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5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

By Amber De Luca-Tao - 10 Jul 2017


After a long day of adulting, the last thing you’ve got on your mind is leaving the warmth of your own house – and God forbid, socialising with more humans. But when your colleagues ask what you’re getting up to this week, at least pretend you’ve got something cool on the cards. Hey, Harry Potter’s in town this week – well, sort of.

Just in case you feel like doing something other than catnapping, here are five awesome things to do in Melbourne this week.

Wednesday 12 July

Cocktail Masterclass

We all love being treated to a deliciously dangerous cocktail from time to time. But making them? Forget it. Well, if you’re tired of being a master of none, this week you can become a master of a cocktail or two, courtesy of the professional ‘mixologists’ at Spirit Station Pier. They’ll teach you the ropes and then when you’re done mixing, you’ll get to down to some mingling. Light refreshments are also included.

Where: Spirit Station Pier, 6 Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
When: Wednesdays and Thursdays in July, 7pm – 9pm
For more information, click here.

Bastille Week Festival

Bastille Day is recognised in French history as a time that revolutionised the way the French came to access and appreciate good food – that’s why The House of Wine and Food are honouring the week with a three-day-long festival of French-themed activities. The festivities include a Parisian High Tea with pastries from Agathe Patisserie, wine and cheese tastings and classic French meals served up at each of the lunch and dinner sessions. Throughout the week, each day’s menu is dedicated to different regions of France. Now, this is gonna be one tasty journey. Bon appetit!

Where: The House of Wine and Food, 69 Cruikshank Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
When: Wednesday July 12th – Sunday July 16th
For more information, click here.

Thursday 13 July

IRL Web Series

Living and working in the digital era has its perks, but it can also be incredibly isolating. That’s why the creators of IRL, Alyce and Haley began their ‘in real life’ community. Having made their own web series, they realised how difficult it was to meet emerging creators like themselves—and what better way to help make change than to be it yourself. Once a month, IRL host an event called IRL Web Series, where local web series are screened. As well as recognising talent, it's also a platform for budding creatives to meet and connect with like-minded individuals and those interested in the area.

Where: Loop Project Space & Bar, 23 Meyers Place, VIC 3000
When: 7pm – 9pm
For more information, click here.

Friday 14 July

Majestic Hawker Hawker-Style Pop-Up

There’s nothing like a good shrimp on the barbie –with an Asian twist? Say no more. The team behind Fancy Hank’s have been working on their Asian barbequing skills and are ready to bring us one fancy barbeque. For two days only, The Fancy Hank’s team will set up shop (and by that we mean a hawker-style set-up with good tunes and a roaring open charcoal kitchen) in a warehouse in Abbotsford. You’ll feast on the delights of their Singaporean and Malaysian hawker-style menu, we’re talking chicken wings, skewers and stingray cooked in banana leaf. There’s also an accompanying wok, dessert and drinks menu... you won't be going hungry, or thirsty.

Where: Majestic Hawker, 274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
When: Friday 14th July and Saturday 15th July, 7pm – 10pm
For more information, click here.

I’m Not Harry Potter

Not inheriting magical gifts from our ancestors or receiving a Hogwarts letter is something we… well, most of us can relate to. And so can acclaimed stand-up comedian, Gabe Francis. His comedy act, I’m Not Harry Potter, which we should also mention is his debut solo at just age 19, depicts the story of his life lived in the shadow of the world’s most famous wizard, the boy who lived. Gabe's the closest thing we've got to Harry and it’s one not to miss. Accio tickets!

Where: Speakeasy HQ, Apollo Theatre, 522 Flinders Street, VIC 3000
When: Fridays and Saturdays until September, 7.30pm
For more information, click here.

We've also got you covered for activities that don't involve human interaction... keen to find out what type of traveller you are?

Image credit: Hawker Boys | Griffin Simm

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