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Get Back To Basics With 19 Of The Best Bacon And Egg Rolls In Sydney

By Jessica Best
30th Oct 2020

delicious looking bacon and egg roll

We all know that the true tell-tale sign of a brilliant breakfast joint is how good they can whip up a bacon and egg roll. It’s a tradie favourite, a hangover Sunday must, and a no-brainer when it comes to feasting on the go at your local market.

It’s no easy feat compiling the best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney, there’s a lot to consider—like bread roll density, the runniness of a soft egg, the crispiness of the bacon, the condiment combo and, of course, the variety of add ons to make it your one true breakfast love. However, as we are prone to do, we’ve gone and done the hard yards for you.

Check out the best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney.

The North Spoon

North Sydney

juicy bacon and egg roll from sydney's north spoon cafeFor those who live on Sydney’s north side, the leafy cafe and restaurant known as The North Spoon is no new discovery. Having opened back in 2017, this charming garden-inspired eatery is big on plating up fresh breakfast and lunch feeds every day of the week. At breakfast time, there’s one clear menu standout that has quietly earned itself a rep for being one of our city’s greatest bacon and egg rolls. This handheld brekky fix is a hot concoction of fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, zingy sriracha mayo, and stringy cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between two soft slices of Turkish bread. Want to try and whip it up at home? We’ve got the recipe here

Paramount Coffee Project

Surry Hills

Paramount Coffee House can make toast look like artwork so it should come as no surprise that the team’s bacon and egg roll here is a winner too. Having been the joint brainchild of the team that brought you Reuben Hills Cafe and Melbourne’s Seven Seeds, PCP is a no-brainer on the Sydney breakfast scene. Labelled as the “BKE Roll” this guy is loaded with BBQ sauce, garlic scrambled eggs (the fluffiest of sorts), kale, and bacon. You can add avocado to this bad boy too to make it the pinnacle hangover feed on a Sunday.

Poolside Cafe

The Domain

If you’re out in Sydney trying to find a bacon and egg roll with a view to boot, look no further than Poolside Cafe. Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool l is one of the prettiest in Sydney and if starting off your weekend with a quick dip and post-swim breakfast feed doesn’t sound like heaven, we don’t know what does. The bacon and egg roll here is complete gooey goodness and simplicity at its finest, and looks like crispy bacon, soft egg, and tomato relish all packed onto a cloud-like brioche roll.

Mosman Rowers


egg and bacon roll with bbq sauceThe beloved Mosman Rowers club is back and it’s bigger and better than ever. As one of Sydney’s oldest clubs and most beautiful dining venues, this golden oldie is slating up one hell of a food menu worthy of your weekend. Scope out the bacon and egg roll antics here, which include kewpie mayo and hot BBQ sauce on a milk bun. Want something to wash it all down? You can’t go past the homemade lemon iced tea.

Kitchen By Mike


You can create whatever kind of bacon and egg roll your heart desires at Kitchen By Mike. With a strong philosophy of produce-led, nutrient-dense cooking that is as plentiful as it is goddamn delicious, the possibilities really are endless. If you’re all about a simple take on the good stuff, Mike’s “Bacon Butty” is just that with bacon, cultured and salted butter and housemade ketchup all on a chewy sourdough roll. To spice things up a notch, you can add on half an avocado and heirloom tomatoes.

Blackwood Pantry 


Is he the poster child for Cronulla’s breakfast scene? Most definitely. Blackwood Pantry is the type of early morning breakfast joint which just makes you feel 10 times better. Maybe it’s the beach vibes, maybe it’s the colourful menu or maybe, just maybe, it’s the damn delicious bacon and egg roll other cafes could only dream of recreating. Whatever it is, it’s a hit.

This B&E beauty contains double-smoked bacon, fried eggs (to perfection), sliced avocado, and tomato chutney all slabbed on a sweet milk bun.

Cafe Free

Neutral Bay

roll stuffed with freshly baked eggs and crispy baconCafe Free is Sydney’s entirely gluten-free cafe in Neutral Bay and a destination for all coeliacs to revel in. Known for its killer loaded shakes (also gluten-free, lactose-free, and options which are dairy-free), you can chow down on an epic GF bacon and egg roll that packs a punch with free-range bacon and egg and housemade Texas-style BBQ sauce.

Karoo & Co


While they may very well be known for whipping up one of Sydney’s best lemon meringue tarts, the crew at Karoo & Co have a serious bacon and egg contender on their hands. You can actually nab up Karoo’s bacon and egg roll any time of day (thank you all-day menu) and it comes dressed in aioli, spinach, BBQ, or tomato sauce (or relish if you’re a sucker for the gourmet life). Pro tip—amp your feed and add a hash brown to give this glorious stack a crunchy, and salty kick.

Mary’s CBD


mary's loaded bacon and egg breakfast burger with gooey eggThe more Mary’s joints Sydney has, the better our hungry hearts will be. Mary’s unashamedly coughs up some of Sydney’s best greasy eats in the city, so you can expect its take on the epic breakfast staple to echo this foodie ethos in a very big way. It’s sledged up in a way that means your hands will get absolutely smashed in yolk and BBQ sauce, so yeah, licking your arm from your elbow to your wrist to clean yourself up is a must. It’s also packed with bacon, beef, cheese, maple syrup, and a hashbrown for good measure.

