Where To Get Perth’s Best Coffee, According To Baristas

By Rebecca Keating
1st Aug 2023

one of the best coffees in Perth

A good cup of coffee has to be the only way to start the day. From oat milk flat whites to batch brew, and everything in between, there is no denying it—we’re just a little bit obsessed with coffee in Perth. And thankfully, you can pick up a good cup of the stuff all over town these days.

At Urban List, we've drank our fair share, but to truly spill the beans on Perth’s best coffee we threw the question out to a few of Perth's best baristas—Luke at Telegram Coffee, Michael from Community Coffee Co and Sarah from Willing Coffee. 

Here's where to find Perth's best coffee.

Perth's Best Coffee According To Baristas

  • Ooh Coffee, North Fremantle—A go-to for Michael from Community Coffee Co and Luke from Telegram. This is Michael’s usual haunt for batch brew and espresso while soaking up the beachy feels. Luke rates the rotating line up of filter coffees, Loot espresso and the epic food offering. 
  • Howard's Groove, Perth—Sarah from Willing Coffee tells us the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the cafe itself is warm and inviting. They serve delicious Twin Peaks coffee as well as some impressive rotating international and national roasters.
  • Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters, Morley—“I really am impressed with all the local roasters who have popped up over the last decade in Perth and one of my favourites is Twin Peaks," Luke (Telegram Coffee) tells us. "Twin Peaks opens on a Saturday morning so folks can come in and grab a coffee, and some to take home too. You can also get a pizza for breakfast or an early lunch from Dank Pizza. It’s a coffee roaster, so all coffee served here is roasted by Twins and the filter rotation is one of the most impressive that I’ve seen.”
  • Modus, Mount Lawley—According to Luke, this is the original and the best—there’s sensational pastries and the espresso and filter coffee roasted by Modus themselves is great. Sarah loves their vision and how they’ve evolved into their own roastery and bakery. 
  • Parkside Coffee, Perth—Luke loves the park and hole in the wall cafe with its consistent espresso and filter coffee that’s roasted by Daylight Coffee. The cups at the dine-in section are adorable—you’ll need to order a set to take home. 
  • Giant Coffee, Northbridge—Sarah from Willing is a massive fan of the yuzu granola and Luke is all about the Perth-based Daylight espresso on offer and of course, the bagels.
  • Good Bakery, West Leederville—Luke’s warned us this one is a little dangerous (in a good way) as he often walks in for a Modus espresso or filter coffee and walks away with a bag of pastries. Sounds tasty to us. 
  • Community Coffee Co, Subiaco—Michael tells us the egg sando is Perth’s best brekky and the community vibes are pretty great too. Paired with a great coffee by Loot we can’t argue there.
  • Micrology, Osborne Park—We share the same love as Luke who always pops in if he’s in Ossie Park picking up supplies for work. The coffee is roasted on site and you can peek through the glass window to take a look at what’s going on.
  • Elixir, Nedlands—“Delicious Coffee roasted by Loaded Roasters, I don’t get here much but when I do, the coffee is always consistent. Always a great flat white”—Luke, Telegram Coffee. 
  • Willing Coffee, Guildford—Another fave of both Luke and Michael’s. According to Michael, this is one of the best designed cafes in Perth with an unbeatable selection of local and international roasters on offer. And Luke? He lives nowhere near the hills but regularly drives to the tree-lined street to have this coffee within the stunning interior. He’s also a fan of the rotating filter coffees from around the world and our own backyard.
  • Best Wishes, Fremantle—Luke says the espresso by Micrology is well-brewed as is the rotating filter offering with Twin Peaks, Market Lane and sometimes Coffee Supreme, along with amazing bagels and treats. It’s a beautiful space to sit in and start the day and makes him want to move to Freo.
  • Artem, Mount Pleasant—The house roasted espresso and interesting rotation of filter coffee makes this another of Luke’s go-tos. He says the food is so good it’s hard to believe it comes out of such a compact space. Whilst he’s not often in the area, if he happens to go by, he’s definitely popping in for a coupla coffees and some brekky or lunch.

A coffee being poured

More Of Urban List’s Top Picks

Just in case you’re nowhere near those barista approved picks, we've rounded up more of our fave coffee spots all around Perth to cure your caffeine cravings.


  • Telegram Coffee, Perth—We obviously had to include this one. It’s much-loved amongst all caffeine loving folk, including us here at Urban List. 

  • La Veen Coffee, Perth—Finely sourced coffee and quality local milk make La Veen a coffee lover’s dream. 

  • Mo Espresso, Perth—City folk flock here for some of the best coffee going round in the CBD. Top Dup doughnuts, bagels from Holy Bagel Company and toasties from Pope Joan Sandwiches—we’ve got a whole lotta love for this place. 

  • Lowdown, Perth—Still talked about as one of the best in Perth, this coffee haven ain't going anywhere and certainly belongs on our list. 

  • Offshoot Coffee, Perth—Brought to you by the crew behind Mary Street Bakery and Tiny’s, this place needs no introduction. There’s the much loved Mary Street blend and some more progressive roasts for those a little more adventurous. 

  • BOO Espresso, Perth—More Northbridge than Perth, this hole in the wall is a hidden gem dishing out some great coffee. Bring your four legged friend and treat yourselves to a ‘cino—we’re not sure how it can get any better. 

  • Standby Espresso, Mount Lawley—Brought to you by the guys behind Engine Room, this one is a no brainer. 

  • Bossman Coffee, Mount Lawley—Brilliant coffee with a side of Greek sweets? In our humble opinion, this is always a good idea. 

