Hadiqa | The Verdict

By Anna Franklyn
8th May 2018

There aren’t many restaurants in Perth that I’d visit twice in two days, but every so often one comes along that’s so gosh darn good that you have to go back the very next day—as was the case with Hadiqa.

This new Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant opened in Perth at Hibernian Place at the end of April and it’s already blowing the foodies of Perth away.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be gobsmacked by the sheer beauty of the place. Think Moroccan tiles, gorgeous greenery, natural light and some pretty impressive lights. Once you’ve picked your jaw back up off the floor, make your way to a table and get prepared to drop it once again when you see the food.


But wait, let’s start with a drink. The Turkish Delight Martini is all sorts of incredible. It tastes just like real Turkish Delight, only better, because it’s alcoholic. No brainer, right? If that’s not floating your boat, the Marakesh Mojito with pomegranate, lime and mint, or the Hadiqa Swizzle with gin, lemon and mint should do the trick.

Once you’ve got a drink in hand, it’s time to peruse the food menu. It’s downright impossible to choose just a few of my favourite dishes, so I think you should go right ahead and get the diffa (aka the chef’s menu). It’s only $50 a head and is the perfect way to taste a nice big chunk of the menu in one go.

If you’re up for the challenge of ordering for yourself, there are a few non-negotiable dishes.

The cauliflower with ras el hanout and yoghurt dressing is, quite simply, perfection. It’s crispy and spicy and no matter how full you are from everything else you’ve eaten, you’ll polish off every last bite of this.

The potatoes are another must-order, especially if you’re just looking for some nibbly food while you have a drink, because it turns out the ‘potatoes’ are actually hot chips covered with a magical, garlicky spice mix and topped with feta. One bite and these will have made their way on to your favourite chips in Perth the world list. Whatever chef Danny Sanchez has done with these is pure wizardry.

While it sounds basic, the bread and dips are also pretty phenomenal—I could eat a bucket of the yoghurt dip—and you’ll also want to try the halloumi.

Now that we’re done with the snacks and the starters (yes, that was only snacks and starters, we’ve still got more to go!) you should probably order the lamb. It’s perfectly cooked (of course), loaded with cucumber, mint and pomegranate and absolutely bursting with flavour. The prawn kebabs on jeweled rice were also pretty dang impressive and a must for seafood lovers!

Desserts at Hadiqa are small and cheap, which means you can taste them all. The orange, blossom and spiced syrup dessert look nice and all, but tastes crazy delicious—do not let looks deceive you here! The beehive is also pretty special and definitely worth a try.

While you’re demolishing all that food, take a second to appreciate the beautiful plates it’s all served on. They were made especially for Hadiqa and have come all the way from Morocco. We’re just crossing our hearts that owner Andy Freeman will make them available to buy one day soon!

Once you’re completely stuffed, head to the rooftop—did I mention there’s a rooftop?!—for another drink or three amongst the greenery!

Hadiqa Perth

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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