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Paradise Found | The 30 Best Things To Do In Noosa

By Claire Plush - 27 Aug 2018

things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa
things to do in noosa

If you’re up the top end of the coast and looking for things to do in Noosa, we’ve got you covered. Whenever there’s a tonne of options, it’s fair to say that there’s going to be those that are great and those that are pretty atrocious.

So we’ve taken the votes, tallied up the results, and have curated a list of the actual best things to in Noosa. Better get ticking, ‘cause this list is just the beginning…

  1. Fresh kale, Himalayan salt, fermented things in jars—basically, stock up on anything that makes you feel healthy just by looking at it at Noosa Farmers Market.
  2. Round up your mates or a bunch of strangers and head to Village Bicycle for a night of brews and chews. 
  3. Pound the bush tracks on a next-level hike and walk your pretty little self through the national park, from Noosa Heads to Alexandria Bay, before cooling off with a nudie swim.
  4. Jump a ferry and take your wheels on a sand adventure at Noosa North Shore.
  5. Drink some whisky at Whisky Boy, because a recent report shows it’s good for you.
  6. Add a new board to your quiver at Captain Sip Sop’s courtesy of local shaper, Thomas Bexon.
  7. Surf the points at Noosa. It’s not a hidden break, but if you get here just on sun up, not only will you nab a car park, but you should be able to catch a few minus the drop-ins.
  8. Climb (or let’s be honest, stroll, up) to the summit of Mount Tinbeerwah and take in 360-degree vistas of the Noosa region.
  9. Pretend to spot a koala (pointing helps the act) in Noosa National Park, and watch how many camera-toting tourists flock to your side.
  10. Start the day with a steaming brew, at one of Noosa’s best coffee haunts.
  11. Cruise down Hastings Street with a Massimo’s ice-cream, finger shooting all the good-lookin’ people. Just like these guys.
  12. Early-risers can find their Zen with yoga on the beach by Kat Harding.
  13. Feast on arguably the best yum cha on the Coast at Embassy XO.
  14. Then werk your butt into shape doing stair runs at the northern end of Sunshine Beach.
  15. Fine dine your way through the day or night at one (or a few) of the best restaurants in Noosa.
  16. Find the magical rock pools (you know the ones!) and then post a photo of them on Instagram saying “From where you’d rather be”. Hoard off comments asking you where they are, and don’t spill the beans.
  17. Have a barbie along Noosa River at one of the free setups. Seriously, this is THE place to watch the afternoon light disappear, so grab your friends and your beer, and find the ultimate waterfront posi to unwind.
  18. Release your pup and let it run free at Noosa Spit aka The Dog Beach. You’ll be rewarded with licks and a car that smells like wet dog, literally.
  19. Count pelicans while growing a beard in Noosaville.
  20. Relax and be pampered at one of the Sunshine Coast’s best day spas.
  21. Sit in the front row at Aromas and people watch the Hastings Street dawdlers over a beer.
  22. Rent a canoe (‘cause it’s way more romantic than a kayak) and take a two-day paddling trip up the Noosa Everglades. Don’t forget to book your private campground!
  23. Take a SUP out beyond Little Cove on a calm day and spot turtles from above. Pray you don’t see any sharks!
  24. Drink your way through all of Noosa's best bars, starting with Bordertown and Paradise Arcade and ending on Hastings Street with Locale, Miss Moneypenny's and Riviera Bar & Lounge
  25. Experience a true one-stop shop (sans alcohol, though, we’re afraid) at Belmondos, where you can grab fresh produce, meats, artisan brand, and Clandestino coffee beans roasted in-house.
  26. Grab a book and sprawl under the shade of a Pandanus at Tea Tree.
  27. Do as the vegetarians do and lunch at the super-relaxed, hippy-friendly Sunspace Cafe.
  28. Shop up a storm sunset (we’re positive thinkers!) along Hastings Street and don’t forget to pop into some our fave local boutiques.
  29. Hire a houseboat and cruise up Noosa River playing poker and doing boat bombs.
  30. Pull up a stool at the surf club and pretend like you’re a surf judge. Move over Rondog, we’re calling that a seven!

Hanging down around the middle of the Coast? Check out our list of the best things to do in Mooloolaba

Image credit: Visit Noosa 

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