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The Best Spots To Watch The Sunrise In Perth

By Alexis Donkin
29th Jan 2018

Even if you're a morning person, you probably don't take the time to enjoy a sunrise over Perth enough—it's hard to get out of bed in the dark, we get it. But as the sky turns a crisp orange or beautiful soft pink, it's pretty special and totally worth setting the alarm for, even if it's just once this year.

That's the hard part, so now to the easy bit. We've done the research for you and these are the best spots to watch a sunrise in Perth—we're pretty sure you won't be disappointed. Remember, the early bird catches the worm...

Frasers Avenue

Kings Park

It offers one of the best views in Perth no matter what time of day it is, and come sunrise it's nothing short of spectacular. An uninterrupted view of the hills, our city skyline, the iconic Swan River and of course, Elizabeth Quay. If you haven't been up there for a while, head up there for sunrise. Try and grab a spot near the State War Memorial, it offers the perfect backdrop for a photo or two. Just remember to take a blanket—it can be pretty chilly up there in the wee hours.

Parliament House

West Perth

Now, this is not a place many of us frequent, but we guarantee you can catch a pretty spectacular view of the sunrise here. There is parking for members of the public, although if you're heading up there that early we doubt you'll be fighting for a spot. For those keen to get some photos, this is the place to be. With the gorgeous high-rise buildings in the foreground and a stunning sunrise emerging behind it—just wow!

Claisebrooke Cove

East Perth

Park up on Royal Street and find a spot along the waterfront to watch the sunrise, or for those of you who are fortunate enough to have a boat, you might want to spend the night on it and wake up here! The sky from this viewpoint is nothing short of breathtaking in the early hours. And don't forget there are loads of fantastic cafes around for a post-sunrise coffee or breakfast date. 

South Perth Foreshore

South Perth 

Early risers south of the CBD, this one's for you. Find a spot along the banks of the Swan River somewhere near the Narrows Bridge for the one of the best views of the Perth sunrise. Take a picnic rug and find a spot on the grass, bring along a hot coffee and simply enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the day. And then why not dig into a hot breakfast afterwards? Win win.

Matilda Bay


Matilda Bay offers a stunning view and a great walking track, so you can kill two birds with one stone and get some exercise in after you watch the sunrise. Or you could just go to Bayside Kitchen for a coffee. Try and choose a still morning when the water is like glass for some epic photos.

Old Swan Brewery


Another beautiful waterfront location that is totally worth setting the alarm early for. Again, if you can get a still morning, you'll get some seriously Insta-worthy pics. And before you panic, there is parking, you can access it just east of the Old Swan Brewery. From there, you can walk down to the good ol' blue boat shed to get that iconic Perth shot. Remember, the earlier the better to really capture all the of the colours.

Rottnest Island


Okay, okay. We know you're not exactly going to board a ferry to get to Rottnest and watch the sunrise. But, if you are planning a little getaway on the island at some point, then you must get really early at least once to capture the exceptionally pretty sunrise. Pinkies Beach offers the best viewpoint, although there's nothin' wrong with a hot cuppa from the verandah of your cabin (or tent for the campers out there) to watch the sunrise. 

Hillarys Marina Lighthouse


If you make your way to the end of North Mole (with your camera handy of course) you'll find the perfect setting for a sunrise. This spot is particularly popular for sunsets, but we're here to tell you the other end of the day is just as speccy. Not overly busy, this is a must for anyone keen to witness a stunning sunrise. 

Lions Lookout


We love this stunning spot for sunset, but we'll have you know that sunrise is just as gorgeous here. Perched up on the hill in Perth's eastern suburbs, you're right in the thick of the action here. It is a drive for anyone who doesn't live near the hills, but coffee vans are known to frequent the area to help keep you wide awake. While you're up that way maybe check out the Carmel area and make a day of it. 

Jorgensen Park


This is a beautiful spot for early risers who want to take their pooch for a morning walk. It doesn't offer panoramic views, but nestled amongst the trees you can witness all of the colours of a beautiful sunrise here. It offers plenty of stunning photo opportunities, and dog lovers may want to include their favourite four-legged friend in the photoshoot. There’s parking off Crescent Road near the Learning Centre.

As The Beatles would say… “Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo…”

Prefer to watch the sunset? Check out these incredible spots.

Image credit: Alvin Balemesa via Unsplash

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