Auckland’s Best Dessert Dates

By Ayu Fristiasa
3rd Oct 2017

Auckland’s Best Dessert Dates

Forget dinner and a movie, you want to woo your s/o, not bore them. We know you’re supposed to save the sugar till the end, but it doesn’t hurt to indulge a little earlier either. And we’re not talking about sharing an ice cream or milkshake. No, no! These desserts are anything but basic. Desserts are the perfect way to get to know your new boo, especially if they’re from these delicious Auckland eateries.

We’ve gathered some sweet spots around Auckland where you can share decadent dishes that will sweeten up the romance and that tooth of yours.

Call your bestie, reply to last night’s hookup… you’re going on a dessert date.

Elisabeth café


Elisabeth is as sweet as they come. This dessert bar knows exactly how to show you a good time with their selection of cabinet desserts and menu goodies. Tease your taste buds with a baklava crumble matched with orange blossom ice cream and fairy floss. Wash it down with a toasty s’more chocolate if you still need that sugar fix!

Dessert Dojo


Ice cream gets a makeover by the masters here at Dessert Dojo. Choose your weapon or might we say ice cream and watch it get transformed in to an icy parcel of tasty goodness. A selection of gourmet and classic flavours, you can also have it any way you’d like. 

Circus Circus

Mt. Eden

This dessert haven is home to the most drool-worthy of sugary treats.  Their Crunchie cheesecake might make you forget about your date for a split second but that’s okay, keep em’ busy by ordering a salted caramel crème brulee, too. If your date isn’t impressed just yet, share their big bowls of hot chocolate just in case you need your date more convincing that you’re a sweet treat too.

The Garden Shed

Mt. Eden

Snuggle up with your sweetie in this cute eatery. Nothing says romance more than getting hands on with do-it-yourself s’mores in an open flame. If that’s a little too sweet, grab your spoons and dig in to their baked to order skillet pear pecan pie. Or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, why not share a charming cheese board with apple paste and fresh fruit galore? Order a couple glasses of reds and you’ve ticked off the perfect date checklist.

Big Fish Eatery


Cookie dough lovers, you’re going to go cray for this. Big Fish Eatery doesn’t only serve up sushi bites, they also do epic desserts. Share this gooey cookie goodness with the choice of white, dark and green tea cookie dough. You know it’s brownie points to share with your date, but let’s be real maybe you do need one to your self. #treatyoself

Po’ Brothers


Po’ Brothers in Ponsonby may seem like another Thai fusion restaurant, but what you might not know is that they’re home to devilish dessert baos. Deep fried and slabbed with sticky sweet fillings. Try their cookies and cream or even their green tea and red bean if you’re feeling adventurous. Go on, you know you want to.


Gore Street

Giapo is where dessert meets art. And here is where you get to be the artist. Choose a selection of weird and wonderful flavours (did you say avocado ice cream?!) and dress it up with your favourite toppings. There’s no other way to impress your date than showing that sexy artistic skill of yours.


Britomart, Fort Street

Miann is always curating adventurous desserts with various dessert specials, you know you have to pop in once a week in case you miss out on a life changing dessert. Want to spice up your date a bit? Order their hot chilli chocolate for a sweet marriage of sweet excitement.



The dessert gods have blessed Britomart with Milse, the go-to spot of sugar creations. Crafted to perfection, let your eyes feast on the cabinet of ice cream cakes and tarts. Or, take a seat and be swept away with their charming service and sip on a sparkling house soda. Dessert couldn’t get anymore romantic.

House of Chocolate

Takapuna, Beach Haven

House of Chocolate’s Takapuna and Beach Haven locations make this your go-to dessert destination for all you Shoreians out there! It’s no secret why these guys made it to our list—offering pretty much chocolate everything, prepare yourself for a food coma. From banana splits, pudding and cookie sandwiches you’re spoilt for choice. Let’s just say it’d be a good call to wear your loosest jeans on this date.

Meet Fresh

Various locations

Taro balls, red bean and purple rice may sound a little adventurous and nothing like the desserts you’re used to. Forget your chocolate addiction for a minute and try out the awesome Asian desserts Meet Fresh has to offer. You can’t go wrong with their signature herbal jelly drowned in a coffee cream pool of jelly and taro balls, because what’s a date without a little bit of excitement, right?



One-of-a-kind cute cake creations, Whoopi’s beauties are a treat worth sinking your teeth in. If the sounds of a hybrid between a cake/sandwich/cupcake intrigues you, find this sweet store nestled in Newmarket’s Nuffield street and grab a few.

Dutch Delight


If you’re in need of Oma’s comforting apple tart to soften up a date vibe, Dutch Delight has got you covered. The epitome of comfort food, you can’t beat sharing a plate of the classic Dutch pofferjtes, dusted with icing sugar and drizzled with maple syrup. Did we mention they do a hella good pancake too?  We hear their custard pancake goes out the door quick.

The Dairy


I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! You know the saying, but we like it better sandwiched between some homemade cookies and maybe some candy floss with that too? Smack bang in the middle of Ponsonby Central, The Dairy is exactly that—a dairy with reminiscent childhood nostalgia. But to spice things up, try sipping on a hard shake or a spiked float…maybe a Donald float? Whisky sour with orange and lemon? Umm yum!

Doornuts & The Pie Piper

Karangahape Road                 

With doughnuts and pies to die for, everything is handmade with love at Doornuts & The Pie Piper. They come sweet and freshly baked, charm your cutie with a blueberry crumble doughnut or two (or maybe a dozen?!)

Chocolate Boutique


We can’t help but put this classic gem on the list. If you don’t have a childhood memory visiting Parnell Chocolate Boutique after a family dinner, you better get here ASAP and make up for lost time! A hefty menu filled with chocolate goodies, you can have it all by ordering an indulgent fondue platter. If you’re in need of some take home treats, a marvelous selection of chocolates await you by the cashier.

Sugar Shed


The Sugar Shed  is a humble little shed that serves up sugary sweets from the traditional goods to the latest and greatest.  If you’re another crazed doughnut fan like us, you’ll make a beeline to get your hands on their doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Also offering doffles—a beautiful hybrid of a donut and a waffle—you’ll send you and your date into a food coma. It really is the perfect excuse to head home early if you know what we mean….

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