Where To Find Auckland’s Best Op Shops

By Lisa Fromont
1st Aug 2019

Girl digging through a rack

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you that op shopping is the greatest thing since sliced bread—after all it’s short for ‘opportunity.’ And, lucky for us, the best op shops in Auckland are dotted all over the city.

Op shopping is on-trend. Why? There’s the obvious fact that everything is so damn cheap even Mr. Eugene Krabs—the biggest cheapskate of them all—would drop some coins for a bangin’ new outfit. Then, there’s the fact that whatever you buy, you can guarantee you’ll never see someone else wearing (which happens a lot in Auckland—why are we so obsessed with activewear and puffer jackets?). And then, there’s the goodness op-shopping does for your soul. Spending twenty bucks at a fast-fashion store does more harm than good and you’ll probably walk out with a single T-shirt. At an Auckland op shop, that twenty bucks goes towards the community, charities, reduces waste, and gives you bragging rights because—oh, these? They’re vintage.

If Macklemore taught us anything during his brief but incontestable reign over the radio, it’s that thrift shopping—correction, op shopping—is f**kin’ awesome. So, give your wardrobe a cheap-as-chips refresher and pop some tags at the best op shops in Auckland next time you find $20 in your pocket.

Salvation Army

Mt Eden

The Mt Eden Sallies is your go-to if you’re after a new wardrobe—and we’re not just talking about clothes. The Mt Eden Salvation Army store also has an entire furniture section and, if

you’re a good little customer, they might even deliver your new $30 closet right to your door! And of course, Mt Edenites being the tasteful folks they are, there’s plenty of dazzling donated numbers in the clothing and bric-a-brac sections.

St Vincent de Paul


Onehunga’s St Vincent de Paul Shop seems big enough to be two Op Shops in one—because it used to be—so it’s worth putting a few hours aside for. Work your way from the racks of cheapies all the way to their furniture section and you’re bound to find some hidden gems. Seriously though, ask any avid op-shopper in Auckland and they’ll tell you St Vinny’s is the real O.G.

Mercy Hospice Shop


If you find yourself window shopping in Ponsonby, good luck walking past the Mercy Hospice Shop. Their displays and expertly selected items are sure to draw you in and make you question why you ever bought brand-new. In true Ponsonby style, you really ought to wear your new retro scarf while sipping on an equally retro cocktail from Win-Win. 

Salvation Army

Glen Eden

This nifty thrift shop is a favourite for Glen Eden bargain hunters. The Sallies can be found at the foot of the Waitakere Ranges and, amongst their motley of second-hand beauties you’ll find the unique addition your wardrobe’s been looking for. If the Waitaks are calling your name, maybe you’ll be luckily enough to nab some second-hand tramping boots? Or at the very least a saucy one-piece to wear while swimming at Karekare falls.

SPCA Op Shop


There are animals looking for homes and there’s enough love in our hearts to home them, but what landlord in Auckland will honestly let you have pets? The good news is, the SPCA is on the job and we lovers of second-hand goodies can help them out. The SPCA Op Shop in Onehunga let’s you enjoy all the wonders of op shopping, with the added bonus of helping out some furry critters, so buy those shoes, girl. Top op shop tip: visit on their two-for-one Tuesdays for double bargains (imagine a winky-face emoji).

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

East Tamaki

The troopers at the East Tamaki Habitat for Humanity Restore make being an op shopper easy peasy bargain squeezy. Hit them up for a new bed frame and they’ll pick up your old one and deliver you your brand-new second-hand purchase. If that wasn’t enough reason to stay in your pyjamas, they even have a drive-thru for dropping off donations. But then again, can you ever really not go into an op shop?

Dove Shop


Possibly the greatest thing about op shopping is that fashion seasons can’t tell you how to dress. One of the best op shops in Auckland, The Dove Hospice Shop in Panmure has decades of variety, so they’re a sure thing if you want to go for a Flinstones-meets-the Jetsons combo. A skirt from winter 1999 with a spring 2007 jacket and enough coin left over for a well-deserved coffee? Heck yes.

Mercy Hospice Shop

Mt Eden

Snooping through the racks at the Hospice Shop Mt Eden is a must if you’re looking to snatch up some pre-loved designer items. Who knew you could look a million bucks for the price of a bus ticket? Conveniently, this quaint little op shop is right next door to Burger Wisconsin (and we all know food and shopping go together like Aucklanders and avocados). It’s one of the best op shops in Auckland. 

Wairau Valley Hospice Shop

Wairau Valley

We know you’ll never pay full price for homewares because Briscoes will always, without fail, have a sale on. But, spare a thought for some of the pre-loved treasures looking for a home at Wairau Valley Hospice Shop. The beloved op shop of the Shore has bric-a-brac galore, furniture and clothes that’ll convince you the people who donated them must be real chumps —who would give this stuff away?

SPCA Op Shop


We recommend you take a day to appreciate the furry things in life. Explore the racks of the SPCA Op Shop in Howick and leave with a boot-load (that’s boot as in car boot) of goodies that, to your dog, just look like a bunch of chew toys. But hey, at least your pup will be as excited about your purchase as you are! End your animal appreciation day with a trip to dog-friendly Cockle Bay Beach, and while your furry friend runs around you can reflect on what a straight up Auckland op shopping boss you are. 

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