7th Heaven Cafe


bacon and roll stuffed with salty hash brownThis brunch mecca does a whole lot of breakfast bundles you need to work your way through, as well as one hell of a vegan take on the classic B&E roll. You can nab this one up with plant-based bacon, a fried egg, cheese, a housemade hash brown, and BBQ sauce (you can also add Beyond Meat beef and caramelised onion too). Prefer it the usual way? You can absolutely go for a roll with the real stuff on there too.

Stoneground Bakery

Annandale and Hunters Hill

We love Stoneground Bakery for a number of reasons. Not only does the team here make everything in-house, including homemade Greek biscuits (paximathia and koulourakia), they’ve managed to hone in on what makes a bacon and egg roll magnificent in its simplest form. The outcome? You get a no-frills breakfast staple you’ll no doubt come back for.

This guy comes out on Stoneground’s signature brioche bun with either creamy aioli, BBQ sauce, or tomato relish and the best part is, you won’t have to break the piggy bank open to down this moreish beast.

Mr. Cafe And Bar


bacon and egg burger from mr cafe and barYou’ll find Mr. Cafe And Bar on Balmain’s Darling Street, and if you’re here for breakfast,you’ll no doubt catch the morning flux of people queueing for a caffeine fix and of course, the standout brekky roll. This bacon and egg roll comes with a lot more structure than most, which means grabbing her to go and not getting messy is a possibility (win). Built with double bacon, cheese, tomato relish, mayo, and a soft fried egg, you expect this one to go down in the history of yummiest sando combos you’ve ever tasted.

White Rabbit

Various Locations

White Rabbit’s bacon and egg roll is king on the breakfast scene, all down to the fact that this behemoth yet simple tower will put you in a food coma for the entire morning (which we love). It’s just quietly been dubbed Sydney’s real “breakfast of champions” and we couldn’t back this more. Made with smoked belly bacon and neatly packed fried eggs, house bourbon-BBQ chipotle relish, and roquette all layered into a soft potato bun, you had best order this one up with a cup of OJ to really wash it down properly.

One Another


Should you be on the hunt for a bacon and egg roll like no other, then you really need to get yourself to Newtown’s One Another. This corner coffee haven, though unassuming on the outside, breaks some serious rules for the staple breakfast roll. Held together by a fluffy milk bun, the staples of this bacon and egg roll are split with a bed of pink mesclun, housemade aioli, and the runniest of all fried eggs.

Three Blue Ducks

Various Locations

The bacon and egg roll at Three Blue Ducks has been a long-standing crowd favourite for years now and yes, it’s almost offensive how delicious it is. Dressed up in chilli jam, slaw, citrus mayo, and the option to add avocado (do it), this non-conventional bacon and egg roll sets a new standard for the brekky classic. 

Quick Brown Fox


The menu at Quick Brown Fox features fanciful things like banoffee pie waffles and buttermilk pancakes, but if it’s a savoury breakfast you’re after— the bacon and egg roll here does not disappoint. Made with chilli fried egg, grilled Lucas bacon, and spiced tomato sauce on toasted ciabatta, it’s a perfectly balanced breakfast sambo. A gluten-free option is also on the cards if that is your jam. 

Three Williams


three williams famous bacon and egg rollWhen Fabian Muche, former head chef of nel. Restaurant joined Redfern institution Three Williams, he switched up the menu so you could make all your breakfast feasting dreams come true. Here, you can take the OG cheeseburger and make a B&E mashup. It’s stuffed with the absolute lot—beef, American cheese, pickles, onion, mustard and ketchup, and you can add on bacon and a fried egg. There’s a lot going on in this chaotic work of brilliance and that’s exactly why it works.

La Bomba

Potts Point

If you haven’t spent your Saturday morning diving into the goodness that is La Bomba’s bacon and egg roll while taking a lazy stroll down Potts Point’s leafy Challis Avenue—what have you been doing? The two go hand in hand and we’re not sure how they do it but the bacon on this bad boy is the crispiest and juiciest around town. Call yourself a foodie at heart? Then you need to try this guy.

Bowen’s At Orange Grove Markets


Bowen’s bacon and egg roll has gone down as one of the most legendary feeds in Sydney. You’ll find them at Orange Grove organic produce markets in Lilyfield from 9am to 1pm every Saturday. It sticks to the real essence of what makes a bacon and egg roll bloody great and has the tell-tale sign of an iconic Sydney feed: a hefty queue (but it is absolutely worth the wait). Filled with crackling bacon and soft egg, the best part of this experience looks like a self-serve sauce station where you can go to town (free of judgement) on tomato sauce, BBQ, and Tabasco sauce.

And here's your definitive list of Sydney's best food trucks.

Image credit: Mosman Rowers, The North Spoon, Cafe Free, Mary’s, Cafe Free, Mr Cafe and Bar, Kimberley Low

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