They’re dishing up all kinds of flaky and buttery croissants packed to the max with specialty flavours like jalapeno cheese, durian, char siew pork and pandan coconut. 

Zonts Bakehouse


Led by Baker Kaz (Le Cordon Bleu alumni), the Zonts Bakehouse team are all about making delightfully light, airy and buttery croissants, with flavours ranging from classic, chocolate and almond through to salted egg yolk custard and honey wattleseed. Order their baked goods for delivery or pick up.

La Galette De France


From Subi markets to their little cafe in Nedlands, La Galette de France has become synonymous with good croissants in Perth. Word on the street is they make the holy grail of the almond variety.

Le Papillon


Traditional, almond, raisin, chocolate, apple custard, ham and cheese, ham, cheese and avocado, bacon cheese and tomato, salmon, avocado and cream cheese, bacon, egg and cheese and… Yeah, we guess you could say Le Papillon does a few of the best croissants in Perth.

Small Print Baker And Coffee Maker


The only thing that rains down on St George’s Terrace more than money is croissant crumbs. No wonder, when Small Print Baker and Coffee Maker offers so many flakey delights.

Maison Saint-Honoré 


Turns out Maison Saint-Honoré does more than just amazing macarons, their croissant game is next level as well. Be it flaky almond croissants, Instagram-worthy lemon meringue croissants, or gooey chocolate croissants, this place serves up drool-worthy French croissants which we did nothing to deserve, but will happily take.

Abhi's Bread

South Fremantle

If you've been a long time fan of Abhi's delicious bread, it's time to get yourself there for what might be the best almond croissant in Perth. Warm it up and definitely do not share this bad boy.

La Belle Sweets


Three words that will change your life—Raspberry. Chocolate. Croissant. There hasn’t been a trio that’s worked so well together since the sweet pop harmonies of Hanson. Visit La Belle Sweets for croissant creations like this beautiful bastard.

Mary Street Bakery

Highgate, Perth CBD, West Leederville, City Beach AND CLAREMONT

Layers upon buttery layers of happiness await you at Mary Street Bakery. Why wouldn’t you buy your croissants from the evil geniuses that came up with that salted caramel doughnut?

Wild Bakery

South Fremantle

Crescent-shaped happiness awaits you at Wild Bakery on South Terrace. Traditional is the name of the game here, so stock up on all the old favourites like pain au chocolat, almond and pain au raisin.

Want more pastry? Check out Perth's Best Bakeries.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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