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Where To Eat In Auckland If You’re Gluten Free

By Nina Franklin
19th Feb 2018

Where To Eat If You're Gluten Free

Ten years ago no one knew what the word gluten even meant. These days every man and his dog has a gluten intolerance and nooooo it’s not just a trend. It’s a real thing.

Don’t fret though friends. We know it can be a giant pain to find somewhere to dine that has your tummies best interests at heart (or stomach?) But Auckland does happen to have a growing number of establishments that have super dooper gluten-free menus. We’ve looked high and low and we’ve scouted the best places to eat if you’re gluten-free, because there’s no need to miss out

So, get ready to indulge in some seriously delicious and tummy friendly food.



You’ll find all the cool kids on the block—the ones who are all about the healthier side of life—dining at Pintu in Ponsonby. This salad and sandwich bar makes it easy for those with gluten intolerances, with its make-your-own menu. If you’re not a fan of making your own, then you can choose from items like coconut chia pudding and a range of salads. Yummo.


Auckland City 

We really feel for those gluten-free peeps who can’t enjoy a Japanese meal, with limited places offering gluten-free options. Unknown to many, Masu offers an entirely gluten-free menu, so you can save yourself the hassle of working through the entire menu to figure out what you can and cannot eat. Talk about effortless dining.

Green Leaf Organics


A hot spot for health nuts, Green Leaf Organics welcomes gluten-free goers with open arms. Residing in Kingsland, this white-walled industrial space shows the clean approach the team has to eating and living. With a menu offering gluten-free, vegan and organic food, rest assured your tummy will be thanking you later—think chia puddings, acai bowls, grain free granola and a delicious lunch menu.


New Lynn

For those residing out west, Ethos Café is going to be your gluten-free fav. Specialising in vegan and organic food, you’re bound to find something to suit. Our pick of the bunch is the ‘Ethos Hash Potatoes’, serving up a feast of fried paprika potatoes, grilled halloumi, kale and sunny-side up eggs (gluten-free option available of course). Coffee lovers can enjoy a fair trade coffee, with the café using Flight coffee beans.  

The Midnight Baker

Mt Eden

Finally, a place that serves gluten-free toast that actually tastes good. The much sought-after Midnight Baker bread now serves up the goodness at its very own Midnight Baker Café. All toppings are gluten, wheat, dairy & refined sugar-free, and did we mention vegan? Excluding the optional egg, of course.

The Flaming Onion


Sometimes you just want a good old fashion burger, but sadly for some, your stomach just won’t allow you to indulge in a greasy, cheesy, meat fest. Well now burger eaters can rejoice. The Flaming Onion in Northcote offers any kind of burger you could hope for (there’s even one for vego’s), with a range of gluten free buns. You can now abolish those burger cravings and keep your tummy happy too. Winning.

Geeks on Sainsbury 


While we love Geeks on Sainsbury for its coffee and bagels, we can't go past their epic gluten-free feasts. Their eggs bene (choose between Pokeno bacon, Aoraki smoked salmon and pan-fried tofu) comes with a gluten-friendly layered agria potato or a moreish pork salad. Think sunflower seed-crusted pork, house made chutney, shredded apple and roquette salad on roasted veggies. The rest of their menu is pretty damn dope too. 

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

You may find it difficult to nab a table at Dear Jervois on the weekend, being a popular spot among Ponsonby locals. One of the first in the field to enter the health fad scene, Dear Jervois is still going strong. Boasting a menu full of gluten-free and dairy-free options, it’ll make eating out a breeze. Our mouth is watering at the gluten-free waffles topped with bacon and caramelised banana. Who said eating gluten-free had to be healthy? Go on, indulge a little.

The Chip Shop

Royal Oak

Say hello to summer picnics on the beach eating fish and chips. The Chip Shop in Royal Oak offers a full gluten-free menu so you can have your fish and eat it too. And all this without breaking the bank: it’s only an additional $1.10 for the gluten-free orders.



Mondays wholefood bar and kitchen is alllll about the healthier side of life. Tucked away down a little driveway on the main stretch of Kingsland. This super hip, new age establishment is almost completely vegetarian, with the exception of seafood. They also offer dairy-free, vegan, paleo, refined sugar-free and you guessed it…. Gluten-free options. Monday’s also doubles as a yoga studio. So you can go get your OM on, have a bite to eat afterward and finish up with a freshly made smoothie or cold pressed juice. The perfect weekend retreat, without even having to leave the city.

Woodside Cafe


Hold the phone because this little Birkenhead gem is 100% gluten free! Yep, you heard it right. Not only does Woodside cafe offer a completely gluten-free menu, but they also have paleo, sugar-free and dairy-free options. Their produce is grown in their family gardens, as is their honey, partly sourced from their family hives. And what they don’t grow themselves they source from New Zealand suppliers. Set up in a quaint little villa, with lots of white tones and greenery, it's a beautiful spot. You’ll feel ever so relaxed in this space while you enjoy a meal that is good for your soul— and your tummy.


Karangahape Rd

This hip little café is all about the snug life— as well as healthy eating. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Revel café is the perfect place to snuggle up and enjoy a delicious meal. Grab a blanket and sit out on K Rd for a bit of people watching, or pull up a sofa inside and choose a meal from their delectable menu. Revels menu includes gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and paleo options. They're a self- proclaimed environmentally friendly café, supporting fair trade, being biodegradable and making your meals with free-range produce. But the best part? They recently installed a food bank inside, which enables customers to donate food to be distributed to the less fortunate. 

Little Bird Organics and The Unbakery

Ponsonby | CBD

Ever get miffed that being gluten-free you can never eat from a bakery? Not to worry, because Little Bird has evolved the art of baking with their “Unbakery.” Everything they sell in their bakery section is raw, gluten free, dairy free, refined cane sugar-free and vegan! We’re talking cheese cakes, slices, macaroons—you name it. And you’d be surprised at how delicious these recipes are. Not to mention, they’re on the healthier side of things. Little Bird is also a café with a full menu offering the same healthy alternatives to some of your favourite dishes. It's the perfect brunch date location for a super delicious meal and somethin’ sweet after— they even do take away, so you can indulge at home (guilt-free) later.



If you’re lookin’ to dine somewhere a little more upmarket but still conscious of your tummy's needs, then Prego restaurant is the place to visit. Prego is situated on Ponsonby Road and offers an authentic Italian menu with many tasty gluten-free options. Some of the dishes include crispy skin duck breast with puy lentil ragu, mushroom, wilted spinach and orange. Ora King salmon, ponzu vinaigrette, pickled fennel and anise Crème Fraiche and a pea risotto with pancetta, mint, pecorino romano and mascarpone. Delizioso!

Al Volo Pizza

Eden Terrace

Al Volo has some of THE BEST pizza in Auckland! And praise the food gods, because they offer gluten-free bases for all of them. Their pizza menu is extensive and is perfectly Neapolitan, with simple and fresh ingredients. All the pizza sizes are 33 cm and perfect for one person or try a selection of pizzas and have a pizza party with your friends. And, if you’re not up to getting out of your PJs they offer delivery for you little coucpotatoesos!

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