Where To Go For A Mid-Week Dinner In Applecross

By Chloe Sputore
4th Nov 2015

JACS | Image credit: Louise Coghill

It’s mid-week, you’ve forgotten to do the grocery shop again and you just can’t bear the thought of eating another packet soup. Never fear, Applecross is here!

Possibly one of the best little suburbs to go to for dinner on a weeknight, Applecross is the place to go if you’re craving pizza as five out of six of these places serve up the round doughy yum yums. There’s also a whole bunch of pasta, tapas, curry, burgers and seafood, not to mention mid-week meal deals. Plus, free parking (unless you’re at The Raffles). It really can’t get any better!

Here’s where to go for a mid-week dinner in Applecross.

Il Ciao

If you were hoping to place a pick-up order at Il Ciao in Applecross or stop by unannounced for dinner, you’ll be horribly disappointed. This place is almost always packed out and the phone is almost always off the hook because the Italian they serve up is so dang good. Book ahead people! The traditional wood fired pizzas are all kinds of doughy delicious (you can’t go past the margherita), no surprises since the Perruzza family have been running this Applecross hot-spot since 1998. The penne alla Vodka with bacon, onion, Vodka, tomato and cream cannot be passed up if you like pastas on the creamier side and the marinara is a crowd favourite. But always remember to book ahead people.

The Raffles

If you find yourself in Applecross on a Tuesday night get your tooshie to The Raffles for Mussel Tuesday—$20 will get you a kilo of fresh South Aussie chilli mussels and a Small Print ciabatta to mop up all that tasty goodness. Give the chilli challenge a go and you could also get yourself a can of Colonial Draught. If pizza and cocktails are more your thing, get down on a Wednesday for half-price pizza and $10 cocktail specials. And if you’re just in the mood for a little riverside dining action go any day of the week and enjoy tasty share food, pub classics, pasta and sweets!


A long-time Applecross favourite, Gucce Fine Italian Cuisine is a stylish little haunt serving up home-made pasta, authentic wood-fired pizzas and Mediterranean-style eats (we recommend the gnocchi and the barramundi!). The generous servings will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy and full of Italian amore! The perfect place to take a night off from cooking midweek.

Applecross Pizza

Could Applecross possibly be Perth’s pizza capitol? If it isn’t it should be. Remember those doughy pizzas of our past? You know, the ones with the deep crust and so loaded with toppings you almost have to roll them up like a burrito to make sure nothing falls off. Well, those are the pizzas you’ll get at Applecross Pizza. The Sicilian with barbecue sauce is where it’s at, but the Moroccan meatlovers and lamb and eggplant are good too. Don’t forget the garlic bread!

7 Spices

Friday nights are buffet night at 7 Spices in Applecross and for $35 you’ll get yourself a bucket load of curry, dhal, condiments and rice. If you’re not a fan of buffets (what is wrong with you?), 7 Spices also have a dining menu and they’re open seven nights a week. Kick off with an onion bhaji, grab a couple of curries (we love the chicken tikka) and some garlic buttered naan to soak up all that spicy sauce.

JACS Applecross

Popular with the Applecross locals, the menu at JACS is simple, seasonal and spot-on. Pizza, burgers, tapas, salads and steak, as well as some tasty chicken parmi, beer battered fish and pot pies—JACS is the place to go if you’re feeling a little indecisive about what to have for dinner.  

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