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5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

By Mona Chatskin - 15 Aug 2016

5 awesome things

Only two weeks left of winter, kids! So it’s time to stop mooching and get yourselves out and about. As always, Melbourne is providing an abundance of opportunities to get us all out of the winter slump. You can grab yourself a $5 lunch, celebrate International Rum Day, or feast on a five-course truffle dinner. Just your average week, right?!

Here are five awesome things to do in Melbourne this week.

All Week

$5 Lunch at THR1VE

The team at THR1VE have got all of our backs this week making it possible to have a super tasty, not to mention healthy, lunch for the bargain price of $5. Yep, $5 means that even if you over indulged on the weekend (didn’t we all) you can still eat like a king this week. Choose from favourites like the Bikini Bowl with grilled chicken breast and smashed avo or the Zeus Bowl with pulled bbq beef, topped with sweet potato and bacon bake, see we told you they’re delicious! You'll see why THR1VE is our first choice, not just the right choice, when it comes to what we put in our bellies, happy lunching. Grabs yours here.

Tuesday 16th

Rum Day at Saint Lucia

It’s International Rum Day this Tuesday, and Saint Lucia are taking you on a rum trip through South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Instead of just downing this spirit in your favourite cocktail, Saint Lucia will give you the ultimate insight about rum. From sweet to spicy, we’re sure you wouldn’t have tried alcohol like this before. For just $30 per person, we can’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night. And for an extra $20, you get some food to match your bevvies!

Wednesday 17th

Truffle Dinner at Estelle

If you’re truffle cravings still haven’t been fulfilled post-truffle season, we’ve found your solution. Estelle by Scott Pickett is hosting the ultimate dinner, filled with five courses of delicious truffle indulgence. From black truffle and parmesan risotto, to duck with blood orange and truffle jus, this is probably the most majestic feed you’d be able to find this hump day. And to make your feast even better (if possible), there’ll be a bunch of matched vinos from some of the best wineries in Australia. Snag your tickets before they sell out! 

Thursday 18th

Dal Zotta wine & Asian Test Kitchen  

Red Spice is back this week with yet another delicious test kitchen mix up. Asian flavours are being matched up with Dal Zotta wines – so you get to experience the ultimate flavour combos. Nosh on everything from scallop yuzu ceviche with whipped avo to crackle and crab-puffed pork skin, each with a specially paired glass of vino! And the dessert has us absolutely drooling. Peanut butter French toast with condensed milk ice cream and chocolate drizzle – so you’re as tempted as we are, right?!

White Rabbit and Starward dinner

There’s nothing we love more than a tall frothy or a delicious, amber whisky. That’s why we’re so excited that Starward whisky and White Rabbit beer have teamed up to bring us this delish collaborative dinner. To accompany your bevvies, you’ll be served pork and veal meatballs and crème brulee. Great booze and an epic feed? Sign us up!

Image Credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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