Where To Find Auckland’s Best Vegan Restaurants

By Georgia Summerton
28th Aug 2019

Lord Of The Fries

The number of people opting for a plant-based lifestyle is growing rapidly and so the demand for vegan friendly dining options is higher than ever. Thankfully, the Auckland foodie scene is on-board and the options of vegan restaurants, cafes and menu items is more plentiful than ever before. Whether you're a long-time vegan or are just keen to try out a few delicious plant-based dishes, there's something for brunch, lunch, dinner or even a sweet treat. 

Here's where to find the best vegan food in Auckland. 

Wise Boys 

Grey Lynn 

Sometimes all you want is a big, juicy burger full of all of the good stuff. However they're usually laden with cheese and meat patties so it can be a challenge to find a vegan burger that measures up to the classic carnivore version. Step up, Wise Boys. This take-out style, hole-in-the-wall joint has two tables should you want to devour on the spot. Now take your pick from classic boys and fancy boys. On the classic boys list you will find the traditional style burgers like The Classic Cheese and The Spicy Mex. However if you're feeling indulgent then the fancy boys list is where you want to be looking. The Dirty Boy is our pick—a kidney and black bean patty, onion rings, smokey 'bacon', 'cheese', bbq sauce and Wise Boys garlic aioli. All plant-based and all delicious. You’re welcome. 

Gorilla Kitchen

Eden Terrace

What started as a sought-after food truck soon put down roots and opened their very own eatery in Eden Terrace. Serving up delicious plant based food, Gorilla Kitchen creates nourishing and wholesome meals that don't compromise on taste. The eatery is light and open with a welcoming vibe, the kinda place you could happily park up in for a few hours. Whether you are after lunch on the go, coffee and a treat or dinner there's no shortage of options. The cabinet is stocked with delicious quick fixes if you are in a rush—filled sandwiches, cheesy scones, sweet muffins and fresh salads. On the menu you'll find three-’cheese’ mushroom and pumpkin pasta bake, ‘seafood’ chowder and coconut curry ‘chicken’ pies, all completely vegan and out of this world delicious. Head down on a Friday night to get amongst their weekly quiz nights for a bit of competitive fun while enjoying some tasty meals and an espresso martini to match. 

Tart Bakery 

Grey Lynn and K’ Road 

There's not a lot that can top the smell of a good bakery in the morning. The freshly baked bread, sweet pastries and piping hot pies are enough to completely overwhelm the senses. Unfortunately they are usually off the cards for vegans due to traditional ingredients like butter and eggs. Tart Bakery is the saving grace as it is entirely free of all animal products and produces some of the most incredible baked goods in town. The fully stocked pie cabinet has all of the classic flavours—only made from plants. We're talking ‘mince and cheese’, ‘creamy chicken’ and the classic ‘sausage rolls’. If you have a sweet tooth then one look at the sweets and pastries will have you drooling—beautiful berry danishes, chocolate croissants, iced donuts and daily cakes galore. We guarantee you'll be walking out one very happy herbivore. 



Tucked away in leafy Parnell is Kaiaroha Organic Vegan Cafe & Deli—a unique and innovative eatery with some seriously tasty food on offer. You'll find this quiet spot off the main strip and down a wee alley, a destination for many plant-based foodies after a hearty fix. The company specialises in artisan nut cheeses, a deliciously creamy replacement for traditional cheese that they began selling at markets and now sell on site. The fully vegan cafe has an incredible cabinet range and cafe menu with so much choice you'll be spoilt. Expect dishes such as tomato and pesto tarts, pumpkin and sundried tomato quiches, ‘cheesy’ grilled sandwiches and an array of muffins, cakes and scones to finish off on a sweet note. Top tip, go with someone who doesn’t mind sharing because this is the kind of place where you will want to try much more than just one item. 

Chu Thai


Good Thai food is hard to beat, the punchy flavours, fresh ingredients and slurpy noodles really do hit the spot. Chu Thai is an authentic and humble Thai restaurant that serves delicious, traditional style meals, offers friendly service, affordable prices and happens to have a completely separate vegan menu. This makes it the perfect spot when catering for a group with both vegan and non-vegan diners, there'll definitely be no complaints from either side about not having enough options. You'll find dishes such as the bang bang cauliflower, battered tofu with crushed peanuts, steamed dumplings as well as flavourful curries and saucy stir fries that will absolutely blow you away. 

