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Brisbane’s Best Cookies

By AJ James
13th May 2015

Sorellina  | Image credit: Daniel Maddock

“I spent $9 on cookies at Pamela’s Pantry the other day… It’s probably the best money I spent all week.”

And so ensued the kitchen counter discussion between a dear friend and fellow baked treat enthusiast about where to get the best cookies or, because #thisisaustralia, biscuits in Brisbane.

And to keep the standards high, the parameters were set—as good as a Scotch Finger is, they could not come from a supermarket. And, they also needed to be the type of cookies you didn’t have the know how, ingredients, or patience to make.

And so, here they are, Brisbane’s best cookies.

Pamela’s Pantry


You can be assured that anything they bake at Pamela's is exceptional, but the biscuit and cookie selection? Heaven, give us strength. You can’t beat a classic, so get a jam drop if they’re on offer—so sticky. So good. So Women’s Weekly ‘best of’. Take away packets? Too tempting.

Jocelyn’s Provisions

New Farm

And the classic hits keep coming! Sure, you can get a packet of biscotti or maybe some shortbread bunnies from their packaged section, but for my money a melting moment fresh from Jocelyn's counter really is a thing of beauty. There should be more melting moments in the world. 


Brisbane CBD

If you order your dessert at e'cco, then wait for patiently for say ten(ish) minutes... you will have delivered to your table choc-chip cookie that are fresh-outta-the-oven. And if you've ever made biscuits out of one of chef Philip Johnson's cookbooks, you know they'll be outstanding. Best order twice, so you needn't wait another ten. 

The Moreton Club

New Farm

My, oh my! If you’re ever off to play bridge, or joining a member for an event, stock up on everything and anything they bake and sell from The Moreton Club's kitchen. While not technically a cookie, the cheese biscuits are death row meal worthy.

Tall Short


Ok, sure you’re not specifically ordering a biscuit here, but the gingerbread babies that come with your coffee at Tall Short are cute, delicious and perfect for dunking. And if you’d like to eat a whole football field worth of them, you can get ‘em by the box full. And why wouldn’t you? They’re just so finicky you’d never make them yourself, and if you did you’d deserve a medal.



The guys at Brewbakers make the most marvelously sized cookies stuffed in bags to take away. Some are studded with fruit, some with chocolate, but regardless of the concoction you pick up, rest assured you’re in for a treat. If the cornflake ones are there, your choice is a no brainer.

Banneton Bakery


Stuffed with chocolate, caramel almonds and juicy little currants, Banneton's Floretines are the equivalent to royalty on this list. They’re like the Kate Middleton of the biscuit world. Refined, yet accessible.

The Baker’s Arms


Heck yes! Baker's Arms do the old Afghan biscuit—a cocoa centric concoction of a chocolate biscuit, slicked with chocolate icing and studded with a walnut. These are excellent for dunking, and washing down in milk.



This might well take the prize for best cookies in Brisbane, because at Sorellina they have peanut butter and choc chip cookies, and THEY COME FRESH OUT OF THE WOOD FIRED OVEN! And you can dunk them in a glass of milk for a few more coin. Seriously. 

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