The Best Spin Classes In Perth To Try Right Now

By Claire Logan
19th Aug 2022

People at a spin class in Perth

There's cardio, then there's spin class. These high-intensity indoor workouts combine biking and good music in a party-like group setting that is guaranteed to leave you high on endorphins and ready to smash your day. And if major brands like Soul Cycle and Peleton are anything to go by, they can be pretty darn addictive once you get going.

With so many awesome outdoor cycling routes in Perth, dedicated spin studios have been slow to take off here. But we're starting to see some awesome spots emerge around town that will let you scratch that cardio itch without worrying about rain ruining your day.

Here are the best spin classes in Perth right now.

LA Fit

Subiaco and Perth

Best known for delivering their special type of reformer pilates on steroids (the Megaformer),  LA Fit also has a vibing Rhythm Ride class that feels more like a dance sesh than the interval hell you might imagine. The 45-minute mash up of climbs, sprints and choreography will leave you dripping in sweat and full of post-ride smiles. If you need some help dragging your ass to class, they're just about to start a Dial It Up Ride Challenge. Not only will you get 20 classes in four weeks, but you'll also score two group coaching sessions and fitness profiling at ph360 to amp up your results. Plus, if you manage to smash all 20 sessions you could be in for an all-access membership to keep the ride going. It starts 27 August—sign up here.

Bike Bar

Claremont and Applecross

Feeling good doesn’t just have to occur once you’ve finished sweating thanks to the party vibe generated at Bike Bar. These guys make spin class fun with full encouragement to fist pump and break out in impromptu dance moves (all from the comfort of a candlelit room, so no need to be shy). You’d be right to expect jelly legs but your guns will feel the burn too with arm tracks involving push-ups and dumbbells. This is a killer way to earn your endorphin rush.


Subiaco and Currambine

It's pretty hard to fail with CycleBar's experienced coaches slash hype guys and gals in your corner. They've got a series of sweaty classes guaranteed to whip you into your best biking form yet, with each ride backed by banging beats and personalised CycleStats.

Prefer to cycle at home? Here's what we thought of the Peleton experience.

Image credit: Shot By Thom for LA Fit

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