Café Mimosa


Cafe Mimosa is the perfect cosy spot for all plant-based foodies not only because of their delicious spread of menu and cabinet food on offer, but also for being as organic, fair trade and eco-friendly as possible. If you're the type who likes a sweet treat first thing then the tumeric and ginger waffles with vegan orange custard, spiced mandarin, whipped coconut cream and chocolate sauce are a must try. You’ll also find wholesome dishes like the tan tan ramen with creamy sesame broth and other constantly changing special menu items. If you're on the go then the cabinet is where you want to be looking, you’ll find vegan subs, daily muffins, decadent cakes and tarts among the array of treats to grab and go. 



It's a well kept secret that one of Auckland's best dessert destinations caters very generously to the vegan and dairy free community. While ice-cream is traditionally made from dairy, finding the same creaminess in a vegan option can be a challenge and Giapo have absolutely nailed it. Their creations of incredibly delicious flavour combinations are beautifully presented and with a whole vegan menu everyone is able to indulge. You'll find a selection of ice-creams, served in a cup or waffle cone including flavours like coffee and hazelnut, creamy coconut chocolate chip and feijoa and almonds. If you're feeling more extravagant the sculptural add ons will elevate your ice-cream to new heights. Try the sourdough doughnut, colossal squid or Auckland sky tower—making your ice-cream into a piece of edible art work that is so beautiful you won’t want to eat it (but your tastebuds will be very glad once you do). 



Tucked away in Kingsland you'll find a sweet little spot that offers beautiful wholefood meals in a relaxed and pretty setting. Although not fully vegan, the mostly plant-based eatery has a courtyard decorated with lush green vines, comfy couch style seating and plenty of tables to fit larger groups. Monday’s is a great place for functions and events, as well as any catering needs you might have, or simply pop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner to get a taste of the incredible food served. The citrus waffles with lemony coconut ambrosia, fresh citrus, vegan meringue and chocolate sauce make for a sensational breakfast. If you're feeling more savoury then the barbeque jackfruit sliders are a real win—slow braised barbeque jackfruit with coleslaw, smoked paprika aioli and alfalfa sprouts. Oh, and we have to give a special mention to the toasties... The plant-based option is made up of vegan cheese, spinach, tomatoes and aioli, sometimes it really is the most simple things. 

The Midnight Baker

Dominion Road

What started out as a humble loaf of bread made from wholesome and nutritious ingredients, has grown into a sweet little cafe and bakery. The Freedom Loaf was the solution to enjoying bread without the common reactions like eczema or poor digestion. The Midnight Baker now applies this to all of the food created in the cafe, with an entirely plant-based kitchen. The small but delicious menu offers breakfast-styled meals, as wholesome as they are tasty. The small plates menu has a cashew cheese toastie with chilli fermented feijoa, house pickles and seasonal greens, as well as the almond ricotta on toast with pickled rhubarb, radish, rose jam and pink pepper. If you're slightly more hungry then the big plates menu has options like the corn tortillas with pulled jackfruit, crispy cauliflower, pickled red onion, fermented salsa verde and nasturtium aioli. There's no need to sacrifice health with taste when feasting here. 

The Butcher’s Son

Herne Bay

Nestled on Herne Bay’s Jervois Road is plant-based eatery, The Butcher’s Son. The talented team are determined to do their part to make the world a better place with their mission being to serve food that is “delicious on your tastebuds, easy on your conscience, and better for the environment”. Their entire menu is made without any animal products, their takeaway packaging is biodegradable, and they proudly support local produce suppliers. The warm interior has a green theme to suit the menu, which allows you to feel relaxed knowing you’re doing no harm at The Butcher’s Son. Start off your visit with a refreshing beverage—try a cold-pressed homegrown apple or orange juice, or switch it up and grab a raw energy or coco-chia smoothie. They also have a classic coffee menu, wine and cocktail list, and beers on tap. As for food, take your pick. Mozzarella sticks, shitake mushroom and crispy pork bao buns, tacos and nachos, beet burgers, and sunfed chicken miso slaw burgers too. For dessert, try the cruelty-free chocolate fondant, or waffles and nice cream to end the sitting. 


