60 Dishes You Should’ve Eaten By Now If You Live In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers - 14 Sep 2017


Melbourne is not just the world’s most liveable city, but it’s definitely one of the top food destinations of the world. But, of course, you know that, just like we know it, because we bloody live here.

Melbourne restaurants and café are dishing up some seriously good food, and it’s also innovative as hell on occasion, you’ve got everything to neon doughnuts, to Nutella burgers to high-end dishes that make the rest of the world envious.

So, with that, here are 50 Melbourne dishes that you should’ve eaten by now.

  1. The always impressive New England Lobster Roll from Supernormal.
  2. Hector’s Deli’s chicken sandwich, it’s the stuff dreams are made of.
  3. Dulce de leche soft serve from CHE. Yep, we see you nodding.
  4. Grandmother’s Ham from Fargo & Co.
  5. There are definitely no bad eggs when it comes to Good Egg, and you can’t go past the Scotch Egg.
  6. Australia’s only Kakigōri, which you’ll find at Supernormal Canteen.
  7. Tequila is good sure, but the deep fried tequila at Tacocat is better.
  8. The kulfi ice cream from Atta.
  9. Three cheese jaffles your thing? Bad Love Club do a great one.
  10. Melburnian’s go mad for raclette. Well, Smithward scrape it onto macaroni for a Rac n’ Mac.
  11. Melbourne’s best chilli scrambled eggs can be found at Sloane Ranger.
  12. In need of a fungus hit? The wild mushrooms and poached eggs from History Café are a winner.
  13. You’ll find no better breakfast than the Calentao Rolo at Buenos Dias.
  14. Get some fried chicken between two waffles at Gorilla Grill.
  15. Yep, you can get cocktails in a waffle cone at Lustre Bar.
  16. Japanese pizza is the latest craze in Melbourne. Get the ahi tuna sashimi pizza from Sash Japanese.
  17. Your favourite uni snack—Mi Goreng—can now be found coating fried chicken at West Footscray’s Phat Chicks Fried Chicken.
  18. Grab the Belgian waffles with chocolate and strawberries from The Waffle Press.
  19. Go California style with the Sunset Boulevarde from L.A Burgers.
  20. Gnocchi is the ultimate comfort food, and Vaparetto’s is a must try.
  21. Get some spag bol in a pie with the Bruce pie at the aptly named The Pie Shop.
  22. A good old fashioned Philly Cheesesteak from Sparrow’s Philly Cheesesteaks.
  23. We couldn’t do this list without the fried chicken ribs from Pōlepōle.
  24. Corn in a cup at Queen Of The South is a lot better than it might sound.
  25. The squid ink pasta at Tipo 00.
  26. Duck, and ragu. Two words that are meant to be together. 38 Chairs whip up an excellent duck ragu.
  27. Good old fashioned sushi from Toko is a winner.
  28. You can’t beat a classic. Get the magherita from Eat’aliano.
  29. On the vego side of things, Transformer’s curried eggplant is definitely worth an order.
  30. The Nutella burger is exactly what it sounds like. Find it at Nuts About Tella.
  31. The kingfish sashimi at Chin Chin is a bit bloody good.
  32. It’ll cost you, but the Meat Fruit from Dinner By Heston is quite an experience.
  33. Bread and butter goes to another level with the sesame sourdough with peanut butter at IDES.
  34. The Peking Duck from Flower Drum.
  35. Head underground with the tuna tataki at Izakaya Den.
  36. We couldn’t have this list without the legendary South Melbourne Market dim sim.
  37. The 12-hour roasted lamb shoulder might be slow cooked at Maha, but you’ll be eating it fast.
  38. The Xiaolongbao from HuTong is a legendary Melbourne dish.
  39. Take it to the top with the chocolate soufflé from Vue De Monde.
  40. Melbourne’s OG burger shop Andrew’s Hamburgers is a must visit. Get The Hulk.
  41. The spider crab taco at Mr Miyagi is a triumph of crabby goodness.
  42. Chips covered in cheese and gravy, yep, the poutine from Belleville is great.
  43. It sounds wild, but the snapper ceviche, kumquat and tigers milk from Hana is a must try.
  44. Mac n’ cheese loaded fries are real, and you can get them at San Antone.
  45. Not so much eating, but the PB&J shake from Dish & Spoon is something you should be drinking.
  46. The Oreo doughnut sliders from Left Field are a wild ride.
  47. Chorizo and cheese fundido is the perfect way to start a meal at Pablo Honey.
  48. The chicken and waffles from F.A.T Fried & Tasty is the perfect comfort food.
  49. Keep it classic with the steak frites from Entrecôte.
  50. Doughnuts from Queen Victoria Market’s American Doughnut Kitchen.
  51. Pretty much any pizza from 400 Gradi.
  52. The Merrywell Burger from The Merrywell’s reputation precedes it.
  53. Share the love with Cumulus Inc’s whole roasted lamb shoulder.
  54. Saganaki is our one true weakness. Hellenic Republic’s is a really great one.
  55. Bacon mac n’ cheese doughnuts are available at That Burger Joint. As good as it gets.
  56. Go a bit old school Melbourne with the spaghetti from Pellegrini’s.
  57. Do yourself a favour and order the toro from Minamishima.
  58. Where’s a pork belly option you say? Well, try the one at Red Spice Road.
  59. Tim Tam’s are an aussie icon, and Long Story Short have bashed them up and put them on pancakes. Give it a whirl.
  60. We may as well finish this list of with this writer’s true weekness—croissants. Melbourne’s best are at Lune Croissanterie.

Feel like burgers weren’t represented enough on this list? Well, here are Melbourne’s best burgers—that should keep you going.

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