What Is Sexual Wellness, According To A Sex Coach

By Ranyhyn Laine

Everyone is talking about sexual wellness these days—but what is it? Is it having a bedside drawer full of sex toys and lubes? Is it being completely comfortable talking about sex with your chosen partner? Is it knowing exactly what it takes to get your motor running? Well, according to certified sex coach Georgia Grace, it’s all that and then some, and we’re going to be talking about it more and more. 

Yep, after years and years of social, political and cultural activism, not to mention innovations happening in the sex product industry, sexual wellness is having a moment. And it’s not just that sex toy purchases are on the up (though we hear business has been booming since day one of lockdown—if that’s not an insight into humanity we don’t know what is), it’s also changing the way we understand and talk about sex. From masturbation as stress relief to normalising kinks, there’s no sex-related subject that’s taboo anymore, so if you’re ready to bring your vibrating wand out of its dark drawer and give it pride of place in your bedroom, now’s the time. 

What Is Sexual Wellness? 

According to Grace, sexual wellness can encapsulate a whole range of products, services and personal aspects. “People often thinks it’s about toys and lubes, but it’s really anything that’s going to make your experience of sex and pleasure even better, so that could be a product, it could be a service or it could be a dating app.” It could also just be about you—and your physical, emotional, psychological and erotic needs, when you’re alone as well as when you are with another. 

“On the physical side, it’s becoming aware of your body and what helps you become aroused. There’s also an emotional element—how do you feel when you’re engaging with sex, is it to connect, express love, feel joy, release something? Knowing what emotionally drives you is a big part of finding sexual wellness,” says Grace. 

Psychologically, there could be thoughts and concepts around sex that are blocking you from finding your groove—maybe you need to hack your mind to bring more sex positive thoughts and concepts into the bedroom (or the shower, the couch or wherever else you like it…). Finally, knowing your desires and what turns you on can give you an insight into the sexual person you are—and how to use that to find that sweet release. 

How Can You Improve Your Sexual Wellness? 

If you’re looking to get on board the sexual wellness train, Grace says there are multiple ways to broaden your horizons. First up, get educated. There’s been a lot of chatter about introducing better and broader sex eduction at a younger age, but sex education is just as important for adults. Try a sex podcast, get online, read a book—if the majority of your knowledge came from the sealed section of Dolly and your school mate’s secret copy of Playboy, it’s time to level up. 

You could also hit up sexual empowerment events and expos—there’s more and more on the calendar these days, both in person and online. Or, if you need a little more help than a podcast or inspirational speaker can give, or you’re struggling with something in particular, booking in a session with a professional like Grace might help.

Finally, let’s get physical. The sex toy industry is booming—there’s a product out there for every interest and pleasure point. Invest in a product that you like—and that makes sex even better. Not sure what that product is? Experiment and figure out what you’re interested in sans toy first, to help guide your choice. There’s no such thing as a shameful sexual preference—as long as everyone involved is consenting and enjoying themselves—before, during and after—you do you.

What Kinds Of Products Can Help With Sexual Wellness? 

Like we said, there’s a product out there for every physical and erotic desire, with more hitting the market weekly. However Grace does remind us that when it comes to toys and devices, it’s important to still include your whole body, that you’re moving, using sound, and touching. “Sex toys are there to make sex better, and level up pleasure, which you can do by bringing more of your body into into the moment.” So by all means, stock up, but don’t neglect the basics. That said, a few of Grace’s picks for getting down are below. 

We-Vibe Melt Clitoral Stimulator 

Cost: $179.99

This ergonomic-looking number surrounds your clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction delivered by Pleasure Air technology. Basically, the Melt will absolutely wow your nerve-endings, and can be used solo or together for epic orgasms. There are 10 levels of intensity, from gentle to mind-blowing, so no matter your level of sensitivity, you’ll find a sweet spot. This, and We-Vibe's other Pleasure Air technology toys, have helped some people with vulvas have orgasms for the first time, which is why it makes Grace’s list. 

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker 

Cost: $289.99 

This masturbation sleeve from Arcwave is making masturbation cool and removing some of the taboo around masturbation for people with penises. Also making use of Pleasure Air technology, it teases, sucks, and stimulates with eight different intensity levels for a big finish. Just apply lubricant and away you go. 

We-Vibe Weconnect App 

Available with a few of We-Vibe’s sex toys, this app is changing the game for couples and sex partners who can’t always be together IRL—a problem which might sound familiar to any couples locked down in different houses. Using the app, you can basically control each other’s orgasms—so open up the video chat and get down. There’s a whole range of toys that connect to the app, from this Couples Vibrator that can also be used together, to vibrating rings and rabbit vibrators

If you’re looking to stock up, here’s few of the best sex toys out there.  

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