Who Does The Best Coffee On The Sunshine Coast?

By Claire Plush
6th Mar 2018

Coffee—it’s an issue that’s as contentious as politics or pizza. You might LOVE a nook in Caloundra somewhere, but your friend swears their local in Mooloolaba is the ONLY place to get a consistently smooth, yet strong, cup of joe aka the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast.

Then there’s those peeps, who order a quarter strength mocha on soy milk, and even THEY have a favourite coffee shop that gets their piss-weak coffee order just right.

It’s not an easy feat hunting down the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast but we’ve happily knocked back plenty of cups of the good stuff all in the name of research. And so here are, in no particular order (because that’d be ridiculously impossible), our picks for the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast and the spots to drink it.

Guru Life

Out in the sticks, Guru Life is a must-visit coffee spot that doubles as a roastery and café. Dishing up breakfasts of epic proportions alongside their cups of liquid gold, this Rosemount cafe, totally floats our high-standards boat. Guzzle your helping of the Guru blend in the garden, and if you really want to connect with nature, get your duck feeding shoes on. (There’s a pond on the property.)

Clandestino Roasters

Based in the Noosa industrial estate, inside Belmondo’s, Clandestino Roasters has to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, coffee brand coming out of the Sunshine Coast. Keeping addicts caffeinated at their roastery, their beans are also scattered in cafes across the region. Go here to experiment with different drops and coffee-making styles, and if you like what you taste you can bag ready-to-go beans along with pro equipment to take home. It’s like the temple to coffee. For reals.

Costa Noosa

If you cruise into Sunshine Beach around midday on any day of the week, you’re going to be hit with the tantalising scent of coffee beans getting roasted. And if you follow that scent, like any sane person would, you’ll end up at Costa Noosa where owner/roaster-man Gavin, will be toastin’ single origins and blends, for your enjoyment. If it’s freakin’ hot outside, get the boys to do you up an iced long black—the drink of the summer, for good reason—and find a perch on pretty much the best deck sans water views in Noosa.

The Boardstore

Visit for a killer coffee, leave with a new board. That’s the risk you take when you hit up Maroochydore’s Boardstore. But, if you have the dosh or the willpower to look at the wall of decks but not touch, then this is an avid skater’s heaven. Serving up Stoker coffee to the masses, a corner location on a main drag make this the perfect pit stop for a takeaway on the way to work. Count us in!

Humdrum Espresso

Tastin’ as good as it looks, you’ll spot this cute café on the main drag of Eumundi, close to the markets. Humdrum’s house blend is the Magneto Espresso, from local coffee crew Clandestino, with a rotating single origin. Your tea-sippin’ buddy won’t be left out either, with a selection of over 25 different flavours.

Old Bean

When you’ve been punched in the face by Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday or—you get the point) AND you’re in Mooloolaba, make your way to this beachside coffee hang. The original Good Bean, if you like the coffee from any of their franchises, you’ll lurrrve the liquid goods at the Old Bean. Easily serving some of the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast.

The Colombian Coffee Co.

We love coffee. But more than coffee, we love passion. And The Colombian Coffee Co. has it by the shipload. Beyond serving top notch espresso, they’ve also branched out with open-to-the-public in store cupping evenings, and more recently created a handcrafted, bottled Brew Espresso Extract, perfect for those espresso martinis. If you need two pick me ups, consecutively, ‘cause sometimes you just do, then sip a piccolo here before ducking across the road for an Espresso Martini at Taps, made with the Colombian Coffee Co’s specialty cocktail mixer.

The Pocket

You can’t really miss The Pocket. It’s not because it’s a big space, ‘cause it isn’t, but no doubt, when you’re dallying along Seaview Terrace, it’ll be overflowing with coffee freaks who know where to find the good stuff. Adored by just about everybody, this espresso bar is super close to the beach and gives you the perfect reason to explore one of the best little beachside towns on the Coast. Oh yeah, we just went there. #moffsforlife

Little Boat Espresso

Marrrrrrcoola, couldn’t get much coola than Little Boat Espresso. Nuh-uh! The go-to if you’re hunting down a caffeine fix, owner Sara is the coffee maven of this beachside pocket. Come here for the coffee but stay for the innovative and super tasty brekky dishes. Holy smashed avo!


