30 Desserts You Must Try This Year

By Olivia Atkinson
18th Oct 2017

30 Desserts You Must Try This Year

We’re suckers for the sweet stuff. While some people wave away the menu after mains, we’ve chosen our happy ending before the meal’s even begun. Life’s too damn short to not do dessert and in light of this, we’ve found 30 of the best desserts in Auckland that you must (emphasis on the must) try this year. Go forth and conquer. 

30 Desserts You Must Try This Year

  1. Miann are constantly creating new desserts but the Caramelia remains a fave. It’s made with wild strawbs, lychee jelly and burnt vanilla creameux and is b-e-a-utiful.  
  2. You just can’t beat a tiramisu and Baduzzi is one of the best places in Auckland to get it. Theirs features Baileys, amaretto ladyfingers and chocolate cream. Delizioso! 
  3. Grab a spoon and go to town on The Blue Breeze Inn’s choc pot feat. rhubarb, coffee syrup, chocolate and more chocolate and it's one of Auckland's best desserts. Gold star if you finish it.   
  4. Salt fiends, make your way to Chinoiserie and get acquainted with their black sticky rice and salted coconut cream dessert. 30 Desserts You Must Try This Year
  5. The Fed’s pies need to be in your life. Select three from NY cheesecake, pumpkin pie, banana and toffee pie, and lemon meringue. It will be the sweetest three-way you’ll ever have. 
  6. Forget an espresso martini to round up your meal. Odettes’ espresso pannacotta with Tia Maria sponge is a total delight. 
  7. La Fourchette's sending us into a decadently sweet dream. Their iced nougat sablé, complete with peanuts, dates and orange n' raspberry jam can get in our belly any day. 
  8. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Big Fish Eatery’s baked cookie dough dessert walked into your life. This Auckland dessert is gooey baked cookie dough, dark choc, crunchy PB and vanilla ice cream… the ultimate dessert indulgence.                                                                                                                         30 Desserts You Must Try This Year
  9. Cibo’s pav is practically famous, and quite frankly the Auckland's best. Dive into salted caramel with peanut brittle or opt for the equally decadent tiramisu with masala caramel.
  10. Fall in love with Beirut’s brown butter cake. The white chocolate mousse, peach, honey lavender mead and milk combo will be a new one for your tastebuds. 
  11. Phil’s Kitchen changes up his menu on the reg so we suggest you go for the special of the day. Latest desserts obsessions include a Valrhona chocolate soup and a rather delectable homemade black doris plum sorbet with salted caramel and almonds. 
  12. An oldie but a definite goodie, Prego’s dolce di datteri sticky date pudding is a match made in heaven with vanilla poached pears, ginger ice cream, hot caramel and pistachio crumb. Devoured with a glass of cognac, of course. 
  13. Keep things chocolaty with Milse’s 62% satilia with brown butter and puff pastry. It tastes just as good as it looks. 
  14. Peanut butter parfait? Yuusss please. The Sugar Club plate it with poached rhubarb and treacle biscuit for a top-notch dessert. No list of Auckland desserts would be complete without mention of Giapo and his insane gelato creations. The Willy Wonka of the dessert world, Giapo puts a gelato twist on everything from poutine and dumplings. Rest assured, vegans are looked after with plenty of dairy-free delights—we can't get enough of the chocolate chip!
  15. No list of Auckland desserts would be complete without mention of Giapo and his insane gelato creations. The Willy Wonka of the dessert world, Giapo puts a gelato twist on everything from poutine and dumplings. Rest assured, vegans are looked after with plenty of dairy-free delights—we can't get enough of the chocolate chip!
  16. Everybody loves a sundae but Euro’s might not be what you expect. It’s a beautiful arrangement of peanut butter mousse, choccy brownie and salted caramel rice bubbles. Pretty as a picture and damn tasty, too. 
  17. Dessert on the go? Don’t mind if we do. Make a beeline to St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro’s ice cream counter and nab yourself a scoop of top-notch gelato. 
  18. Take the traditional Parisian route with Patisserie Vaniyé’s millefeuille. This dessert sandwiches Tahitian vanilla pastry cream between ‘1000 leaves’ puff pastry and the result is totes divine. 
  19. Olive oil in a dessert, you say? One Tree Grill do it and its genius. 53% dark chocolate, raspberry, macadamia, caramel and olive oil are meant to be together. 30 Desserts You Must Try This Year
  20. Kookie Haus, is providing some of the best cookie creations in Auckland! From cookies filled with cookie-dough goodness, to deep fried doughnuts, you will thank the dessert gods for this one.
  21. The best simple indulgence dessert combo (i.e. pies n' ice-cream) can be found at The Culpeper. Choose between all kinds of homemade pies like key lime and salted caramel, add your favourite scoops of icecream and boom, you've got yourself DIY dessert!
  22. Oh them waffles. Those ridiculously gram-worthy waffles. They're one of the best brekkie-slash-dessert-slash-snacks ever andyou'll find the best of them in Auckland! Whether you’re a maple walnut kinda guy/gal or can’t get enough of cookies and cream, Casa Del Gelato in Parnell will make your waffly dessert dreams come true.  
  23. Whoop, whoop! Devour a whoopi sundae at Whoopi in Newmarket. We’re digging the vanilla soft serve, caramel whoopi and gooey caramel sauce. 
  24. Hot chocolate pud is a classic and House of Chocolate in Takapuna has got it down pat. Dunk your spoon into a gooey pudding, drizzled in ganache and topped with ice cream and berry compote. Thank the dessert gods for such a creation. 
  25. Sweet eating in the city is made easier thanks to the The Pie Piper. Swing by their sweet little spot on K'Road and munch your way through a bourbon pecan or banoffee cream pie.
  26. If you’ve never experienced crepe suzette, 2017 is the year! This theatrical dessert involves dousing zesty crepes in Grand Marnier before flambéing it right before your very eyes. Head to The Grill and prepare to be amazed. 
  27. SPQR’s liquorice pannacotta is a legendary Auckland dessert. They've paired it with tamarillo and lime, so you’re guaranteed a tastebud extravaganza.
  28. The pure and undying love story of the ice cream sandwich is best told at The Dairy. Two soft, chewy cookies between creamy ice cream and a bit of candy floss for good measure. 
  29. You don't know custard 'till you've munched on Kiss Kiss' pandan custard. It's creamy, delicious and did we mention bright green?
  30. Giraffe don't do dessert by half. No-siree. Their, sorry, Simon's chocolate pudding with rose and vanilla ice-cream is a must-try. Got a bit of time on your hands? Then opt for their passionfruit soufflé which is made fresh just for you (hence why you need a 25 wait time to get your paws on it).

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