Herne Bay

Introducing the vegan community’s favourite Japanese hangout, Janken. The humbled interior welcomes you as you step through the door, greeted by wooden tables, clean walls, and friendly staff. Grab a shared starter to begin, the edamame, eggplant nibitashi, tsukemono, and organic tahini tofu are all vegan and gluten-free. Follow with steamed buns with miso eggplant or tofu, or the delicious vegetable tempura. Moving down the menu is the chance to get your vegan sushi hit. The vegetable roll is filled with fresh vegetables and served with a seasonal salad and ‘gama’ sesame sauce. Don’t think it ends there because the shojin dishes are all fair game too. Organic tofu with goma sauce, creamy vegetable hot pot, and tantan udon noodles are all meat-free and cruelty-free but still pack a flavoursome punch. End your Japanese trip with Janken’s infamous macrobiotic desserts. They change daily and are white sugar, white flour, gluten, dairy, and egg free. From chocolate cake to matcha green tea cake, every dessert is guaranteed to be delicious, and who can resist a no-guilt sweet treat?

Sunflower Thai Restaurant


The sunflower interior inside High Street’s Sunflower Thai Restaurant is sure to lift your spirits as you enter through the double doors. The tiled yellow flowers along the counter are a positive sign of kindness to the earth at the vegetarian and vegan restaurant. The menu is a cheap and cheerful veggie twist on traditional Thai dishes. In fact, the food is so good it can turn any meat-eater into a regular Sunflower diner. The drink list has concoctions to kick your cold, like the ginger and orange reviver, or for the all-rounder health junkie, try the juice packed with five greens. Sunflower, of course, has an extensive tea-list too, with specialities such as smoked plum, and brown sugar ginger tea. As for the food, if you love Thai cuisine look no further. Their Thai green curry, tom yum kung, and crispy fried 'chicken' all live up to the traditional Thai dishes, minus the animal products. Sunflower has you covered for your lazy evening takeaway cravings, or dine in, in your track pants.



Here’s a little secret: one of Auckland’s most well-known restaurants actually has a set vegan menu. Quay Street’s Ebisu serves up contemporary Japanese cuisine in a luxurious way. The sun shines through over the Auckland Harbour into the black, brown, and white interior of the glass restaurant. With impeccable service, Ebisu caters to vegans with a separate set dinner menu designed especially for plant-eaters. For starters you’ll be served smoked sea salt edamame, tofu and wakame seaweed miso, and housemade pickles. Follow with avocado vegetable rolls and tempura, miso-glazed eggplant, and asparagus with yuzu hollandaise. The final savoury dish is teriyaki tofu with black miso jam and a shredded cabbage salad. Every dish is matched individually with a Sake to complement the flavours and ingredients. For the finale, raspberry sorbet and blueberry coulis. The menu remains elegantly in-line with the traditional non-vegan Ebisu menu and keeps vegans feeling included at the table.

Petra Shawarma


If a taste of the Mediterranean is what you’re after, Petra Shawarma has your vegan needs covered.  The Kingsland eatery stays true to the classics, offering both meat and vegan options. Inside, Petra Shawarma has a relaxed, homely feel about it, with Mediterranean art covering the walls and comfy wooden chairs and tables to dine at. Eight out of the nine starters are vegan, with the invitation to go tapas-style for your entrees. Hummus, tabouleh, fatoush, baba ganoush, and falafel are crowd favourites. For mains, opting for the vegetarian menu over the ordinary one allows for almost every item to be made vegan. On the menu, you’ll find flavoursome dishes such as falafel on rice with hummus, chilli dressed petra shaw and fatat eggplant with fresh bread and eggplants. Or try it all with the mixed platter including falafel, hummus, salad, and petra bread. To top it off, all the desserts are vegan as well. From the baklava—filo pastry filled with nuts and sweet syrup, to the Arabic pistachio ice cream there's something for everyone. 

