Score Long Chim’s Two-Course Silom Lunch For Just $36

By Anna Franklyn
10th Nov 2021

A table filled with food as two sets of hands pass a dish of prawns over the top

Christmas is coming and the need to pinch your pennies is feeling more real than ever. But it’s also our favourite time of year to organise festive catch-ups every single week and celebrate the beginning of summer with our nearest and dearest. 

That’s why we were pretty pumped about Long Chim’s new $36 two-course Silom Lunch. Available from Tuesday to Saturday—yes, you can go on the weekend, huzzuh—you’ll get to take your pick from an entree and a main, but the trick here is to take a bunch of friends, order one of everything and you’ll basically be treated to a giant banquet.

There are six choices of entree and all are equally as good as each other, but the surprising star of the show is Jack’s omelette—a simple yet delicious duck egg omelette served with sriracha. What more could you need? If you’re after a bigger burst of Thai flavours, the fish cakes are for you, and you can never go wrong with Long Chim’s crunchy prawns, so good luck choosing.

When it comes to mains, take your pick from saucy rice noodles with Chinese broccoli, an incredibly flavoured dry red chicken curry, crunchy deep fried fish, grilled chicken or the stir fried beef and cumin. Again, it’s impossible to pick, so round up at least four of your mates to take along with you!

All of this is best washed down with a drink of course and we’d recommend any one of Long Chim’s mouth-tingling cocktails. If you happen to be the designated driver, you can’t go past the Paradise Found—a delicious combo of pineapple, mint, lime, almond and ginger.

Book here and then head this way to see exactly why you need to treat yourself to a staycay at the State Buildings.

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