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50 Things To Do In Auckland Before The End Of Summer

By Marilynn McLachlan
15th Jan 2016

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It's sad but true—we're officially half way through summer. Don't despair that much of it has been soaked in rain, because we've come up a hit list of things to do in Auckland before the end of summer (even if summer never really began). 

  1. Set your sights high and have an ice cream, vino and cheese at the newly revamped Sky Café.
  2. Get your rebel on—Marge is coming to Auckland with her Rebel Hearts Tour, so book your tickets, stat. 
  3. Soak in the vitamin D at one of these spots
  4. Spoil your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner with these romantic things to do in Auckland.
  5. But if you find yourself single, wipe away the tears, and tick off this checklist.
  6. She ate, prayed and loved her way around the world, and now she’s inspiring Big Magic—don’t miss Elizabeth Gilbert at the Bruce Mason Centre.
  7. There are at least 50 volcanoes in Auckland, so how about climbing ten of them?
  8. Ditch the usual gym workouts and try one of these instead
  9. Experience some of the best theatre, dance, music and circus at the Auckland Arts Festival in March—book your tickets now. 
  10. Find out what is hot, hot, hot in the sea food scene at the Auckland Seafood Festival.
  11. Get your mates together, dress up, and head to the Nines for an awesome weekend of fun. 
  12. Save your pennies and go glamping at Castaways
  13. Take the ferry to Waiheke to drink wine, eat great food and take in spectacular views here. 
  14. Make Saturday morning your chance to sample these breakfasts you really do need to try. 
  15. Experience our fine city on speed on an Auckland Adventure Jet. 
  16. Get the family together on a Sunday for Day of the Familia at Mexico.
  17. Music lovers, it's time to buy your tickets for the Auckland City Limits Music Festival in March. 
  18. Eat your way through these 50 meals you should have eaten if you live in Auckland.
  19. Ladies, learn all about craft beer at the Ladies Masterclass at 16 Tun. 
  20. Laugh your head off at one (or more) of the acts at The Classic
  21. Wipe off the cobwebs on your bike and ride the new pink light path.
  22. While you’re in the mood for seeing the city, try some of Auckland’s best hikes and walks.
  23. But if that’s just too slow, then challenge yourself and start training for the Round the Bays.
  24. Ditch the protein shakes after you’ve exercised and chomp down on these cheeses instead. 
  25. Make the most of Taco Tuesday. 
  26. Experience American football as you never have before at the Southern Bowl. 
  27. When was the last time you went to the museum? Go and see what you’ve been missing.
  28. Eat dinner at home and then head out for chocolate dessert. We’re drooling. 
  29. Take the ferry to Half Moon Bay and enjoy a meal while looking over the harbour. It’s a slice of magic.
  30. Enjoy some tennis at this year’s ASB Classic.
  31. Tick off at least five of these cheap eats.
  32. Dress up in your bestest and enjoy the biggest polo event of the year. 
  33. Branch out from your local and work your way around these 30 bars.
  34. Choose a sports team and try and make it to every home game.
  35. Live in your activewear every weekend—you can even justify it
  36. Smash the avo at one of these hot spots. 
  37. Up your #selfie game with this list. 
  38. Make your way around Auckland's park scene with Movies In Parks. 
  39. Commit to an afternoon-long Sunday session at La Zeppa.
  40. Make your own lunch and eat it at one of these spots in the CBD.
  41. Make peace with your hairdresser
  42. Make the best looking cake of your life. 
  43. Gather your friends together for a picnic at one of these fabulous spots
  44. Head here, or here, or here for some great live theatre.
  45. Rethink whether your day job actually suits you.
  46. Go retro and buy something for your home from here or here.
  47. Nail those cool girl braids and, if you’re a guy, forget the bun and learn the braid too. 
  48. Enjoy a beer on a rooftop. 
  49. Print this list and put it on your fridge.
  50. Take pics and post them to Insta and let us know @urbanlistakl #urbanlisted.

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