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The Best Bloody Marys In Perth According To A Local Drummer Who Swears By Them

By Anna Cox
18th Mar 2022

Ah, the “what is the best cocktail” can of worms. Some open the can and settle quickly on an espresso martini, and others will gravitate to a margarita. The real ones know that the can isn't even worth opening. It's the bottle of tomato juice that's been on the IGA shelf for 4 months that's really worth opening. 

Just like a good Bloody Mary, Hamish Macarthur is well seasoned. A seasoned musician, drumming in Perth band Death By Denim (by day) and self-proclaimed Bloody Mary connoisseur (by night, and the morning after). We asked Mr Macarthur for his juiciest recs for where to find the best Bloody Mary’s in WA—here's what he had to say:

Sayers Sister Cafe 


In my humble opinion, Sayers Sister cafe gets the number one spot. It’s already a traditionally no-fuss, delicious tasting Bloody Mary but the best thing is it comes out with extra tabasco sauce, lemon, and salt and pepper to season to your liking.

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ


Served in n a pint glass and served with a hefty snack of hot wings, bacon and pickles attached as a “garnish”!? Say no more. Old Faithful Bar & BBQ is one of my must-visits in the CBD.

Margaret River Distillery

Margaret River 

These seasoned professionals of the cocktail game are mixing Bloody Mary’s with your choice of spirit. You can't go wrong with the beautiful natural surrounding you while you sip and soothe your hungover head, which is generally me after a show at The River.

Rosemount Hotel

North Perth

By far the most convenient to consume as it is within close proximity to my house, and Bloody Marys are only $12 on Sundays! I’m yet to fault The Rosemount on any aspect of the Bloody Mary experience. 

El Grotto


If you like them spicy and love Agave, get your hands on the Mexican version called a ‘Bloody Maria’! El Grotto will not disappoint and Death by Denim have had many fun nights here.

Exhale Cafe


Rounding out the list is Exhale Café. In a hot, small touristy town where the nights are flowing with beer, there has got to be a recovery breeky spot that serves the glorious blood Mary, and this place is that saviour.

If you happen to find yourself outside of Western Australia now that the borders are open wide, here are some of the best Bloody Marys across the country. 

Death by Denim is touring nationally in March and April to celebrate the release of their sophomore album Moonbow, which you can stream now on Spotify.

Keep the drinks flowing with Perth's best margaritas.

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