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MONA’s Dark Mofo Just Dropped Its 2018 Line-Up

By Gen Phelan
6th Apr 2018


Time to belt out that Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel tune. Dark Mofo, MONA's darkness-embracing winter festival, is gearing up for another season of jett-black Hobart nights.

Since its inception in 2013, this beastly festival has garnered the attention of over 400,000 art fiends and just about anyone in Tassie looking for a good time. And this year's installations are set to uncover ancient solstice rituals, mythology, humans, nature, religion, darkness, light, birth, death and renewal. Sweeeet. 

For all you rightfully eager beavers, there’s a Dark Mofo Prelude weekend from 7–10 June. You can expect exhibition openings of ZERO at MONA, exploring the post-WW2 Zero movement. There’s even an orchestral quartet at the Port Arthur Historic Site, plus a literary and ideas event titled Dark and Dangerous Thoughts (sounds like us at 3am on a Sunday morning). 

The teaser weekend also features A Journey to Freedom at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, exploring notions of incarceration and emancipation through sculpture, photography and virtual reality. And yes, you will look fantastic in those VR goggles.   

But that's just a couple of quiches from the buffet of attractions at Dark Mofo’s fully-fledged festival from 13–24 June. To sample a few more, there’s a seven-night Winter Feast (um, yes plez), and four words to make you board the Spirit of Tasmania RN: late night party precinct. It’s dubbed Night Mass and it’s housing 100 artists performing across four venues, above and below ground, connected by an inner-city laneway. Nice. 

Dark Mofo’s Creative Director Leigh Carmichael says “we’ve pulled together our most expansive lineup yet, spread over three weekends and presenting more than 750 artists, 22 exhibitions, two opera companies, two theatre companies, one puppet theatre company, one orchestra, and a community choir.”

Whether you're going for the free live music or musings on the meaning of life itself, Dark Mofo has enough on offer to satisfy a small army of indecisive Geminis. Mark it in the calendar. 

The Details

Sixth Annual Mona Dark Mofo Festival
Prelude weekend
: Thursday 7–Sunday 10 June
Dark Mofo continues: Wednesday 13–Sunday 24 June 2018, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
For tickets and more info, click here.

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Image credit: Moorilla Gallery

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