Perth’s Best Cheap Eats

By Kirsty Petrides - 04 Mar 2017

Things To Do in Perth On A Budget

Don’t get us wrong, we love treating ourselves to a fancy expensive dinner every once in a while—but sometimes you just want to go somewhere cheap and cheerful. Somewhere you can order whatever the hell you want, rather than just picking the cheapest thing on the menu. Somewhere you can order an entrée and a main if you want, without worrying about how much it costs. Somewhere that is preferably BYO.

So here you go, friends. Go forth and be thrifty. Here are the best cheap eats in Perth.

Old Lane Street Eats


Old Lane Street Eats is sitting pretty in Chinatown in the spot that was once Hawkers. These guys have starters to share (so, enough for two people) with prices beginning at $4.40. Say what?! And they’re BYO. Go every night of the week, it’ll be cheaper than buying groceries and cooking for yourself.

Gypsy Tapas House


If you are serious about good food at good prices, get to Gypsy Tapas where share dishes start from a mere 10 bucks. Plus there’s live music most nights, so you’re getting dinner AND a show for not much moolah at all.

Tommy Sugo

Nedlands And Leederville

The team at Tommy Sugo have got your bargain night out sorted. Pasta dishes start at 10 bucks, and they’re BYO. This is not a drill, people.

Pinchos Bar De Tapas


Because they have tapas dishes starting from one dollar. One dollar, people. No further explanation is required. Go to Pinchos right now and get your mouth around some of Perth's tastiest cheap eats.

Neighbourhood Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

Giant pizzas starting from just 17 large ones, a BYO bevvies policy and awesome restaurant vibes—Neighborhood Pizza is a must-visit for a cheap night out.

Missy Moo’s Burger Bar

South Fremantle

Missy Moo’s do incredible and inventive burgers using local tasty produce. So you might assume that they are a little bit on the pricey side.  If you do think that, you’re wrong, because their masterpieces start from around $11.

Nasi Lemak Corner

Como And Mosman Park

The restaurant dishing up Perth’s best Malaysian also happens to be dishing up Perth’s best bargains. You will probably think the people at Nasi Lemak have undercharged you when you get your bill—they haven’t, they just have some of the best cheap eats going around.

Is Donburi


Delicious and authentic Japanese, tick. Wallet-friendly prices, tick. BYO bevvies, tick. Is Donburi kicks goals on all fronts.



This new Italian joint in Wembley dishes up authentic pizzas starting at 16 bucks, and is BYO. So essentially, Monstarella is your new favourite place for cheap eats in Perth.



Some of the best Italian in Perth doesn’t cost much. Francoforte’s pasta dishes start from $15 and let me tell you—they are generous portions.  Pair that with the fact that this little alleyway gem is BYO and you have yourself a cheap and cheerful evening.

Run Amuk Hotdogs

South Fremantle

Run Amuk’s fancy hotdogs start from about $9. Paired with their BYO situation, this makes for a fun and cheap evening. Fact.

Comet Pizza


This new spot on William Street is dishing up tasty pizzas starting from $15, and they’re BYO bevvies for an extra cheap night. Thank you Comet Pizza!

Taka's Kitchen

 Fremantle And Perth

Located in the Old Shanghai Food Court in Freo and in Shafto Lane and on Barrack Street in Perth, Taka's serve up some of the freshest, tastiest and most authentic Japanese you’ll find, for ridiculously reasonable prices.

The Meatball Bar

Leederville And Mount Lawley

The only things better than meatballs is giant meatballs that are so big that they are a meal all on their own. And when those meatballs are cheap cheap, that makes it all the more exciting. 



Lido’s Vietnamese fare is some of the best you’ll find in this fine city, and the fact that its so affordable AND the restaurant is BYO, makes things taste even better.

The Dough Room


This little neighbourhood gem is the perfect spot for a cheap night out—authentic Italian pizzas, very reasonable prices, BYO bevvies and delightful alfresco dining that will make you feel like you’re actually in Italy. The Dough Room is ticking all the boxes!

Uncle Billy’s


This Northbridge institution is renowned for offering affordable, authentic Chinese food, which is why its always packed with diners. Uncle Billy's is also BYO, so take your fave bottle and make a night of it.

Pepper Lunch

Mount Lawley

With dishes starting from around $11, you can’t go wrong with one of the tasty Asian meals from Pepper Lunch.



So many cuisines, so many options, so many bargains! Tao is where its at if you’re after a cheap and cheerful meal. Whether you want Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, whatever—their enormous menu is brimming with different Asian cuisines, all for an extremely reasonable price.

Govinda’s Hare Krishna


For $10 at Govinda's, you have no holds barred access to a smorgasbord of sumptuous Indian, including curries, dhal, papadums, and custard. One of the healthiest cheap eats in Perth. Wear loose pants.

Mexican Kitchen


So many delicious Mexican delights await you at Mexican Kitchen—fajitas, nachos, tacos. And the best part is they start at around eight bucks. Yes, eight bucks. Run, don’t walk.

Phi Yen


Phy Yen serves up incredibly tasty Vietnamese that will make you think you’re in Ho Chi Minch rather than Northbridge. And the real kicker is that its superbly priced, AND they’re BYO. Yippee.


South Fremantle

This place is always jam-packed, and you know why? Because they dish up delicious Italian at even more delicious prices. Ruocco's pastas range from about $17-$25, so get yourself there stat.

Mother India


This restaurant tucked away in suburban Freo serves up incredible, authentic curries starting from about $15—plus they do value packs if there’s a few of you, and they’re BYO. So many reasons to go.

Mack Daddy’s New York Slice

Mount Lawley

With their 16-inch slices only costing $22 and being big enough to serve two very hungry people, paired with the fact that they’re BYO, a trip to Mack Daddy’s makes for a thrifty night indeed.

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Old Lane Street Eats | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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