Big Sur

Grey Lynn

Grey Lynn resident, Big Sur, pride themselves on using fresh, homegrown produce, and thus have created an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu. The eatery’s interior has a relaxed and warm feel, with soft lighting to soak away your stress from the day. An outdoor courtyard at the rear of the restaurant allows diners a sunny spot to hang out. The menu incorporates cultures from across the globe. From the kimchi bowl full of hot and sour broth, rice vermicelli noodles and tofu to the Turkish garden of cabbage cups packed with pumpkin seed falafel, red quinoa, charred corn, and cumin tahini dressing. If you’re looking for more of a classic dish, the good morning granola is a favourite amongst diners. Nuts, seeds, and grains in a spiced apple sauce and seasonal fruit to start your day the right way. Pro tip—grab one of Big Sur’s matcha or turmeric lattes on the side, your body will thank you.

Lord of the Fries


If you're after classic fast-food that tastes a lil naughty then look no further than Lord of the Fries. This plant-based joint has you covered for the hang-over feed or ultimate cheat meal. Featuring all the classics—cheese-burgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers—except all free of animal products of course. The take-away style makes for a quick and easy meal to pick up on your way home to devour on the couch for maximum treat yo’self vibes. Our pick is the poutine, combining their award-winning gravy and cheese-laden fries with fakin’ bacon, a vegan beef patty, onion and garlic mayo. Top off your meal with a side of nuggets, onion rings and a shake to really get the full experience. 

Green Time


Rated one of the top vegan restaurants in Auckland, you'll find Green Time on Fort Street. The Asian fusion restaurant serves up burgers, salads, acai bowls and the likes, all while focusing on sustainability and health. The eco-conscious, low-carbon eatery aim for zero food waste, compostable packaging, plant-based products only, and even has a compost bin out the back. Start your meal with sliders to share and decide between ‘pulled pork’, crispy ‘schnitzel’, smokey tofu and Mexican black bean and beetroot. All their ‘meat’ is completely animal product free, but just as delicious. The menu is organised into different cultural meals, from the noodle station to the Mexican coco-land full of tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and their to-die-for guacamole. Keep cool with one of Green Time’s traffic light smoothies. Red will get you strawberries, raspberries, beetroot, and apple. Orange is full of orange, ginger, carrot, and banana. And green is a classic green drink with kale, apple, kiwifruit, and banana. If you’re looking to try something a bit different, opt for the kombucha float, with vanilla and coconut ice cream, or warm up with a Mexican chilli hot choc.


Auckland City

Adding to the list is Revive, with two convenient locations on Lorne St and Wyndham St. Founder Jeremy Dixon opened Revive after he experienced a ten-day health retreat in 2003, discovering how beneficial and enjoyable feeding your body nutritious foods is. Jeremy lives off eight basic keys to living a healthy life—exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, trust, and most importantly nutrition. The great thing about Revive is the fresh food menu changes everyday, with the full week’s menu available on their website. The salad bar is stocked with dishes like Vietnamese charcoal infused vermicelli, leek and pesto chickpea salad, salsa verde potatoes, and purple bulghur salad with edamame. While the three daily hotpots are filled with anything from French bean cassoulet or curried kumara cake with cashew cheddar to sweet and sour tofu or Mediterranean silkin roast potatoes. The café is all about comforting home cooked meals, we suggest picking a couple of cold salads to refresh you, a hot box dish to warm your stomach, and a side of hummus and rice. Served with their smoothies, an Honest Pina Colada or Summer Tropical Chia, to wash it all down. 

Little Bird Organics


Little Bird Organics is one of the OG vegan spots around town. Creators Megan and Jeremy were inspired by the international quality and variety of organic foods and cafes, paired with Megan’s number of food allergies (gluten, sugar, dairy) the pair wanted to bring raw nutritious and delicious treats to Auckland. This was back in 2012, nowadays Little Bird is super popular. The eatery’s menu aims to cater to most allergy-sufferers but still remain as tasty as ever. The cabinet includes gluten-free, refined cane sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, and soy-free products, while the day and evening menus are all prepared fresh and in house. Little Bird likes to get creative with substitutes like coconut bacon, mushroom and walnut mince, chickpea eggs, and cashew hollandaise and aioli. As well as great food, Little Bird has great drinks to match. All of their housemade beverages are equally good for you, from the caramel maca chocolate shake to strawberry goji nut milk.

Image credit: Lord Of The Fries, The Butcher's Son, Big Sur

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