Get Sweaty At Perth’s Best Fitness Studios

By Lisa O'Neill
20th Mar 2019

Best Fitness Studios Perth

There are some crazy cool places to tone your muscles and power up your cardiovascular system in Perth right now. From whole body transformation gurus to dancing on bikes, booty burners and snatch mastering (it’s a thing, we’re not just talking dirty), there is one hell of a workout waiting for you at one of these gyms.

So go forth and get sexy because fitness looks good on you. Here are Perth’s best fitness studios to check out.

Bodies by Ryan


Kick off with a 30-Day Challenge in BBR’s heart pumping HIIT and strength gym and watch your physique of dreams emerge. This community-based transformation gym takes no prisoners (do not rest on the chin up station, they’ll find you), with BBR coaches perfecting your form so you can rip it up safely. Choose between circuit style and partner-based training, get yourself a meal plan approved by health food gurus Pure + Nood and set some killer goals with head coach Ryan Devereux. Get in there and create your own impressive before and after pics.

Total Movement


The new kids on the block, this Subi lifestyle studio is a one-stop shop for good health. Get your fix of strength classes with co-founder Tony (another coach who lets you get away with nada), a selection of incredible pilates reformer sessions with co-founder Fay and blissful yin yoga and meditation sessions to ease your weary muscles and mind. If you’re in need of a mind and body overhaul, this is the place for you.

S30 Studio

Perth CBD

This might be the coolest place we’ve ever broken a sweat. A hybrid of nightclub lighting, epic hip hop beats and intense strength workouts, S30 is freaking hard work, but the pumping atmosphere is a good distraction. The passionate trio of owners, Luke, Ret and Oscar encourage you throughout the three-station workout of weight, tempo and time while offering technique adjustments and busting out the odd cheeky dance move. Fair warning, you will feel the afterburn.

LA Fit

Subiaco and Highgate

Work out here and discover muscles you never knew you had. Known as reformer pilates on steroids, the Megaformer is the weapon of torture used to whip you into fine shape at LA Fit. You can also mix it up and get a cardio blast with their 45-minute Rhythm Ride sessions.

Bike Bar


Feeling good doesn’t just have to occur once you’ve finished sweating thanks to the party vibe generated at Bike Bar. These guys make spin class fun with full encouragement to fist pump and break out in impromptu dance moves (all from the comfort of a candlelit room, so no need to be shy). You’d be right to expect jelly legs but your guns will feel the burn too with arm tracks involving push-ups and dumbbells. This is a killer way to earn your endorphin rush.

Form Training


There might be a common theme in this list… fun during fitness is a priority for us and this new northern suburbs gym knows how to make working out a good time. They’ve basically thought of everything a fitness lover requires; boutique fitness classes including HIIT circuits and epic spin classes (all with nightclub lighting), pilates, yoga, personal training, an open gym and coffee. Yup, the cherry on top is Form’s cafe with smoothies, salads, protein balls and smooth Dimattina coffee.

Aspire Group

Osborne Park, City Beach and Mullaloo

Aspire has been building muscles and healthy bodies in Perth for a while now under the experienced leadership of Lloyd Johnson. They’ve expanded and now service the good people of City Beach, Osborne Park and most recently, Mullaloo. Their two-storey warehouse facility in Osborne Park is seriously impressive and hosts a variety of classes including HIIT, strength training and Ankorr boxing, all with an emphasis on functional training and good mental health.



As far as we know, this is the only place in Perth mere mortals (the Freo Dockers have an identical one) can train in an altitude room, set to simulate a high altitude environment to take your fitness to the next level. This place is for fit folk who want to train at a high-performance level and not for the faint-hearted. Sports scientists lead the selection of group classes including HIIT, boxing and weights, plus their peak performance classes which will push you to your limit. If you’re out to make major changes, jump onboard their 12-week personalised training program for the ultimate transformation.

Lisa Burns Training Studio


The Beyonce booty movement is alive and well in pocket rocket Lisa Burns’ studio, running classes such as Booty Burn, and Box and Booty. The energetic classes work on isolating the glutes so they fire to perfection rather than relying on other muscles taking over and stealing the glory. Lisa also sorts out your abs, upper body and legs so they’ll be as shapely as your peachy behind.

The Rev Barbell Club


Guys, muscles are sexy and not just on the blokes. So, bring on this new weightlifting facility intent on building strength in their clients so they shine in performance and general health. If you’ve ever been fascinated by Olympic weightlifting, founder Ant Unsmar and his team of experienced coaches will teach you the all techniques to become ridiculously strong yourself and maybe even compete in the sport. Try out one of the Barbell Club coached sessions, which run twice daily and master the clean and jerk or the snatch.

Not really into organised fitness? Here’s where to find all the best walks and hikes in Perth.

Image credit: Shot By Thom at S30 Studio

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