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Where To Find The Best Gelato In Sydney

By Christa Cahill
10th Oct 2016

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With the summer months fast approaching, and the days getting longer and hotter, what better way to cool off and chill out than with a frozen treat (or two) of delectable goodness? 

Whether you are a sucker for a sorbet, a froyo fanatic, or just want gelato galore, get your scoops at the ready, as just a few licks away is your ultimate guide for some of the best gelatos in Sydney. 

​Here are 9 of the best gelatos in Sydney. 

Ciccone and Sons


If you are looking for a delicious, freshly made dessert that will guarantee instant cold satisfaction, then head on down to the sweet hidden gem that is Redfern’s, Ciccone and Sons. Using Jersey milk in their gelatos for a richer and creamier texture, you will find it so hard to resist diving head first into the shop (we may have actually banged our head against the freezer window). The flavours change daily, which means every day is gelato day! Expect everything from pear and Riesling, lavender and white chocolate, cucumber and rosemary, and lemon and maple, or you can sample a strawberry, chocolate and vanilla classic. 


Crown Street, Surry Hills

Nestle in the heart of Surry Hills, why not go on an Italian adventure and make like you’re in Bologna. Made with passion, imagination and skill, RivaReno creates their artisan gelato and sorbets in their ‘laboratorio’. In keeping with the quintessentially Italian ambiance, why not try the Crema Fiorentina, a custard gelato with honey and orange peel, or the Cioccolato Fondente, a dark chocolate made from exotic red African cocoa beans? Go on, treat yo’ self. 

Gelato Messina

Multiple locations 

Gelato Messina’s aim is to make everyone happy, and they surely put a big smile on our ice cream covered faces! Made from only the best, real and fresh ingredients there’s a reason the line at Messina is always out the door. Lust over the white chocolate and hazelnut gelato topped with an even richer hazelnut praline, or dive into a sweet strawberry and vanilla gelato together with fresh strawberry jam. Gelato Messina also creates five new specials every week! So, it’s safe to say you might not be keeping to that summer diet. Sorry… 

Cow and Moon


You will be absolutely ‘over the mooooo’ with the deliciousness of Cow and Moon’s quality gelatos. Located in the inner west, this family run gelato and coffee bar creates mouth-watering and delectable flavours that will definitely tantalize your taste buds. Offering vegetarian, vegan, GF and child friendly options, you have no excuse not to pay a visit. From almond affogato, and balsamic strawberry, to salted banana caramel, and passion fruit cream, we don’t doubt that you will be coming back for more. Also, you can compliment your gelato or sorbet with a fairtrade coffee or tea. Buon appetito! 

N2 Extreme Gelato 


Not found the love of your life yet? Well, we have found the perfect chemistry with N2 Extreme Gelato. Using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze gelato right before your eyes, you are sure to fall in love at first sight. The nitrogen creates a smooth, fresh and luscious texture, which is enhanced by the delicious range of flavours. N2 prides itself in its shamelessly indulgent and creamy frozen desserts, so if you are looking for a full fat and super yummy experience, you are in the right place. You’ll find it hard not to salivate over the frozen crème brulee, or resist the honeycomb chocolate. Or if you are looking for something a bit more light and icy, why not taster grab a scoop of the peach and lime sorbet with a side flavour of matcha madness green tea? These delectable gelato creations will provide a whole new dimension to your gastronomy experience. 

Aqua S

George Street 

Sydneysiders. Welcome to one of Sydney’s best soft serves located in the CBD, which is perfect for those mid-work gelato cravings, or if you need to cool off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Aqua S is known for their adventurous flavours, together with the irresistible beauty of their frozen treats. If you are looking for something pure, fresh and exquisite, we recommend Aqua S’s signature flavour,  of the sea salt soft serve, which originates in Japan and literally tastes like you are eating a soft, dreamy, aqua-coloured, wispy cloud. How magical. Or, evenEven more fabulous, how about the fairy floss ice cream, which can be topped with sweet popcorn, and a flame-grilled marshmallows? Aqua S is the epitome of weird and wonderful. .

Bellingen Gelato


Natural and real ingredients, combined with strong and distinctive flavours are what make the foundation of Bellingen Gelato’s frozen goods. Truly one of the best gelatos this side of Sicily, you will be able to indulge in handmade traditional and innovative flavours. If you like pina coladaaaa, then you are in luck as there is a deliciously refreshinggrab the pina colada sorbet, which would go down a treat if you ever get caught in the rain (we just had to go there). With other the options of like low fat milk, fat or dairy free, or gluten free, you are spoilt for choice, fromwhether it’s chocolate and hazelnut, to Persian date and or bBurnt oOrange marmalade you’re on to a sure thing. There are so many luscious flavours to choose from that you’ll just want to taster them all. 

Pagoto Gelato & Waffle House 


Here at Pagoto Gelato & Waffle House, you won’t have any trouble hitting your G(elato)-spot with the delicious flavours and rich textures of these their icy desserts. Developing, mastering and perfecting their flavours, Pagoto Gelato’s dedicated team offers over 36 different flavours, of which half are imbued with the authentic Greek flavours of the Aegean. If you are feeling particularly sensuous, why not go for the hubba bubba flavour of rich white chocolate and fresh blueberries? Or perhaps indulge in the ferrero rocher flavour of triple chocolate mud cake (we sure did and there were no regrets). Now, this is not just a fabulous place to get your sweet gelato fix, as Pagoto also produces fresh coffee, feddocino and frappes to help wash down the frozen goodness.  

Gelato Franco 


Using real and fresh ingredients in his creamy gelato creations, Franco Riservato is the man who functions as the heart and soul of this classic Italian dessert parlour, which is situated in Sydney’sthe inner west. Decked with quaint tables that are decorated with fresh flowers, you are in for a truly old school gelato experience, this is gelato, old school. Gelato Franco’s cabinet contains a combination of flavours of both gelatos and sorbets, so you have the chance to dive into the richness of the can choose between walnut and toffee,  (topped with fresh walnuts), taster the delicate panna cotta gelato, or demolish the punchy passion fruit sorbet. It will rock your socks off. 

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Image credit: Claudia Schumuelli at Ciccone and Sons

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