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West End’s Best Margaritas

By Desta Cullen
19th Feb 2014

We here at TUL are certainly partial to a cocktail or two, but when they come from a stalwart like Sling Lounge in West End, are margaritas, and are designed to ease the pain of Mondays, then we are first in line.

About to celebrate their 8th birthday, Sling feels like one of those blink and you might miss it, hole-in-the-wall establishments (although, there is a big green neon sign out the front, so we might need to get our eyes checked out). 

It has a serious air of clandestine-meetings-cool, and would be right at home in any ultra-hip world city (of which we are one, in case you don't read the news), with a cocktail list that is akin to a literary tome of War and Peace's ilk.

Seriously, it's 33 pages long. 

So it's a good thing then that on Monday nights the decision has been made for you with their Margarita Mondays special. 

Now, here's the part where my not-so-secret margarita obsession gets tested: every Monday, the guys at Sling serve up more than 40 different margaritas to choose from, for just $10. #shutthefrontdoor #notatypo

Crazy (some say loco!) creations like the Charlie Manson with chilli and pepper tequila, or the Bob Marley Margarita with tequila, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and chai tea syrup are good examples of the lengths in which Sling are going to to help you pretend it's not Monday. 

Think about how many weeks you could stretch out the margarita testing for at the rate of only two per session (conservative yes, but we don't want the week to feel longer thanks to a Tuesday hangover).

Not a fan of margaritas? Then the tapas menu and regular cocktail list should be enough to convince you that Mondays are made for fun, no matter what your favourite tipple. 

And if you see me and I don't say hi, I apologise, but there's so little time, and so many margaritas. 

Image Credits: Sling Lounge, Simply Delicious, Jason and Shawnda

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