9 Of The Best Restaurants In Broadbeach

By Sally Coates - 15 Feb 2017

What if we told you there’s a single glorious Gold Coast suburb with ALL your wildest eating dreams?!

Cue doves and angel noises: it’s Broadbeach. Surfers Paradise’s sophisticated older sister has a restaurant, bar, or cafe for any occasion, and we’re here to tell you where to go and why. Here are our pick of the best restaurants in Broadbeach.

Social Eating House

Located on stunning Oracle Ave, Social Eating House is definitely not somewhere to go for a quick bite, for the simple reason you would not be doing it justice. If you go to Social, clear your schedule, strap yourself in and bask in the glory of European cuisine cooked to absolute perfection, a warm buzzing atmosphere and cocktails so intricate the mixologist personally explains them in detail. Social falls under the restaurant category of “first date with girl out of your league” or “meeting a disapproving father”, as in, you will look like an absolute baller when you pick up the bill.

The Loose Moose

A recent addition to the best restaurants in Broadbeach, the seasoned hospitality team behind The Loose Moose literally knocked our socks off when unveiling one of the most mind-blowing restaurant designs to descend on our sunny shores. Inspired by the illicit underground speakeasies of America’s 1920s Prohibition era with a twist of its Canadian cousin, The Loose Moose has an insane 130 whiskeys behind the bar and a too-hard-to-choose food menu to match, that’ll ensure one visit will most certainly not be enough.

The Loose Moose Gold Coast

Ten Japanese Restaurant

A zen garden in the bathroom, an interior so seductive you’ll wonder when you started being attracted to inanimate objects, and a menu so consistently phenomenal there’s a dollar in the swear jar for every course. One of the best restaurants in Broadbeach, Ten oh-so-successfully combines up-market style, mastery of Japanese food, intimacy, and aesthetics in all it does. Creating its own little secluded world to such an extent, you’ll check the time and realise you’ve been there, looking flawless in flattering lighting for four hours. But if you’re going to spend the night at Ten, you’ve gotta do it properly. We’re talking nine course degustation—don’t wear tight pants.

The Lamb Shop

If you don’t have hours and hundreds to blow on your next meal, head to The Lamb Shop for a quick trip to traditional Greece, where you’ll find souvlaki you’ll definitely souv-likey. Perfect for lunch or dinner, grab yourself a heavenly chunk of slow-cooked lamb wrapped in doughy goodness with all the traditional extras, including in some cases fries. It’s like when you go to Maccas and put your fries on your cheeseburger, but they do it for you! Reasonably priced with dine in or takeout available, you must try the Lamb Shop, and quickly—the lamb is so good they often run out.

best restaurants in Broadbeach

Gemelli Italian

If you’re a girl, you might go to Gemelli Italian just for the twin brother owners. Google them ladies, seriously. If you couldn’t care less about a cheeky perve, you’d go for the indulgent Italian menu, dedicated to those who have given up on counting calories. All the pizza and pasta your heart desires but a little, okay, a lot more impressive than your homemade spag bol. A hot contender among the best restaurants in Broadbeach, Gemelli flavour combinations are fantastic at delighting all your taste sensations, while also delivering meals you just can’t find anywhere else, in an atmosphere that is inviting to all. Gemelli is that perfect slice of Italian heaven Broadbeach needs, and is a safe bet for any occasion.

Mamasan Kitchen and Bar

Two words: Pork Bao. That’s it, there’s our review. That’s all the inspiration you need to head down to Oracle Boulevard’s latest addition. But in all seriousness, Mamasan is Asian fusion done so right. A wide range of Asian cuisine, an extensive wine list for the connoisseurs and a tranquil, warm atmosphere (as well as full books) that would suggest Mamasan has been operating much longer than it actually has. Impressively, Mamasan is also one of only two establishments on the Gold Coast to serve Veuve Clicquot’s newest most exclusive champagne; Rich. Without question one of the best restaurants in Broadbeach, Mamasan is the place to be, and the place to be seen.

best restaurants in Broadbeach

Aloha Bar and Dining

Aloha Bar and Dining is the first project of Exotic Pets Presents (brought to you by the brawn behind Etsu and Commune); whose concept is to take short-term leases in various locations around the Coast. Accessed via a non-descript Broadbeach laneway, the owners team got crafty with all manner of nautical knick-knacks and island-themed paraphernalia, creating a buzzing space with nooks and tiki-styled rooms that sucker you in to keep exploring. Just remember, this pop-up bar and eatery is here for a good time, not a long time so, after already five months in business, there’s high chance your days to act are numbered. Better hop to it!

Garden Kitchen and Bar

You may have noticed Jupiters Hotel and Casino is in the midst of a mega makeover; with its flagship indoor-outdoor restaurant, Garden Kitchen and Bar an exciting sign of things to come. We’re loving the breezy white-on-white décor and general leafiness while, come the weekend, the outdoor bar and patio morphs into a place to be and be seen. Hot tip: don’t miss the Hollywood-esque light installation illuminating the palm trees on the way in.

BiN 89 | Broadbeach

A stellar addition to the BiN empire, the largest family of locally-owned restaurants on the Gold Coast, BiN 89 has injected new life into northern Broadbeach’s established dining landscape. With its signature copper detailing, fanciful share plates, and killer cocktails, BiN 89 joins sibling eateries: BiN 232 in the newly revamped Pacific Fair, BiN 72 in Coolangatta, and, the original, Burleigh’s BiN 12. Yep, you’re now covered the full length of the Coast.

1two3 Mediterranean Dining & Lounge Bar

It’s 5pm, you’ve had a shitty day and you just want to drink without being judged for drinking at 5pm. You also want to be surrounded by your friends and yell across the table at each other like the squawking pack of seagulls you are. But you also need to eat so you’re not passed out by 7pm. Welcome to 1two3, may we get you a table? With a cocktail selection so delicious you’ll be inclined to politely tell the waiter, “one of everything, please”, and a simple yet satisfying Medierranean-infused menu, 1two3 has everything a social butterfly needs to spread their wings, which are awkwardly holding two cocktails.

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Photo Credit: Hayley Williamson and Brooke Darling for Metropolist

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