Fresh on the Noosa coffee scene, Catalina is a tiny bit bigger than your average hole-in-the-wall store. The wharf counterpart of MV Catalina, the boat dominating the sunset sesh scene, these guys are pumping out coffee from Sydney’s Single Origin Roasters. More often then not you’ll find Anders on the machine, one of the most well-known faces in Noosa coffee, so you can be sure you’ll be well looked after. Opening at 6am, if you’re lucky the boat will be moored and you’ll get to sip your liquid crack on board.

Urban Garden

With stores in both Maroochydore AND Nambour, it’s a safe call to say espresso bar Urban Garden is doing something right. And we’re guessing it’s got to do with the coffee. Smooth, robust, and served in small cups (or shall we say “proper” cups), you’ll be sharing tables or benches with creative folk (they actually have wifi—whoop!). Oh, and head to the new Nambour store, if you like a side of free sparkling water.


We all know about their cakes, but Tome also does a seriously good coffee. If you’re around Ocean Street, and need a pick me up, we really can’t think of anything better than one of their gluten-free cakes washed down by one of their epic iced coffee concoctions. A sight to behold. And then hold. And then drink.

Hand of Fatima

Carlos, the man behind Hand of Fatima (and previously, Little Lane Espresso in Coolum) is renowned among these parts for his skillz. He’ll take your order while he’s making 10 coffees, he won’t write it down, and yet he’ll pull it off. Then, when you come back in a week or three months’ time, he’ll spot you, remember your order, and probably your name. This is no lie. Everyone who’s been to Hand of Fatima, will totally know what we’re talking about.

Glass Coffee

Sitting pretty in Cotton Tree, if you haven’t visited the refurbished Glass since last year, it’s time to pick up your act. Super chilled vibes and friendly regulars, will make your coffee taste that much better. Promise!

Sunshine Sunshine Espresso

We dare you to skip beachside Currimundi just once, and instead run the gauntlet that is Nicklin Way to the other side where you’ll discover the hidden Sunshine Sunshine Espresso. This espresso bar slash roaster is the place to head for a seriously local slow-dripped iced latte or straight black cold drip. Yeah, the green beans are from OS but they’re roasted into a signature blend by these Sunshine-y folk and then paired with Maleny Dairies milk, for a complete flavour sensation.

Cuba St.

Sitting on David Low Way in Marcoola, if you’ve done a recent airport run down the Coast, or driven the coast roads from south of the bridge to Noosa, then there’s a good chance you’ve driven straight past Cuba St. We’re here to tell you… don’t even think about doing it again. It’s a foolish mistake, and one you will live to regret long after your first cup of coffee at this café. It hasn’t been around for long, but that means squat.

Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

Dear Lamkin Lane,

It feels like yesterday that you opened the doors to your cute-as-button, make-us-want-an-awning café. But it wasn’t. We’ve actually been sipping on your brews for over three years. It needs to be said though, that it feels like we’ve always known you and now, we can’t imagine life without you.

Forever yours,

The Urban List 


Surf and coffee go hand in hand like Tay Tay and her girl squad. If you’re in Coolum or heading there for the waves, save yourself for a hit from specialty roasters Padre Coffee at Compound. Tucked a street back from Coolum’s main drag, Compound’s four walls provide a gallery-like space for not only a mean espresso bar but, vintage surf threads, relic boards, and free-flowing casual banter. Start your day right, start your day here.

Now you've had the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast, what about the best breakfast on the Sunshine Coast? 

Image Credit: Claire Plush, Rikki Lancaster, Ariana Gillrie, and Daniel Hine for The Urban List 

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