Homewares Gifts: 20 Gifts Perfect For Your Decor-Loving Pals

By Phoebe Youl

From tomato-girl-inspired scented candles to statement-making glassware, chic candlestick holders, and designer coffee table books, never underestimate the power of a decor-centric gift. Often a safer bet than clothing (where you need to factor in sizing) or highly personal skincare and beauty gifts, when we’re buying blind without a specific wishlist to shop off, our go-to is always something for the home. 

No matter whether you’re shopping for a Pinterest-obsessed pal, homebody mum, or a design-loving partner, there’s a perfect present just waiting for them on the list below. Keep scrolling through to shop our must-have eye-catching and space-upgrading homewares gifts. 

Anissa Kermiche Can Candlestick Holder

Price: $355

Known for their tongue-in-cheek designs, this ceramic split-leg candle holder by Anissa Kermiche was named after the famed dance popularised in Paris in the 1840s. Shop here. 

Ronan Bouroullec, Day After Day

Price: $52.25

Part visual diary, part catalogue of work, Ronan Bouroullec: Day After Day provides an insight into the life, vision, and creative process of one of the most celebrated and creative design minds. Shop here. 

Maison Balzac L'escargot Baguette Basket

Price: $199

Skillfully handmade with raffia in Italy, this escargot basket is designed to delightfully display your crispy baguettes. Shop here. 

Sony Turntable

Price: $299

Enhance the vibe of their space with the sound of original vinyl sound with a convenient Bluetooth connection. Shop here. 

Oroton Games Double Card Set Folio

Price: $161

Designed to enhance game night, this compact folio case securely stores a notepad, pencil, and two playing card sets. Shop here. 

Adairs Fiesta Sea Life Beaded Coasters

Price: $34.99

Handwoven by skilled artisans, these fun and bright beaded coasters will make the perfect addition to any coffee table. Shop here. 

Loewe Home Scents Tomato Leaves Small Scented Candle

Price: $138.19

Bring tomato-girl summer to life with this scented candle that captures the fresh aroma of green vines just before they burst into colour. Shop here. 

Brumby Sunstate: House Cat

Price: $49.99

House Cat features fifty charismatic cats in the incredible spaces they allow their people to share in a series of stunning photos. Shop here. 

Hommey Tea Towel

Price: $19

Elevate their culinary space with these functional and beautiful tea towels crafted from ultra-absorbent cotton. Shop here. 

Our Place Always Pan

Price: $275

Deep enough to roast a chicken, and shallow enough to flip an egg, this pan is the gold standard for both versatility and kitchen aesthetics. Shop here. 

Country Road Ester Cocktail Set Of 2

Price: $39.99

Perfect for entertaining, these spherical glasses will look just as good serving water as they will cocktails. Shop here. 

Target Scalloped Cushion

Price: $30

This square cushion features a soft linen outer with a sweet and on-trend scalloped detail. Shop here. 

Dinosaur Designs Small Leaf Bowl

Price: $150

With an almost endless list of uses—from storing keys to serving snacks—this small bowl is the perfect practical piece for design aficionados. Shop here. 

Seed X Gentle Habits Incense

Price: $39.95

Designed as part of a special collaboration between Seed and Gentle Habits, this beautiful incense will add a natural scent to any space. Shop here. 

Gohar World Set Of Four Stainless Steel Dessert Stems

Price: $378.60

These classic art-deco-inspired desert stems will pair perfectly with every type of tablescape. Shop here.

Herman Miller: A Way of Living

Price: $117.75

This beautiful coffee table book features the stories and creations of legendary designers including Ray and Charles Eames, George Nelson, and Alexander Girard. Shop here. 

Sabre Bistrot 4 Piece Cutlery Set

Price: $69.95

The modern design of this cutlery set will add a unique and chic element to any dining table. Shop here. 

Redecker Hedgehog Door Stop

Price: $97.95

In addition to its cute design, the Hedgehog's fibres will help to remove coarse dirt and debris from shoes. Shop here. 

Iittala Alvar Aalto 9.5cm Glass Vase

Price: $159

Dating back to 1936, this iconic organically shaped glass vase takes a team of seven skilled craftsmen working as one to create. Shop here. 

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Image credit: Our Place | Hommey | Dinosaur Designs

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