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The 5 Best Spots For Go Karting In Melbourne

By Simon Cassar
9th Aug 2022

A person speeding past the frame in a go-kart.

Go-karting is a timeless activity. The almost child-like pursuit of speed and reckless endangerment is a thrill that you can’t (and shouldn’t) get driving to coles. With many tracks and karts around town, all with their own different bends and different levels of engine levels, it can be a little difficult to know where exactly you should burn rubber. 

If you live your life a quarter-mile at a time here are the best spots for go-karting in Melbourne and beyond:

Le Mans


Named after the gruelling 24-hour racing event in France, this Melbourne track has seen many a lap cut over its 20-plus years in business. Le Mans is located in Dandenong South, and its outdoor track provides enough twists and turns to really get the heart pumping. You can head here as a casual punter, or you can sign up for their pro-academy and even do their driver coaching program—don’t forget though, It’s serious racing here with super-karts maxing out at a whopping 80kmph.  

Phillip Island Go Karts 


Definitely the course with the best views, Phillip Island Go Karts is a 750-metre track that sits atop a hill looking out to Bass Strait and features spanking views of the ocean. With nine-horsepower karts and long bends, you’re able to really give it a nudge, giving you some of the closest feeling to real racing as possible. If you feel like just taking it a bit easier and taking in the rolling hills and seaside you can jump into their tandem karts. 

Ace Karts


With some seriously high-performance karts on offer here, including their Honda engine-tuned super kart it’s the perfect spot for the rev-heads. Ace Karts is one of the best go-karting spots in Victoria with its lengthy outdoor track providing plenty of tight corners and bends as well as a 105m stretch of straight road to really put some pedal to the metal. If you feel like just taking it a bit cruisey they also have their more laid-back rookie karts, which top out at a more manageable 40kmph. 

Auscarts Racing 


With a track modelled after world-class circuits, Auscarts is a front runner as one of the best spots for go-karting in Melbourne. Down in Port Melbourne’s industrial area, the indoor racecourse is protected from the elements and has a sleek underground feel with neon lighting and racing insignia throughout. The karts vary in speed and horsepower so you’re spoiled for choice, and the track is open until 9pm so you can sneak in a post-work spin. 

Karting Madness 


Taking out the title for Australia’s largest indoor racecourse, the lengthy track of Karting Madness has made it a favourite in the go-karting community. Situated in Braybrook, the track is adorned in motorhead memorabilia of yesteryear including retired race cars. The track features plenty of tight turns as well as long bends and dead straights and the team accommodates drivers at any level from season veterans new complete greenhorns. You can even jump into a dual-seat kart if you just feel like playing passenger. 

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Image credit: Goh Rhy Yan (Unsplash) 

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