Brisbane’s Best All-You-Can-Eat Meals

By Catherine Blake - 20 Mar 2017

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Bird’s Nest

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Navala Churrascaria

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With our current penchant for clean lines and minimalist design sometimes it bears reminding that less isn’t always more. The word is in: more is more and an all-you-can-eat repast is the way to go.

But where, how and what do we gorge on? Going all-you-can-eat on the Brisbane dining scene will take you everywhere from Chinese brunch, to the Korean coal pits and even a Brazilian bacchanalia.

All-you-can-eat is also a cheap and cheerful way of dodging the fundamental requirement of commercial transactions to pay for everything you receive, but this is no typo, no loophole, no heist. This is unstoppered access to as much chow as your hearts desire and a rare instance where the quantity doesn’t undercut the quality.

If you like the cut of that jib, you’ll dig on these incredible opportunities to dig in around Brisbane. Bib up.

All You Can Eat Tacos At Chingon Cantina Y Taqueria


As pretty much the only place to get a taco until midnight, Chingon is a gleaming beacon of hope for the hungry party animal (and perfectly situated for kick-ons at Brooklyn Standard next door). Their offerings champion hand-pressed tortillas and fillings steeped in the flavoursome history of secret family recipes. On Tuesdays it gets even better because from 4-7pm you can enjoy all the tacos you want for just $25. I’m no economist but I’m pretty sure if you pace yourself and crunch the numbers you wind up with more tacos in than dollars out.

Unlimited Wings At Seoul Bistro


At Seoul Bistro it’s all about the wing thing and they offer their crispy chicken wings in uncapped quantities and in no fewer than SEVEN different flavours including honey wasabi, peri peri and everyone’s favourite, Buffalo with blue cheese. This scorching hot deal goes for just $21.90 per head and includes some thin-cut fries, garlic bread and lemon iced tea because you’re worth it.

Bottomless Fries At Bird’s Nest Yakitori

West End and Fortitude Valley

There are few things that can restore hope and ignite happiness faster than a plate of fries except maybe a plate of fries that keeps replenishing itself. Previously a fantasy of Harry Potter fans, Bird’s Nest Yakitori has decided to make this dream come true. Simply buy one serve of the pirikara fries from 5.30pm and they will keep refreshing your plate until the clock hits 6.30pm. This is a perfect pre-dinner carbload to get you through the night and save you having to tap out early and flee to the Macca’s drive thru come 10.30pm.

Limitless Grill At Hanwoori Korean Buffet


This sizzling Korean BBQ buffet may actually be your deliverance (fair warning). The premise of DIY Korean BBQ is pretty incredible; load up your plate with as many vegetables and meats as you can handle and then cook it up yourself in one of the greatest interactive dining experiences since you made your own Play-Doh, but Hanwoori’s particular buffet of barbecueables is UNLIMITED and costs less than 30 litres of E10.

Neverending Meat At Navala Churrascaria


The pride and glory of Navala Churrascaria is their expansive offerings of Brazilian meat served Rodizio style, which translates to an unlimited meat degustation fresh off the wood and charcoal fire pits. There is seriously so much meat on offer your evening quickly becomes like a gambol through a butcher’s window. $53 lets you gorge on aged rib on the bone, sirloin, brisket, and pork belly with as many or as few sides as you please. Make sure you book though, this offer draws a crowd.

Endless Yum Cha At Sichuan Bang Bang


And here we thought brunch couldn’t get any better. Come Sunday morning and Monday’s impending arrival, Sichuan Bang Bang has just the thing to you’re your terror with a service of endless yum cha. From 11.30am–3pm on Sundays punters can rock around for a rollicking selection of yum cha’s greatest hits with everything from pork buns, Bang Bang Singapore noodles and Kung Pao chicken, to xiao long bao (steamed pork soup dumplings), and salt and pepper chilli squid. All that for $35 a head (not a typo).

Uncapped Carbs At Colle Rosso

Red Hill

With this latest piping hot deal at Colle Rosso, Tuesday is vying for top spot as night of the week. For just $22 and a cheeky drink purchase (or like five, no one’s judging) you can unleash the rubicund tides of Italian excellence with all-you-can-eat pasta AND pizza fresh from the Colle Rosso kitchen. 

Breakfast Buffet At Thyme2


It’s an undeniable fact of hotel stays that the buffet breakfast is the best part. The breakfast team at Sofitel’s Thyme2 understand this better than anyone and that’s why they offer buffet dining for every meal of the day. They also offer a la carte dining, but why would you limit yourself with such o’erflowing buffet fruit as they serve up every single morning? Their morning repast usually features fresh seafood, French-style cuisine and fresh patisserie made on-site for afters.

Cantina Y Taqueria | Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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