Perth’s Best Pilates Studios To Try This Month

By Madison Lowe
26th Sep 2023

pilates in Perth

Slow and controlled movements are the name of the game in this strength building and toning workout that targets your bum, legs, arm and core in each and every session.

Don't be deceived by the slower pace—anyone who’s ever taken a Pilates class will know it's so much harder than it looks. The good news is, Perth's got plenty of awesome Pilates classes to suit all levels, whether you're a super strong pilates girly or just starting out.

Here’s where to find some of the best Pilates studios in Perth.

Pronto Pilates

Cottesloe and Mount Lawley

The first of its kind in WA, Pronto Pilates is a unique new concept designed to be super affordable and convenient. And with classes starting at $5 a pop, we're already sold. Basically, they've kitted out their studio with the latest virtual tech so each class is delivered by master-level instructors on large digital screens, providing all the verbal and visual cues you need for a killer reformer session. For those that struggle to make the usual class times, you'll also be glad to hear this studio is open all day from 6am to 10.30pm, with 20-odd 45 minute classes running every single day. After winning over pilates-obsessed folks down in Cottesloe, they've just expanded with a second spot in Mount Lawley.

Heartbeat High

Perth, Shenton Park and Cottesloe

Now with three dazzling locations to choose from, Heartbeat High is where all the cool kids are doing Pilates—partly because of their ‘gram-worthy neon sign and all-round gorgeous studio, but mostly because the Pilates instructors are 100% awesome. Their Freeform class is perfect for all levels, but if you're keen to really hone your technique you can try Reform. Either way, we always suggest throwing a TLC class in once a week to help you stretch and recover.


Willeton and Subiaco

The legends behind F45 have switched gears a little, launching a brand new low-impact toning studio called FS8. Expect a similar circuit-based workout that combines yoga, pilates and toning exercises that'll see you jump from on the mat to your reformer as the large screens help keep you on track. It may not be as intense as F45, but you’ll still find plenty of full-body training to get you feeling good.

Strong Pilates

Innaloo, Rockingham, South Fremantle

With multiple locations across WA and more coming, Strong Pilates ties cardio and reformer pilates together in an innovative way to help you kick all your goals in one membership. Typically, a class will see you switching between rowing, pilates and resistance moves, keeping your heart rate high while serving up all the strength building benefits too.

NFP Pilates

North Fremantle

North Fremantle Pilates (or NFP for short) is a new reformer pilates studio offering five different types of classes, catering for everyone from complete beginners to absolute pros. Their expert trainers will have you feeling your most mobile, strong and flexible self in no time. Pick up a two-week intro pass and make the most of unlimited training for just $49. 

LA Fit

Highgate and Subiaco

I don’t want to scare you away but this is one intense workout. Push through 45 minutes of full body conditioning and reap the rewards (hello abs). A French bodybuilder created the megaformer machine (a tougher version of the regular Pilates reformer) but sadly dreaming of a muscled French man does not make the workout any easier. Despite how much it burns, all their classes are seriously addictive.

Rig Pilates


This stunning multi-use space in Highgate is home to a Pilates studio, cute cafe, and retail boutique, so you can pop in for a class and walk out with fresh activewear and a good cup of coffee, which lets face it, is pretty damn ideal. In the Rig Pilates studio, there are plenty of group sessions for all skill levels from classic matt Pilates to more advanced equipment based classes. Either way, their highly skilled instructors will leave you burning in all the right places. You can also opt for a private session if you really want to nail your pilates technique.

Flow Space

North Perth

As soon as you step into this light-filled, polished North Perth studio, you’ll instantly feel relaxed. But there’s more to Flow Space than its beautiful interior—it’s home to some of the best Pilates classes going round, not to mention it’s also the largest reformer Pilates studio in all of Perth.

KX Pilates

All over Perth

You may be horizontal for most of the class, but the fast paced 50-minute workout at KX Pilates will get you sweating. A morning class will leave you with that satisfying endorphin rush for the rest of the day (even if your whole body feels like jelly). They offer classes for different levels as well as one-on-one personal training.

Core Focus Pilates

Swanbourne, Dalkeith and Subiaco

If you’re after great abs and a posture to match, the crew at Core Focus Pilates will sort you out. Offering reformer Pilates classes for all fitness levels, you can expect some serious improvement in your core strength, flexibility, strength and overall mobility in no time.

Best Body

All over Perth

With over 18 locations around Perth (and counting), there’s sure to be a Best Body studio close to you. Each of these top-notch Pilates studios are decked out with 10 to 16 high-quality reformer machines, and classes run from early morning to late evening—making it super easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules!

The Movement Society


If you stumble across this studio on Instagram, you’ll quickly be sucked in by the endless snaps and videos of the instructors looking flexi and beautiful in coordinated pastel-hued activewear. But beyond that aesthetically pleasing exterior, their playful range of classes are the perfect introduction to the ass-lifting, body-sculpting world of pilates. They even offer a “Quicky” 30-minute session if you really just want to get in and out as quick as possible. But be warned, just because it’s short, doesn’t mean it’s easy!

The Pilates Co

North Beach

For some coastal core conditioning, your best bet is to book into a session at The Pilates Co in North Beach. Home to ten cutting edge reformer machines, this gorgeous studio’s classes are led by some incredibly talented instructors who can take you from newbie to Pilates pro in no time. An added bonus? There are heaps of classes to choose from every day, so you can get your body-burning fix pretty much whenever you’d like.

Bodyworks Subiaco


An all-encompassing health and wellness destination, Bodyworks Subiaco offers everything from Pilates and rehabilitation classes to physiotherapy and remedial massage in a super modern environment. Their instructors are super clued in on everything to do with STOTT Pilates (a new form of Pilates) and will have your body in good working order in no time at all. Bodyworks offers Pilates mattwork, reformer, rehabilitation and CORE functional fitness classes, and the best bit, the team here are super welcoming and all-round lovely people, so you're sure to make some new friends while you’re at it.

The Hundred Pilates Collective


Pristine views over Scarborough Beach might just be enough to distract you from the serious burn you'll be feeling in your tush at The Hundred Pilates Collective. With a reformer studio, mat room and rooftop terrace, the timetable is packed to the brim. Choose your vibe and let the friendly, supportive instructors lead you through.

Pilates Centre WA

East Fremantle

Conveniently located on the coolest little street in East Fremantle (George Street), the Pilates Centre WA offers up reformer classes led by some of the best instructors around town. The studio’s 60-year-old owner Trudy is a testament to the benefits of Pilates, with her strong bod becoming the envy and the inspiration for all of her students. She offers up a pretty sweet unlimited monthly membership package that allows you to attend one class every day the studio is open. You’ll need to book in for this one and be sure to schedule sessions around your George Street brunch hangs—it’s all about balance, right?

The Mind Body Heart Store


One of the most spiritual studios in Perth, The Mind Body Heart Store offers up some of the best Pilates classes along with sound healing and other feel-good stuff. They’ve got everything from fitball, magic circle and foam arc classes to foam roller, toning ball and resistance band classes so you’ll be toning up muscles you didn’t know existed.

Pilates Fitness Institute

Myaree and Burswood

With some of Perth’s best introductory Pilates packages, the Pilates Fitness Institute is great if you’re feeling a little strapped for cash but still want to get in shape. These guys also offer some killer reformer classes, barre classes, remedial therapies and Pilates teacher training courses. 

Looking for more fun fitness ideas? Sign up for a trial at one of Perth's best fitness studios.

Image credit: Pronto Pilates

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