Perth’s Best Gluten Free Dishes That Actually Taste Delicious

By Kirsty Petrides
12th Sep 2016

Perth's Best Gluten Free Dishes

Hands up if you’ve mocked a gluten intolerant person before. Come on, be honest. You know you have. Perhaps you joked to them that gluten-free actually means flavour-free. Or informed them that their GF pizza base tastes like cardboard. Or that their loaf of gluten-free bread looks and feels like a brick, and perhaps you could use it to build a new retaining wall in your backyard this weekend.

Or maybe you’ve just scoffed at them because you assume they’re doing it because of #cleaneating, when in fact no guys, IT IS AN ACTUAL MEDICAL CONDITION. And unless you want me to really mess up your plumbing later, no I cannot have “just a little bit” of pasta when I come over for dinner.

So let’s be a bit more supportive of our gluten-intolerant friends. They’re not doing it out of choice—because really, who in their right mind would omit cake from their life if they didn’t have to?

To help you support your GF pals and share a meal with them, here are some of the best gluten-free dishes in Perth that are actually delicious.

Gnocchi | No Mafia


No Mafia kicks goals for both normal people and GF folk alike. Mouth-watering Italian food, a superb wine list, great ambience, friendly and knowledgeable staff—oh and pretty much everything on the menu is gluten free. Result. Our hot tip is the gnocchi, an old family recipe from No Mafia’s chef, brought all the way to Perth from Tuscany. Made with potato and rice flour, it comes served with sundried tomato pesto and rocket—and a whole lot of heart and soul. Being a supportive friend never tasted so good.

Pizza | Magna Pizza

Fremantle and Mount Hawthorn

The team at Magna have got some of the tastiest, crispiest, un-cardboard-like GF pizza bases going around. We don’t know what they’re putting in them, but they are darn good. Choose a pizza topping from their pages and pages of varieties, take along a bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself a perfect gluten-free evening.

Hot Dogs | Run Amuk

South Fremantle

Run Amuk are the hotdog experts, with some seriously unique dogs on their menu. Their sausages are made with meat from local WA farmers, and are free from artificial colours, preservatives AND GLUTEN. Ask for a GF hot dog bun as well, and you’re set. We recommend The Rukus Dog—premium bratwurst sausage, chilli and lime sambal, crispy prosciutto, spinach, cheddar, sour cream and jalapenos.

Sliders | Tropico

North Beach

The team at Tropico get a huge round of applause for being the most flexible and adaptable people in Perth. Everything on their menu that has a star next to it can be made gluten free on request—and let me tell you, that menu is absolutely littered with stars. Our top pick though has to be the sliders. You can choose between beef, lamb or crab—or could you just get all three.

Pasta | Pappagallo


Pappagallo’s pasta sauces are probably the most sensational things going around, so its music to our ears that the team here are only too happy to serve their sauce on top of gluten-free pasta if you wish. And here’s even more good news—the pasta is so delicious, you wouldn’t even know its gluten-free.

Cupcakes | Baked 180


All GF folk have had that moment where they bite in to something and then ask "are you sure this is gluten free, because it tastes damn good." That’s what will happen when you eat a cupcake from Baked 180. But you can be rest assured that they are 100% GF. Our fave is the choc peanut butter—smooth peanut butter and chocolate cake, frosted with peanut butter and sprinkled with crushed peanuts and milk chocolate.  

Tostadas | El Publico

Mount Lawley

Everything on El Publico’s menu just so happens to be completely gluten-free, but our top pick is the tostadas. The pork tostada comes served with creamed corn and pickles, while the lamb tostada is dished up with eggplant paste and tomatillo salsa. Have fun deciding—or just get both.

Pizza | Bib & Tucker

North Fremantle

For a GF dining experience and a magic view, head to Bib & Tucker. They have one of the most creative pizza menus in town, and are very happy to accommodate with GF bases. Our tip is to get the slow-cooked lamb pizza—succulent lamb, feta, sumac yoghurt, pine nuts, mint and charred lemon.

Banana Bread | Flora & Fauna


The banana bread at Flora & Fauna is baked daily in-house; its delicious; and its got zero gluten in it. Rejoice. It comes served with your choice of coconut jam, Nutella or organic peanut butter, and a whole lot of fresh seasonal fruit.

Spaghetti | Tommy Sugo

Nedlands and Cannington

There is so much on the menu for gluten intolerant folk at Tommy Sugo, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Potato gnocchi, zucchini noodles or sweet potato spaghetti are just some of the gluten-free pasta options; while traditional tomato sugo, bolognese, green pesto or lamb ragu are your GF sauce choices. It will feel like all your Christmases have come at once.

Tacos | Piggy Food Co

North Fremantle

Piggo Food Co has got a few GF options, but we think you should go for the tacos. The handmade tortillas come topped with slaw, salsa and house-made chipotle sauce, and then you choose the star of your taco—pork, chicken, fish or shrimp. Plus, they even have halloumi and avocado as options instead of meat, so GFs and vegos can come together for a meal in beautiful harmony! How glorious is that.

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El Publico | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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