  • Mary Street Bakery, Highgate, West Leederville, Perth, Claremont and City Beach—It would be remiss of us not to include Mary Street. The coffee is as good as the doughnuts- don’t get us started on everything else.

  • Arrival Hall, Northbridge—We dare you to walk in and not come out with a side of homeware to add to your coffee. Good coffee, aesthetic decor—seems efficient to us. 

  • West End Deli, West Perth—We’re not gonna lie, we’re coming here for the baguettes. The coffee is also delicious, as is everything on this little bistro’s menu.


  • Humblebee Coffee Roasters, Mount Hawthorn—The crew here are serious about coffee, and it may just be the best oat milk latte you’ll ever have. There’s also a second spot in Rivervale for those just a little further south. 

  • Paper Avenue, Joondalup—There’s nothing not to love about this neighbourhood hang out and with seriously good coffee, it’s the perfect place to brunch. 

  • Allegria, Ocean Reef—Dishing out the best coffee in this hood up North and pizzas even Nonna would be proud of, everything to come out of this hidden gem will fill you with pure joy. 

  • Alex Junior, Padbury—Straight outta Padbury, this coffee spot has some serious street cred with coffee lovers of the North. If you’re rolling on in, expect massive queues, or go for the easy option and text in advance. 

  • Regular Coffee Co, Carine—This gorgeous little coffee shop dishes out some great coffee and epic eats. Natural light, loads of plants and a pretty pink wall make for the perfect backdrop to their coffee art. 

  • Canteen, Trigg—The view here is next level. Grab a coffee and a breakfast tray, sit back and watch the surfers try to catch some of Perth’s best waves.

  • The Little Bay,  Watermans Bay—Brought to you by the husband-wife duo behind smash hit Little h in Duncraig, this is another Northern beachside coffee haunt we can’t get enough of. With fresh, modern interiors that boast that cool coastal vibe, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee by the water.

  • Lot One Kitchen, Hillarys—The coffee here is always consistently good. As are the brekkies, lunches and dinners. Beachside dreaming. 


  • Sixteen Ounces, Victoria Park—If like us, you can’t get enough of staring at pretty plants while you wait for your latte, head to this coffee spot to dream of having a green thumb while you sip away on your well deserved caffeine hit. 

  • Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park—This little gem in the bustling Vic Park foodie scene dishes out some of Perth’s best coffee. If for some reason you brunch with someone who’s not a coffee fan, their matcha and red lattes will be sure to hit the spot. 

  • General Public, Inglewood—The custom Leftfield Coffee Roaster blend served up here is all sorts of good. Plus there’s sourdough cinny scrolls and doughnuts to satisfy all your baked good needs.  

  • Maison Saint-Honoré, Caversham—Arguably the best french patisserie around town,  this place delivers quality coffees alongside their yummy macarons and croissants. You’ll find a couple of locations around town but this is their main factory and a great spot to take in the vineyard views so it’s definitely our fave.


  • Obi Coffee, Subiaco—With a former Micrology crew member behind this new Subi coffee shop, we're not one bit surprised Obi Coffee has risen to the top of our list. They always have a coupla good batch brews on the go, plus, damn good barista made coffees too.

  • Boucla, Subiaco—Subi does a mean coffee and Boucla is no exception. Order the famous scrambled eggs and your favourite caffeinated brew and it’ll be the brunch you’ve craved for weeks. 

  • Pixel Coffee Brewers, Claremont—Sister store to the OG in Leedy, you can expect the same exceptional coffee and pretty little eats from one of our fave coffee shops. 

  • Cleaver Street Coffee, West Perth—Our prayers were answered when two clever guys started serving coffee next door to Cleaver Street Deli. The coffee is ace and they even manage to dish out some pretty sweet treats, bagels and soups from the tiny store. 

  • North Street Store, Cottesloe—Yes the cinny scrolls are the star of the show however this old school style deli is serving up some of the best coffee you can get your hands on. 

  • Good Things Cafe, Mosman Park—Good food and great coffee make this a regular on our hit list. 

  • Felix and Co, Nedlands—The team here know a thing or two about coffee and source some of the best beans in the country. Using the Japanese-originated Pour Over method, it may take a little longer but the result is worth it with a well balanced, flavoursome coffee. 

  • Someday Coffee Co, Floreat—There’s a reason Someday is Floreat’s worst kept secret. Our pick? The cold brew coffee on a balmy summer’s day. 


  • Grouch and Co, Myaree—We challenge you to find a team more serious about coffee. The crew here are micro-roasters of the finest coffee beans from single growers around the world and their love for coffee can be tasted in every cup. 

  • Blink Coffee Bar, Fremantle—The service is as amazing as the coffee so it’s no wonder this place is always packed. Grab an iced hazelnut latte and we guarantee you’ll be back for more. 

  • Laika Coffee, Lathlain—Amazing brunches and house roasted coffee? You’ll need multiple visits to this neighbourhood gem to get your fix. 

  • Brother of Mine, Baldivis—The house roasted coffee is dreamy. The jaffa buttermilk hotcakes are like a warm hug on a winter’s day. Run, don’t walk. We promise it will be worth it. 

  • Cheeky Boy Espresso, Applecross—If a soy latte is your thing, this is where you need to hit up. But really, all of the coffee here is good. One visit and you’ll be wishing it was your local. 

  • The Little Banksia, Kensington—We love everything about this place, including the incredible coffee thanks to a team of talented baristas and Leftfield Coffee Roasters. 

  • The Tribute, Shelley—The baristas here have a talent for producing some pretty great coffee. If you live around the area, or even if you don’t, this is one brunch spot you need to hit up stat. 

Image credit: Micrology, Community Coffee Co

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