10 Of The Best Restaurants In Perth That Deliver

By Anna Franklyn
24th Jun 2016

Food Delivery Perth

You love eating out, we know you do, but some nights you just want to sit in your pyjamas and avoid the cold harsh reality of rainy winter nights in Perth. Other nights, you invite friends over for one drink before dinner and before you know it you can’t drive anywhere but you still need to eat dammit! So while takeaway restaurants in Perth are good and all, restaurants that deliver quality food straight to your door take the cake.

So while we wait for UberEATS to grace the streets of Perth, check out these 10 restaurants offering food delivery in Perth. Keep in mind most of these places deliver to the surrounding suburbs only so find a friend who lives close by or move house #worthit.

Six Senses


There are plenty of Thai restaurants in Perth who deliver but Six Senses is a step above the rest. The food is so fresh and jam packed full of vegies so you’ll feel all full of health after polishing off your dinners. You’ll want to order the betel leaf entrée, the king prawn pad thai and all of the curries. But most of all, you can’t miss the coconut rice which tastes like dessert but is totally acceptable to eat with your mains.

Deen St BBQ


American BBQ delivered direct to your door? Yep it’s real and it’s happening at Northbridge restaurant Deen Street BBQ. So why not get some pork ribs, chicken wings and dirty fries delivered? These guys also do pizza so there’s something for everyone. Food delivery in Perth at its absolute finest!

Miss Kitty’s Saloon


In the mood for some traditional Canadian cuisine? Maybe even some poutine? Miss Kitty’s Saloon is your answer, and now you can get it delivered to you while you watch re-runs of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Score.

Satay On Charcoal

South Perth and Victoria Park

South Perth restaurant Satay on Charcoal opened a new spot in Victoria Park and that was pretty exciting. But what’s even more exciting than that? The fact that they deliver! Make sure you get some satay (duh) and the nasi lemak is worth a look in too!



Yes I know, just about every pizza joint around town delivers. But Pizzaca is special because the pizza is fricken amazing and because they deliver pasta too, yay for Italian restaurants that deliver!

Annapurna Nepalese Kitchen


Annapurna isn’t much to look at but the food is some of the best in Perth! If you haven’t had Nepalese food yet it’s time to change that. The naan bread is on point and the momo—that’s Nepalese dumplings to you and me—will knock your socks off.

Little Lebanon


If you’re not all that comfortable eating your dinner with a few people smoking sheesha out the front, this is definitely one to get delivered. What Little Lebanon lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in flavour. Grab a falafel platter or the chicken shawarma and embrace your food baby.

Mother India


Mother India has gotta be one of the best Indian restaurants in Perth, and while you will love eating in this restaurant which has been converted from an old house, you will equally love having it packaged up and delivered to your door on a cold Friday night in. Everything I have ever eaten here has been the absolute bomb so go nuts and order anything and everything, and make sure you get some garlic naan.

Pachi Pachi

Victoria Park

Laksa. Delivered. There is a God. The crew at Pachi Pachi will also deliver you gyoza, wontons, stir fry, curry, noodles and so much more Asian goodness. All you need to do is answer the door.

Mounts Bay Liquor


Ok so not a restaurant and not food (unless we are counting pringles and peanuts?), but we thought you should know, Mounts Bay Liquor delivers. So if you just can’t possibly go out and get a bottle of wine, these guys will sort you out. Perth, you’ve blown my mind.

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Deen Street BBQ | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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