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Perth’s Best Happy Hours And Meal Deals To Hit This Week

By Maddie Wallman
5th Feb 2024

dumpling special and happy hour in Perth

Feeling thirsty but feeling the pinch? There are still plenty of spots around town where you can drink on a dime, you just need to know where to look (and when to visit). 

If your bank balance is looking a little bleak after the extended silly season, we’ve got you covered. Cold beers in the single digits, cocktails for just a few coins more and a great deal of discount drops, here are Perth’s best happy hours and weekly meal deals to save you a pretty penny in 2024. 

Perth CBD And Northbridge

  • Johnny Fox’s, Northbridge—mates rates drinks 5-6pm every day plus daily food specials including Tuesdays $15 parmis, Thursday $18 steak sangas and Wednesday $9 burgers

  • Ruin Bar, Northbridge—half price pizza and drink deals (like $8 pints and $15 jugs) Wednesday from 4pm

  • Alabama Song, Northbridge—70c wings on Wednesday and Sunday and $10 burgers on Thursday

  • Joe’s Juice Joint, Northbridge—70c wings on Wednesday and Sunday and $10 burgers on Thursday

  • Henry Summer, Northbridge—$10 pizzas and $39 cocktail jugs every Sunday 

  • Bob’s Bar at Print Hall, CBD—$9 selected pints and house wine every day 5-6pm 

  • Flight Club, CBD—$9 Valda Prosecco, Pirate Life Pale Ale and Bulmers Cider; $10 Chandon Sparkling every day 5-6pm

  • Wine Merchant, CBD—$99 De Saint-Gall Champagne every day, 5-7pm

  • Beer Corner, CBD—Brewer in Focus beers starting from $5, $8 glasses of select wines, and the monthly cocktail for $10 every day, 5-7pm

  • The Aviary, CBD—$9 House wines, $11 select tap beers, $15 signature cocktails, $10 share plates every day from 4:30-5:30pm

  • The Globe, CBD—$10 espresso martinis, $9 selected pints, $7 house wines Monday to Friday 4:30–5:30pm

  • Durty Nelly's, CBD—$8.5 pints of Guinness, Kilkenny, Magners & Swan; $7 house wines available Monday to Friday 5pm-6pm

  • The Generous Squire, CBD—$9.5 pints of beer/cider and $7 house wines Monday to Friday 5-6pm

  • Wolf Lane, CBD—$15 selected cocktails, $8 pints of Swan, $8 house wines Thursday and Friday 4:30-5:30pm

  • The Royal on the Waterfront, East Perth—$8 pints, $4 middies, $7 house wines Monday to Friday 5:30-6:30pm 

  • Ezra Pound, Northbridge—$6 House Wines and $5 selected taps every day 5-6pm 

  • Tiny’s, CBD—$8 pints of lager and pale ale, $8 fizz, $8 G&T’s, $8 house wines from Wednesday to Friday 5-6pm

  • Goody Two's, CBD—$1 dumplings (10 for $10) Wednesday 5pm-9pm 

  • The Reveley, Perth CBD—$10 pints, $9 select wines & spirits for happy hour, 2 for $20 Aperol Spritz Tuesday to Thursday on Ground Floor 5pm – 6pm beginning from 6 February

  • The Stables, Perth CBD—Love Your Lunch Specials: $20 weekday lunch specials from 5 February

  • Palace Arcade, Northbridge—$10 wings and unlimited games Wednesday, $12 Pizza and $10 Tommys Thursday and $6 Schooners, $5 Slices and $12 Slushies midday til late Friday.

North Of Perth

  • Si Paradiso, Highgate—Sundays from 12pm, $2 oysters and $25 vino & cocktail carafes

  • The Elford, Mount Lawley—Sunday Roast for $25, $18 pizzas Monday, $25 Steak night on Tuesdays, $20 parmis on Wednesday and $1 wings and $20 Little Creatures jugs Thursday

  • Bar Rogue's Yes Rogue, Highgate—$8 aperitivo and $2 snacks from 3pm every Sunday

  • Peach Pit, Scarborough—$10 signature tap cocktails, $9 pints, $7 house wines Monday to Friday 5-6pm

  • The Galway Hooker, Scarborough—$8.5 selected pints, $7 select spirits, $7 house wines Monday to Friday, 5-6pm

  • El Grotto, Scarborough—$14 Lagerita, $7 Michelada, $6 Beerfarm Lager, $9 wine specials plus $4 tacos every Thursday from 4pm, plus, $14 Margaritas and $15pp Mexi Bites Sundays from 12pm.

South Of Perth

  • Varsity at Fomo Freo, Fremantle—$6 pints, house wines and basic spirits every Friday 5-6pm 

  • Strike Bowling & Holey Moley at Fomo Freo, Fremantle—$10 Cocktails Monday - Thursday after 5pm

  • Automatic, South Perth—Thursday to Sunday through the month of February, all bookings at 5pm or 8pm receive a complimentary bottle of wine

  • The Raffles Hotel, Applecross—$8 pints and glasses of wine every day from 5-6pm

  • Patio, Fremantle—$10 Sunday Spritz Specials

  • Canteen Pizza, Applecross—50% off Pinot every Wednesday

  • Jetty, Fremantle— $12 Tommy's Margaritas (all day), $10 Pints of tap beers, $10 Prosecco, $15 Spritz every Wednesday and Thursday, 4-6pm

  • Palace Arcade, Fremantle—$10 wings and unlimited games Wednesday, $12 Pizza and $10 Tommys Thursday and $6 Schooners, $5 Slices and $12 Slushies midday til late Friday.

East Of Perth

  • The Bassendean Hotel, Bassendean—$6 House Wines, $9 taps Including beers and tap spritzes Monday-Friday, 5-6pm

  • Bertie, Bassendean—$8 beers, $8 G+Ts and $12 cocktails Wednesday to Saturday 5-6pm; Sunday $10 signature Bertie G&Ts all day, plus $10 tap beers and wine specials

  • Victoria Park Hotel, Victoria Park—$9 pints, $9 house wines, $12 espresso martinis Monday to Friday 4:30-5:30pm 

  • Civic Hotel, Inglewood—$9 pints every day from 4:30-5:30pm plus $9 Swan Draught, Carlton Draught & 981 pints all day every Sunday

  • Palace Arcade, Victoria Park—$10 wings and unlimited games Wednesday, $12 Pizza and $10 Tommys Thursday and $6 Schooners, $5 Slices and $12 Slushies midday til late Friday.

West Of Perth

  • Ocean Beach Hotel, Cottesloe—$10 Dark and Stormys every Tuesday; $7 tap beers and house wines every day from 6-7pm 

  • Back Bar at Hylin, West Leederville—grab an awesome $12 parmi with chips and salad on Wednesdays from 4pm and a $12 burger with chips every Thursday from 4pm. 

  • Besk, West Leederville—free corkage and $30 steak night every Monday

  • The Claremont, Claremont—$15 signature cocktails, $10 select tap pints, $10 large glasses of wine Monday to Friday, 4:30-5:30pm

  • Vinotto, Swanbourne—Aperitivo hour 3-5pm every day with $5 snacks and $10 select drinks

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