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5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

By Nathan Santamaria - 12 Sep 2016


All you can eat (chocolate) dumplings, alligator cheesecake, and Masterchef worthy desserts. Melbourne has delivered yet again and we are spoilt for choice with food and events to get you through the week.

Here are 5 awesome things to do in Melbourne this week:

All Week

Christy Tania Mystique Dessert

Ever seen a dessert on TV and think, wow I’d love to try that but there is no way I could make it? Well, this week you have a chance to try Christy Tania’s ‘Mystique’ dessert which honestly, looks like a work of art. If you can remember back a few years to an episode of the 2014 season of Masterchef then you might remember this dessert being featured when Christy was a guest judge. From Monday to Thursday you can head down to Melba at the Langham for a one or two-course meal featuring this edible masterpiece. Tickets range from $35 to $60 per person.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is kicking off this week! There are way too many awesome events in this festival to only pick a few so we thought we’d just tell you to check out as many as you can. Tickets range in price but there are heaps of free and family friendly events to check out. If you love independent art, comedy, music or are just looking for something new and different to do then seriously check out the show listing.


Unlimited Dumplings

Loosen the belt straps; we’ve got all you can eat dumplings. Its hard not to get excited when you see those words and if you’re anything like us you’ll want to lock in Monday night at City Orchid Gardens. For $19.90 per person you’ll be treated to all you can eat dumplings of your choice, including chocolate dumplings (yeah, we’re curious about those too). Make sure you book a table just to be safe.


Down In The Bayou Cajun Dinner

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your mid-week feed then its might be a good idea to check out Po' Boy Quarter’s ‘Down in the Bayou Dinner’. Channel your inner Southern American and experience 5 courses of traditional Cajun cooking and a tasting plate of Louisiana cocktails. The dishes are a quite adventurous, with shrimp remoulade, boudin two ways and alligator cheesecake, so make sure you’re up for it. You can grab tickets for $66 here.

Melbourne Central Rewind 91’

Anyone who stops at Melbourne Central Station on their daily commute would no doubt have noticed that something is going on there. If you’ve been curious but been in a bit too much of a rush to stop and investigate then let me put your mind at ease. This September, Melbourne Central turn 25 and they’re celebrating all month long with heaps of events and activities. This Wednesday is when it really kicks off though, with gift bag treasure hunts, old school movies playing at Hoyts and heaps of the shops and restaurants joining in with specials and events of their own. Check out the event info here.

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