8 Lake Houses In Tasmania You Need To Visit At Least Once In Your Life

By Jessica Best

Like NSW is the holy land of ocean pools, Tasmania is brewing mecca dotted with remote lake houses you can actually stay in.

And as Australia’s capital of award-winning lake houses located on glacial waters and with cosy reading corners, if Tasmania isn’t high up on you travel bucket list this year, you’ll want to give it a nudge. Because who doesn’t want to stay on private islands and roast up some marshmallows against a Nectre wood stove?

Here are the best lake houses in Tasmania for a swoonworthy visit in 2024.

Captain's Rest


Antique windows, an old jetty and a deep bath wirh unlimited hot water. Captain's Rest is truly something else. The entire property is a goldmine for morning coffee spots or a sunset wine and hey, if you see the local fishmongers rolling in, they'll always sell you a fresh fish too (bonus). There's not more to say, really. Just look at her. Book a stay here.

The Burrows


Okay, technically—not a lakehouse however The Burrows sports all the foundations of a stunning lake house stay with water views, fresh greenery, European appliances and those stunning, rustic, casement windows. There are mismatched shawls and pillows, wooden floors, suspened lights and an endless supply of little nooks to curl up into with a good book (and dare we mention the intimate bath house?). This beautiful Airbnb in Tasmania is an 1860s stone cottage that has been restored to open up the house to expansive views of Freycinet peninsula and Great Oyster Bay. Book a stay here.

Blythe River Boathouse


person in row boat on lake

Not going to lie folks, this is the type of lake house in Tasmania you’ll wish you had scooped up yourself. Blythe River Boathouse is a waterfront shack boasting all the wilderness vibes, from sitting right where the river flows into the sea, to backing out onto dense bushland, this super special property, which has been in the owner’s family for four generations now, is like something out of a movie (think Love Actually style when Jamie goes to his cottage to finish his novel). Not only are there all the lake house trimmings like large windows, a Nectre wood stove, a Chesterfield lounge and a clawfoot bath but you’ll also find an actual rowboat you can take out onto the water. Book a stay here.

Coldwater Cabin


rustic kitchen of lake house

Colourful, secluded and cosy as anything, Coldwater Cabin is offensively stunning. Picturesque at every corner you turn, this worlds-away Airbnb in Tasmania is tucked into The Great Lake, right in the middle of Tasmania’s Central Highlands. This uber-romantic accommodation in Tasmania is all about cosying up with a good read, taking a chilly dip in the lake and warming yourself by the fire, digging into cheese boards on the front deck and of course, sipping wine whenever and wherever you please. Book a stay here.

The Boathouse

Satellite Island

lake house

One of the best luxury Airbnbs in Tasmania? We’d back that. No doubt if you haven’t been to The Boathouse on Satellite Island you’ve definitely seen this one floating around your socials (and in our opinion, you should just take the bait and treat yourself). Satellite Island is just casually a private island which means when you stay here, it’s you and your crew only. The Boathouse gives you unlimited views and surrounds of sea cliffs, native bush, ancient blue gums and a whole lot of pebble beaches to explore. On top of this, you’ll mostly likely get champagne and smoked fish on arrival because when you’re living your best life, why the hell not? Book a stay here.

Pumphouse Point

Lake St Claire

At the absolute pinnacle of all lake houses ever, Pumphouse Point is a Lake St Clair accommodation you need to hit at least once in your life. Pinned as an adults-only retreat (we love it already), this gorgeous lodge sits on glacial waters and surrounded by Myrtle forest and if that doesn’t spell out a fairytale, we don’t know what does. Pumphouse Point is probably the only Airbnb in Tasmania that actually stops time for you, allowing you to try your hand on some electric bikes, go for midday picnics, take bushwalks and hey, even organise an in-house massage if you need it. Book a stay here.

The Crayshack

Flinders Island

small beach shack at sunset

A beachside getaway is always a good time and the secluded feels that come with it just make sense. While this one clocks in as more of a beach shack than a lake house, The Crayshack is still a winning Airbnb in Tasmania you need to hit. Located on the stunning and misty Killiecrankie Beach (which means you’ll get sweeping views across the entire bay), this beauty is the perfect barefoot getaway to hit with your closest mates. Here, the beach is your backyard, you have an outdoor bathroom, there’s a large wooden deck made for morning coffee, evening cocktails and nighttime board games. Book a stay here.

Aerie Retreat


Aerie Retreat is exactly how it sounds, a peaceful wilderness retreat everyone needs to book at least once in their lifetime. There’s timber hot tub (tear), a sauna and firepit so we dare you to say you won’t leave more relaxed than you’ve ever been in your life. Book your stay here.

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