Perth’s Best Gluten Free Pizza

By Kirsty Petrides
15th Feb 2017

There are many people out there who don’t get to experience the joy of a delicious, crispy, freshly wood-fired pizza, and that is a true tragedy.

So as an ode to those who have endured this heartache, here are the places in Perth that are delivering happiness to gluten-intolerant pizza-lovers.  

Canteen Pizza


If you haven't tried the pizza at Canteen you need to work out a way to change that as soon as possible. It's some of the best in Perth and the gluten free bases stand up to the hype. Plus, they have a pizza with burrata on it so you'll want to get there immediately, if not sooner.

Magna Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

When people get diagnosed with gluten intolerance in Perth, they should get handed a) a tissue; and b) a map to Magna Pizza. These are some of the best gluten free pizzas in Perth, which has been scientifically proven by me giving a slice of my GF pizza to my fellow non-GF diners and asking them if they could tell the difference between their pizza and my pizza. THEY COULDN’T. Case = proven. Oh and it’s BYO, so you can celebrate this joyous occasion with loads of wine.

Neighborhood Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

Good, crispy, tasty delicious gluten free pizza is what awaits you at Neighborhood Pizza. A top recommendation is ordering the potato and maple syrup pizza. It's potato, sweet potato, maple syrup, rosemary and feta on top of your delicious GF base. Yes, two types of potato on top of dough is a lot of carbs,  but being GF means you’re probably deprived of carbs most of the time anyway. So make the most of it and get carb-loading my friends. (Also BYO—more celebrations.)



The fact that this pizza place in Wembley is offering gluten free bases is just gorgeous Italian music to our ears. Monsterella's pizzas are 100 per cent handmade and all their sauces are made with Sicilian San Marzano tomatoes. If you’re really hungry, they also offer a range of authentic Italian street food with plenty of GF options there too. And if you’re down to party (you know you are) they too are BYO, so take some wine and celebrate the fact that you’ve found your new favourite Italian joint.

Chelsea Pizza Co


With so many pizzas to choose from, this Nedlands institution has kindly divided its menu into two sections, traditional pizzas and gourmet pizzas. However, you’d have to be a fool not to order the four cheese pizza (unless of course, you’re also lactose intolerant, in which case, don’t order it.) It’s a tasty GF base topped with Chelsea's special cheese, feta, parmesan and goats cheese. And if you’re really hardcore, you can add blue cheese for a fifth layer of cheesy goodness.

Alfred's Pizzeria


If Alfred's didn’t offer gluten free bases, we would be pretty darn upset, because damn that place is cool. All their pizza bases are made fresh in house—even the gluten free ones! No frozen stuff here, folks. Their sauces are made from organic tomatoes and they use fior de latte mozzarella (that’s the good kind, guys.) God bless you, Alfred’s. If you go, order the Lamb of God—lamb, rosemary, spinach, tomato and hummus.



If you’re a pizza lover, you must go to Allegro. The pizza section of their menu is a masterpiece and involves 30 different pizza options, listed from the most basic to the more unique.  A personal fave is the Maria—spicy Italian sausage, mushrooms, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, feta and fresh basil—all on top of a tasty gluten free pizza base. And they’re also BYO! Result.

 Drift Kitchen


This gorgeous little spot in Scarborough has started offering takeaway pizzas cooked in their state of the art wood fired pizza oven—with the option of having yours on a GF base. Drift Kitchen's pizza menu is full of plenty of options, but a top pick is the Pescara—buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, pine nuts, fresh rocket on a tomato sauce base. Yum.

Northbridge Brewing Co


You don’t often expect to get your socks knocked off by pub grub, but let me tell you, Northbridge Brewing Co knows how to do a gluten free base. I’m not sure whether its special GF flour or magic dust that they’re putting in it, but it is crispy, delicious and does not taste at all like cardboard. The pepperoni and mozzarella pizza is top notch.

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Allegro Pizza | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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